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what you need- xbox 360, mac computer(preferably a laptop) and a ethernet cord to connect the two

so I'm just going to show how to get internet from your Mac through to your xbox so you can play online and all that stuff and first of all what you want to do is you want to open up your system preferences and when when you do that you go to network and then in network you want to go to ethernet and once you get to ethernet you want to set your configure to manually which in the dropbox will probably say use dhcp or something you want to go to manually or something like that i'm not really sure then um you want to set your appt IP to address to some default IP address I use 10 dot 0 dot 0 dot 1 which is one that I've shown how to do with and then you want to set your subnet mask to another generic number which is 255 255 255 0 and now these are hard to remember and I'll have them in my description so you can see them in a it'll make it easier and long and then um then after you do that you want to go back to shampoo your system processes and go to sharing and here you want to go to Erin and sharing its a second from the bottom this checkbox will be unchecked but you want to check it and so what you go to is you're going to go to share your connections from and you want to switch that to airport um in that dropbox and then you want to go to two computers using and click ethernet and from there you want to check the internet sharing box and click start and then you should be you're done with the computer okay now that you are finished with the computer what you want to do is you want to UM go go to your xbox a guy here and um while you're in your dashboard you want to go to my xbox and then you want to go to system settings which is at the end of my xbox and from here you want to go to network settings and you want to go to configure network and from here you want to click your IP settings first and go to manual and then you want to add it all through these and you're going to start off with IP address and you're going to put in on the first three armed digits or but like after the dots are going to be the same and the last one is going to be different so what I did is I did 1000 to UM which is one off of what I really did before then you're going to go to a subnet which is going to be identical to what you put in in your computer and it's going to be 255 255 255 0 and then you're going to go to your gateway and this is a pretty important step I forgot it and it's going to be the same as your IP address which is time dot or 1000 dot one and once you don't they click done and you go to dns server and you want to go to manual and you unclick primary dns and now the code there's on just what you what you're going to put in and it's what the dns setting is going to be your IP address on your computer um I got rid of that but what you want to do is you want to go to you want to go to your system products preferences and go to network then go to airport and then go to TC TC p dash back / IP and basically it's going to come up there it's really easy um I i don't know if i can show so i'm making sure right now but um it doesn't take long and what you do it you're done and if you have any questions you put in a comment on and i'll respond but also i want you if you can subscribe maybe check out my other videos they're all pretty good i think and um show interesting things that you can do with your max and your Xbox and stuff like that I thanks

35 thoughts on “How to use your mac computer as an xbox wireless adapter

  1. Oh my Goshhhh Thank you so Freaking much. My laptop just broke and thats what I was using as an adapter so now I am using my old mac and after 3 hours of searching I looked at your video and it worked. You sir truly are a GOD!

  2. @shivercanada It is wireless because your laptop can be in your basement with your xbox where the is no Ethernet port and use this to connect it your laptop that can get the Internet wirelessly

  3. Primary dns is your ip address is your router ip address and your secondary is your actual ip address… check out the link in the description for more details

  4. @wregan42 well I use this at home but im at the grandparents for the next couple of days and i turn on the xbox and it says connected but i go to play mw2 live and it disconnects me, not sure what the problem is

  5. @nuclearrbbt the settings that will change are the dns settings. you have to make sure you are using a laptop with all the settings right as well. This obviously isn't ideal but beats paying the 100 dollars

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