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iOS 12.4 just officially came out, so how does it hold up on the iPhone 6S? Let’s find out!

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so finally iOS 12.4 the official version finally came out we had the Aldi betas and actually for this specific iOS version I bought a whole new iPhone 6s even though I had no looks the same it's a different color about a whole different one so I can make these final iowa's 12 reviews and do some final comparisons because I knew 12.4 was going to be a crazy update that I had to talk about on all my devices which I normally do anyway but this iOS version is pretty cool because on the iPhone 6 which is the previous version of this one and the iPhone 5s it's actually the last version of iOS that's potentially going to be supported on it now Apple could pull an iPhone 4s and 5 where they can just push random up to out of nowhere like they did today that's it right now that's where we're standing at and this update came out or around 400 megabytes on my iPhone success it could be a little bit different on yours I was coming from twelve point three point one if you're coming from I think iOS 13 betas and it might be a little bit different if you're coming from iOS 11 it could be different as well but on twelve point three point one going up to I was twelve point four I had about a four hundred megabyte updates though this update believe it or not didn't really bring too many crazy features or crazy things like that it was mostly just a stability thing and kind of more so and being point forty six 5s and 6 plus but I did bring a couple features which might be entertaining and cool for you now the main thing is wireless data transfer so if you want to go and you want to update your iPhone 6s let's say to an iPhone 8 or 10s or whatever you can go and actually transfer the data wirelessly which I thought you could have done that before but I guess not so instead of doing an iTunes backup and we're storing that way you can now transfer all your information from one iPhone to another which is really really cool and could be super super enticing for somebody to actually go and start updating their phones now and going to a different one because now they kind of remove that problem of going to update your device and having to transfer all the settings and figure out what settings were which and all that stuff so now you can just go bring all your information to a different device which is really cool now Apple News did get updated as well but honestly I don't really think anybody I said this other one I'm like yeah it's cool and stuff I've never used Apple news ever before my life but I know some of you guys might so that they can update as well which is cool if you guys are into it now another cool thing and this is probably the last coolest feature of iOS 12.4 is that it now did bring Apple watt support for the Apple card so whenever that does come out you're going to be set which is really really cool because in case somebody hasn't to go get an apple cart or something to have that kind of capability was going to be really cool so in that sense I mean it didn't really future-proof it in any way but it did kind of help out in my opinion that's kind of where all those features kind of end that there's really not too much more going on after that and we did run a benchmark and I was twelve point three point one I honestly don't remember what I got on twelve point four this is the multi-core score I got which is one hundred forty-seven thousand two hundred and forty three which is a pretty respectable score and to show you actually for my iPhone seven early on which was just on Wednesday I've done multi-core score of one hundred forty thousand so technically speaking the iPhone success that I have now is actually technically on paper faster than my iPhone seven now I will test it out and kind of go further from there but on all my devices pretty much I've only seen the multi-core score go up which is a really good thing so ultimately for everyone who's out there on the iPhone success I would definitely recommend updating I didn't really have any problems updating or anything like that battery life and overall performance should stay intact like I said but performance might be a little bit better but I will catch you guys up in a couple of days to tell you guys how that's been i'm i compared to iOS 32 islands i don't know if you're waiting for a jailbreak now probably recommend staying where you're at if you're on 12.3 or something obviously stay there there should be a derp breakout a couple months maybe less than two months but on 12.4 that's probably the furthest jailbreak that's going to be out so obviously stay where you're at if you want to jailbreak but that is pretty much it if you guys have any questions or anything leave it down in the comment section below that like button down me so much definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really does count so don't mean so much you guys could hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those links are down in the description only so much you guys could check those out too but more importantly than everything else I love every single one of you guys hopefully I'll catch you guys in the next video peace out :

40 thoughts on “iOS 12.4 OFFICIAL On iPhone 6S! (Review)

  1. Just updated to iOS 12.4 on my 6S. Benchmark score of 154,641! (On charger, 100% battery.)
    (97% battery health, by the way. Thanks for the 6S free battery replacement video a while back!)

    EDIT: Ran another. Benchmarked at 154,965 this time! (Off charger, 70% battery!)

  2. iOS 12.4 update is just a migration to transfer your data from the old iPhone to the new one like iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone X, XS, XR, and XS Max. Also it does improve security.

  3. Hey everyone, my iPhone 8 battery life dropped to 99% and 98% at the same day, after 34 cycles is that normal or what? Also my iMazing app says my battery is 1810 mAh but it should be 1820 mAh. Isn't 1810 mAh iPhone 6 s battery? Should i be worried or what? Also i always charge my phone betwenn 20-30% and 80-90%.. bought it 1.5 months ago and this is really sad…

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