What if the characters from your favorite Disney movies had Facebook?
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If Disney Had Facebook (Parody)
In honor of the release of the newest Disney movie, Moana, we decided to take a look at what the facebook feeds of everybody’s favorite Disney movie characters might look like


Jon Bailey –
Buzz Lightyear, Lumiere, Ursula

BrizzyVoices –
Ariel, Mary Poppins, Jane

Kira Halling –
Belle, Bambi

Brock Baker –

Timothy, Mickey Mouse

Dishwasher, Tarzan, Pink Elephant, Woody

Michael Banks

Written by Michael Jonathan Smith

Edited by Chance Cole

– The Warp Zone –
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ah Mon chéri Mademoiselle we are so pleased for you to be our guest but I had a small question have you seen the plates oh yes I did they were dirty so I just placed them in the dishwasher you know what I wanted to thank you for the lovely dinner I figured the least I could do was the dishes Oh sacre bleu you just spoiled him alive you murder them you murdered them all I did what did you seriously forget ah oui I suppose it is easy to forget a catchy musical number where everything is alive I even throw in an entire verse to the dishes don't believe me ask the dishes they can sing they cannot remember remember but they were just lying there they were asleep you dumb that was the piece entire extended family oh jeez it's gonna be soft waste did you check on them maybe they're okay yeah no they're not Tarzan just make mine account watch amazing Tarzan stunts for years to come Tarzan love violence longing to be thinner want to get the girl we have our poor unfortunate souls at Ursula's grotto it doesn't cost much just your voice hey Ursula loved the legs your workmanship was top-notch except I just noticed you have two little holes between the legs I have no idea what to do with them really I think you're supposed to have three I have three holes for what well two of our bodily waste and the third well I'm sure your prince Eric will figure it out mm-hmm after all men don't really care for conversation man it sucks to be a human woman just wait angelfish every month your body is going to be doing a bit of maintenance for five to seven days you're going to wriggle like a worm on a hook ah all bat and it still smells like fish oh I am having such a crazy morning an entire marching band of pink elephants walked out of a Trump bold and then danced on the ceiling and then turned in a car's totally barbed in my ears LMAO Dumbo you got a show in 15 minutes you gotta sober up I don't need to do nothing I'm chill Dumbo we talked about this you can't drink and fly look Timmy Tim Tim tipped up I'm sober just ask my new best friend Chad dude he's good to go yippee-kay-yay I'm ready to go on my fourth big rootin tootin adventure with my bestest pals we got a save Bo Peep whoa whoa whoa seriously another one you got it partner the toys are back in town we just had an incredibly emotional goodbye to Andi not to mention the fact that mere hours before we accept a death we all held hands and silently said goodbye as we slowly inch toward a fiery demise I'm not sure we can top that Buzz Lightyear more like buzz kill that's what I'm worried about woody I'm worried one of us will die we'll watch one of our own melt away in our hands there so traveling to infinity and beyond Wow that junkyard really effed you up Hamid I almost watch the love of my life burn alive so yeah I'm not doing so well hey friends in desperate need of a nanny rosy cheeks no warts plays games old swords etc anyone got any leads Oh Michael Banks I would love to take care of your children it won't take for a spoonful of sugar to set things right actually our family is sugar-free so we'd really appreciate it if you kept that junk out of the house oh all right Wow lots of changes since I've been gone maybe I can take you in the family to feed the birds after all it's only a tuppence a bag actually thanks to Briggs it's five pounds of bear again let's double-check to see that birdseed is organic okay nanny mcphee trying to stay green you know who's the greenest bird oh I'm sure Burt would love to meet your children and shake their hand the block will rub off when he shakes hands with you I would never let my children touch up a homeless man or a Teen Mom nothing is harder than the death of your mother yup yeah uh-huh get it right yeah basically yo amen seriously uh-huh yes yep I'm sensing a pattern here maybe someone I'm not saying me use the blood of your mother's in some sort of demonic ritual in exchange for unimaginable riches on a completely unrelated note we just had a fourth quarter profit of 1.7 seven billion hey guys thanks for watching do you enjoyed this why not check out either of these other awesome videos and be sure to subscribe to keep up to date with all the latest warp zone content we would like to give a shout out to all the talented folks who lent their voices to this video you can see who played who and find links to their channels in the description well I'm gonna go hug my mom because Mickey's up the chiller warp zone out

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  1. "the land for children and happiness" is more like "the whole studio makes movies and the main dude AS DEAD DAD, MOM OR WHOLE FAMILY" if you really think about it. dis be dark

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