Harry Potter and friends are back with more Facebook shenanigans!
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Alex Walker Smith –
Ron Weasley, Sirius Black, Wormtail, Barty Crouch Jr., Seamus Finnigan, Remus Lupin, Dudley, Lucius Malfoy, Neville Longbottom & Uncle Vernon

Jon Bailey –
Dumbledore, Snape, Dobby, Voldemort

Kelly Sparrman –
Facebook, Hermione

Amanda Philipson –
JK Rowling, Minerva McGonagall, Bellatrix

Ryan Tellez –
Harry Potter

Lizzie Freeman –
Ginny, Moaning Myrtle, Dolores Umbridge

Written by Michael Barryte, Michael Adams Davis, & Michael Schroeder

Edited by Chance Cole

– The Warp Zone –
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hey Harry did you get your present what present oh just this old thing that was from you surely you can't be serious no I am serious woof come on really oh don't bark at that with your father gone I have to make sure you're raised right and loop in some dad jokes you rang you did not just tag-team a dad joke oh yes they double did Harry oh god please stop try as you might mr. Potter you can never escape a good dad joke did you get it mr. Potter I used my name as a pun to get it well it was fun while it lasted I truly do miss my dashing good looks but beauty fades well power is forever you were a very attractive young lad my lord yes that was a rough face I was always partial to the little Hitler look of his youth oh I'm sure none of you had awkward years when you were growing up no his best look was definitely this that's not even in our plane of existence I'll never tell going to be doing some late night owl prep tonight anyone friendly Gryffindor Tower to free cook shanks sorry Quidditch practice trying to improve my spell casting and your car hates me well uncustomary I suppose stupid professor thank you so much not to worry miss Grainger Crookshanks always tells the best stories wait what oh we anime guy took all the time to our animal friends Brook shanks told me once how you spend an entire evening with your warmed under the covers after Crum asked you to the Yuval what oh Crookshanks must have been mistaken I was studying under the covers yes and and I needed my wand for light he also mentioned a lot of strange noises I was casting spells oh really miss Grainger could you tell me what the spell I want your crumb inside my Golden Snitch does I might need to change schools look at this sick tattoo I just got um hate to break it to you coz but that's the dark mark what no the tattoo artist said it was a manly snake into skull we actually got a matching set yeah I think the tattoo artist might be a Death Eater and the whole thing is killing muggles oh shit petunia is going to kill us we ignorantly appropriated wizard culture we need to get this removed um yeah so the only way to do that would be for me to kill Voldemort which like I'm working on but I don't know how long that'll be what I mean amputation is another option how is that a goddamn solution kill Voldemort be our hero oh there we go that's the support I was looking for while living under the stairs all those years was that so hard describe what you think of me and again sploosh oh wow thanks for that Myrtle Griffin adore you Neville you should really come by the bathroom sometimes let me show you my chamber of secrets nope nope I'm good oh you could show me your basilisk is it cut like Nagini hmm oh there I in no way asked for this and I never asked to be killed by Tom Riddle but life is cruel sometimes and death even cooler are you trying to guilt me is it working just drop my boy off the Hogwarts Express they grow up so fast good luck on your journey Albus Severus Potter Dobby was my love but Dobby made a Horcrux out of the sock Harry Potter gave him and hid it up inside a special place Harry Potter has not seen yet that's disgusting Dobby what's disgusting is Harry Potter not honoring Dhabi's noble sacrifice by naming a child of years after Dobby not even a middle name Dobby would have been fine with the middle name it's just that Dobby doesn't really roll off the tongue do Harry Potter's chores make Harry Potter sapper be Harry Potter's official nickerson if anything will are considered for the next one Dobby too late Jenny Potter Harry Potter had his chance and Dobby has learned more than just Horcruxes from Voldemort or no sleep with one sexy eye open Harry Potter for the sexy boy who lived will soon be the sexy man Oh [Laughter] seal a better story than the curse of child hey guys thanks for watching if you like this make sure you click that Bell icon below to stay up to date on all the latest warp zone content if you want to see more of our Harry Potter face book series click the box from left or see another adult video click the box on the right I'm gonna win Guardium levy Gosa okay


  1. My favorite thing from harry potter is his ****!
    Ohh shit that wasnt me it was DOBBY!!! DOBBY!!!! STOP WITH FLYIING WITH A BROOM IN MY CLOSET!!!

    Ps: dont rake rhis too serious

  2. WhAt!!! Crookshanks!!! U pervert! He’s dead now anyway!! How did they know!!! I pray that Ron doesn’t see this!!!! But….. is is true… crookshanks!! Why did u tell her “I want your Krum inside my golden snitch!!!” I swear I’m so mad!! Everyone who see’s this better pray that Ron doesn’t see. This video!!

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