Fortnite Battle Royale – IF YOU WIN, I will buy you a $2,000 GAMING PC.. (Fortnite Challenge) ! 😀
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► Today’s FORTNITE Video : IF YOU WIN, I will buy you a $2,000 GAMING PC.. (Fortnite Challenge)



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(pg family friendly fortnite gameplay by landon)

he's watching up the president Oh mr. Prez since we just won that I'm actually gonna buy you a brand-new gaming computer so that way you can play fortnight without lagging at all bad yeah this is definitely for real this is okay hi mom no way are you guys so at the time of recording this video and it's currently 4:59 p.m. on Friday Friday August 17 yes if you're new to my channel you have no idea what that means but pretty much every day I start my stream at 5:00 p.m. if my time is right that's about one minute away actually I should start my stream right now in the middle of recording this it just turned to 5:00 p.m. so I'm just about to start my stream but the reason why I'm doing this pre intro before I've even done my stream what we're doing in today's video is gonna expect I don't even think anybody the streams gonna get it and especially not the kid who we're doing this to the title is VIN is probably buying a fan of Fortnight gaming PC or something like that so I'm gonna start my stream and surprise everybody halfway through and we'll pick up this video from there but if you're new around here make sure you subscribe man we're almost at like 1.5 million subs and this video idea is something I'm personally funding from my own money it would mean a lot if you guys could destroy that like button I'm sure the fan will set one at some point of the vid all of you guys's support is much appreciated but with that being said let's start today stream there's the time we can do this whole surprise so burp I'm online and let me tell you so everybody watching the stream do me a favor load into fortnight right now and okay wait a second boys no one really needs to log on I need you to get in here and then we can add this guy to the party oh I just saw somebody in chat just guessed exactly what it was no no no dude alright the fact that people are guessing is really good so right now I'm inviting this man name and verb Finn Tyler I'm sorry it's just about that I grew up in Tyler Birds okay I invited them I don't know if he's gonna join my party though he's due out of four you joined the party boys hello my friend hey how's it going dude all right my guy have you been playing any fortnight today hello mom okay here's what we're gonna do Tyler Ferb and I are playing protect the president with you congratulations on the recent election you are now the president you know how this game works right yeah okay awesome so we're gonna all have to focus up big time for this if we win I have the fattest surprise for you ever okay boys Ferb Tyler we got to hype up this man dude he has no idea what's coming for him but we got it hey Lenny ever been I am NOT saying that this is gonna be a video by any means but if it was what would the like goal be 20,000 is good once a bad news I think we're gonna be told again by guile and ever a fan I'm just telling you now I think we're definitely gonna be 20k so what's going on in your brain right now man Rome is surprised you have like three stormtroopers protecting you right now man I feel pretty confident with this w you said you don't win often okay how many wins do you think you have well I have Tyler is the pret or protector of the president that is just like a clutch man verb is the protector that's just like the president's thinking I want to fire this guy surprise okay be careful I see you've got your dhruv's mr. Pres requesting permission to fire hit him 31 there's no way you're gonna catch up to with that missile where Oh behind Burt oh I see I see I see the ATK is by the hill I hit him again for another 37 here's one more shot mr. president to go for these guys are the other guys okay geez bro this guy is legit one tap if I could just hit my shot oh good stuff boy oh jeez the shots fired on the bread mr. Prez build mr. Prez it's all you kind of eager it's all your own bomb Oh he's watching up the president Oh mr. Prez like I was really talking the president man alright mr. Prez was still alive we're still doing it go who's building yo yo yo yo yo oh my boys we have a we have a president on the background I can't roll around I don't know what our chances of winning this are but there's 2800 right here bust clean those guys okay there's more people up on this hill South East be careful I have a launch pad we could go up there I surprise you want to attack all right boys I'm leading this guy into a straight-up fight boys there's a guy literally right there Oh deep boy boy no he's not oh my gosh the president's down boys wait what happened to the press he went all the way down oh my gosh no you're absolutely joking mr. president humming oh no no no no no no no no I just stay alive okay it's not actually down that's good did everybody to sensor okay let's go man wow I thought we just lost it all right there holy cow we're still movin and groovin boys hi boys mr. price here's what you're troopers are suggesting we should probably go on this thing aye boys let's make our way up in the Tilted let's get this w man I think I want to try to need these guys on headquarters I can name one hitmarker but I thought it was okay if there's the time to go boys you want to go now oh I gotta get out Oh boys the fact I'm still alive right now is actually fucking insane Oh what the Bourbon what happened Oh Cuyler I got a fall damage oh yeah oh there's a guy looking at me from the South boys I'm and I'm coming up to come with him be very careful mr. Prez we're still alive life is still looking good this is an insane game dude I hope you're hyped mr. Prez you're 1,000% dad there's a Wukong what do what I just cut the coolest Knight why did you hit a guy yeah let's go hold on there's only three left guys we can do this Oh behind you behind you guys literally right behind you Kyler like um – you're the president I got it all away yes okay one man down – left boys hit one one's down in the storm that guy has no shield right there I'm five rockets left this may be good come on dude oh my gosh Oh LAN Atlanta Denver fan mr. Prez we came like I cannot believe that we wanted to first try dude let's go back to the lobby and we can tell you the surprise this president doesn't talk much dude I'm tweaking but I'm high okay mr. Prez how do you feel about winning that game dude okay what's going through your brain now lots of stuff like what are you guys not talking about at all we told you it that if we won this game we would give you a big fat surprise right Oh guess what do you uh do you have any ideas what the surprise maybe no well my friend so the first time we played together that game that we won back in the day the 50/50 you told me that you were really laggy right you told me you were like lagging all the time you had like 30 FPS so what I figured we could do to get back a little bit something the stream told me to do – ah since we just won that I'm actually gonna buy you a brand new gaming computer so that way you can play for at night without lagging at all man thank you don't worry about it dude um you said wait what computer you want right now it's like I remember you telling me you get like 30 frames right all right dude well and so I'm not gonna be able to do it right now I'm gonna have to get in a party with you after the stream so we can get everything worked out and then I can like help you like pick out the parts and get it custom-built and stuff so that was the surprise bad I I hope it's good enough yep wow what the Romina gtx 980ti if you cry yeah why are you excited yeah hey can you hear me yeah wait is this is this your mom yeah this is definitely for real oh wait are you okay hi mom no way okay oh my gosh okay well I'm recording this now so um pretty much here's how this works so there's like no strings attached to this at all he legitimately just won a PC I was playing with fans one day and he got in he told me that he had really bad frames on fortnight and so I thought it would be I thought it'd be pretty cool to get him a new one oh man okay so that is a dinosaur Wow alright so there's two ways that we can do this the easiest way is if I buy it like a prebuilt and I ship it to you guys or we could pick out the parts together and build it that way but the budget that I have for this is 2k so hopefully that's enough for a good gaming PC whatever you know don't change everybody always says that okay so honestly now that the whole family is here I mean thank you guys for I don't know just be in here this is awesome I'm glad I can give back in this situation alright so um what would be the best way that I could get in contact with you guys about this because you know it'll be easier if I could like like message you guys or text you or something to like get everything lined up okay could um could you send me your number and all I'll text you promise that you don't like we could I'm not really worried about it but there's it's happened before okay if you could send it to me in the fortnight shot and then I'll make sure to block it out of the bed all right well ladies and gentlemen everybody watching this right now this is absolutely insane dude all I gotta say is wow did this work out we need by gosh alright so hopefully you guys did enjoy this video obviously this is where we're wrapping it up I think it's so funny that the family came back at the end man that is that is awesome but for everybody watching this who's wondering like how can I get a part of this like how can I get a giveaway how can I win a game you see honestly man I try my hardest to get back to my viewers every single day today's budget is 2 K and it is not ending anytime soon so just remember to crush that like button if you did enjoy subscribe if you're new and turn on notifications be ready for a big vid coming tomorrow but most importantly I hope you guys did enjoy I hope we have a wonderful beautiful safe and amazing day goodbye everybody

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  2. You are so nice can I friend you on Fortnite and can we play some time I don’t if u can reaspond I’ll just and maybe we can play some time bye hope u have a good day Landon bye fav YouTuber

  3. If u actually bought the 2000$ pc to a kid that only plays fortnite u wasted ur money and time buy that kind of pc for those who actually need it not to a kid that plays a game in 1080p that doesent eaven need a dedicated gpu :/

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