Facebook’s election security war room is the nerve center of company’s ongoing efforts to combat disinformation and other threats to democracy.

I'm here at Facebook headquarters where we are about to get a look at Facebook's election war Graham all right come with me with November's elections quickly approaching Facebook is putting a ton of energy into combating disinformation and bad actors on the site you have time for one or two questions but that's it so take it away I'm Samia Chakrabarty and I'm director of product management at Facebook where I focus on our civic engagement products and so behind me is our war room for the upcoming US midterm elections and it's actually the culmination of two years of hard work we put in all across the company we made massive investments both in people and technology to make sure that our platforms are safe and secure for elections in the last year alone we've actually increased the size of our safety and security team from ten thousand people to twenty thousand people and that's really allowed us to make investments in cracking down on fake accounts on combating the spread of fake news to bring more transparency to political advertising and now as we enter the final phase before the midterm elections we've convened a physical war room a command center where we bring together experts from across the company to be able to detect and rapidly respond to any sort of emerging threats should they arise the 20 people in the war room are essentially the heads of multiple departments so that they are able to quickly disseminate the decisions and information that is gathered there to the 20,000 people that are dedicated to working on security and safety on the site one of the strengths of having everybody in the same place together is just the speed with which we were able to act between detecting a problem in the first place and eventually taking action and typically we found through our experience with the first round of the Brazilian presidential election just a week ago we can go from detecting things like spiked spikes in hate speech or voter suppression activity that may be spreading on the platform we've been able to go from detection to action in just a couple of hours and we want to make sure that we have a high level of agility and a high level of speed because we know in an election every moment counts and that's why we're also committed to making sure we're getting it right this time we are laser focused and everybody across the company has a deep sense of responsibility to make sure that our platforms are safe and secure for all elections around the world all right thanks guys I need to get in there one more time but she's gonna come out and grab ya

39 thoughts on “Inside Facebook's election security war room

  1. At least have the f'kng baIIs, or borrow some, you nutIess, spineIess fux, to say what your really doing to your users!
    Fakebook creates War Room to 'prevent election interference', by CENS0RlNG those who do N0T agree w/their mentaI mentaIity, basicaIIy anyone who's considered a RepubIican or Conservative, right?!
    That's what they're actuaIIy doing. It's not our democracy these Iying, manipuIating asshoIes are trying to protect. It's their democratic party, they're protecting, by CENS0RlNG anyone on the Right, who tells the t ruth &/or shows facts, on subjects, PED0rats have Iied about!

  2. “War Room”. How cute, is that to help these contemptuous, weak, pathetic males gain some worth out of their vapid and cowardly existence?

    Imagine these soyim in battle 😂👌🏼

  3. The thing you got to realize is that this is ONLY what they want to show you. I imagine they'll be doing a lot more shady stuff behind the scenes to shut down YOUR opinion, the moment it does not fit their diversity agenda.

  4. Liberals actually support dystopian, Big Brother-esque censorship because they think this will help their candidates win. They've been so heavily propagandized that they would willingly give up their freedom to stop what they view as tyranny, how ironic.

  5. Dedicated to Safety and Security huh? But yet you claim over 50,000 people were hacked and your platform still doesn't work correctly. Looks more like a bunch of liberals trying to push their own agenda if you ask me.

  6. I wish I could believe that Facebook was making impartial judgements about the election. FB HQ, raise your hand if you are Republican? None, ok let's get to work.

  7. Fuck you FB and TechCrunch. Most of you all try to combat things without even looking into the information. I was posting research from a national biological institute and FB censored the information. Why would you censor that information regarding quality of amphibious life when introduced to atrazine in the their environments?

    This is pretty important for ALL life on the ENTIRE planet.

    Again… FUCK OFF!

  8. I'm brazilian IT Analist, and work in a Northeast Brazilian University Federal.The Facebook have made a nonsense work with this effort. Some political people or political groups pages been taken down without any right to defense or plausivel reason. There's no transparent politics to explain why they had censurated this pages. So… Us, conservative or right brasilians began to migrate to another apps like WhatsApp ou Grab to have free opinion without a foreing interferance like a Facebook.

  9. The theory is beautiful but what happened in practice during Brazilian elections was a massive operation against conservative people and Facebook pages. Hundreds of them were blocked/removed.

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