In this video tutorial I show you how to easily create a Facebook Group.

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hey guys and welcome back to another techguru video so today in this video I'm going to be showing you how to create a Facebook group so not a Facebook page for your business or whatever but a Facebook group so if you wanna learn how to do that stick around alright guys so in order to create a Facebook group a brand new Facebook group what you need to do is log in to your Facebook and then once you're logged in go to your timeline here or time feed whatever you want to call it and then underneath groups which will be on the left hand side here under pages go to groups and then click more right there that'll bring up this group page here you'll see suggested groups friends groups local new and also your groups now if we go to the big green button here in the upper right hand corner that says create group and click on that we'll be able to create all of our group information now you're going to go ahead and name the group here so if I want to name this group guru nation I can go ahead and name that there and then as far as members go you can enter their name so you can do that here just like so enter the name of friends that you have on Facebook or you can enter their email address as well so I'll go ahead and add one here by typing the name and then clicking on the individual it'll also suggest certain people who may be related to members that you've already added now under favorites here if you want to add this group to your favorites basically all that does is make it easier to access when you click on the list of groups that you were either a part of or have been a part of now the next page her next section here that you're going to look at is the privacy of your group now this is very important now me personally I do not like to be spammed with group invites so normally you can make your group public closed or secret what I normally do is make it public for people to join if I want now what does that mean if you make it public anyone can see the group and anyone can post if they're members ok as far as a closed group that means anyone can find the group and see who's in it but only members can see the post so if you have like a paid class or a paid service that you provide online and people who are paying for your service are actually able to utilize the closed group that's one way you can utilize Facebook groups now a secret group is only members can find the group and see the post so nothing will be public about the secret group the only way people can even see it is if they're invited as members so again you got public closed and secret so we'll create public for this one here and then then are closed will do closed for this one here and then click the blue create button once you've clicked that blue a button you're then going to be able to choose an icon so we'll go ahead and choose the dog bone there and then click OK you can also skip that step if you want to now then you're going to see in this nice fresh blank group page this is going to be where people can come and ask questions they can come here and dialogue with each other groups are a great way for people to kind of come to as one unified place for people to come and discuss a unified topic so on a group page we're going to see a few different things now under personalize your group you're going to upload a group photo this is going to be like this timeline photo here the dimensions for that are 800 by 200 so 800 wide by 200 high we can choose a photo already from your photos or from group photos if you like or what I like to do is normally upload a brand new photo by clicking that green button there now you can see the name of the group here closed group here so they tell you a little bit more about the closed group it'll say that you aren't joined if you want to unfollow or leave the group you can do that here you can share this on your timeline and then you'll also have some notifications up here now the first few things you're going to see underneath your group are discussion you're going to see a members tab this is going to be who is a part of this group you're going to see events now you can create events specific to your group so basically you can create an event here and only people are members of this group will be able to see the event details of that specific event you'll have photos here it's pretty self-explanatory and then files so like if you're part of an HOA on your neighborhood whatever you may have like specific documents or files that need to be shared among everyone in the group and then you can do that by clicking the files tab here creating a new document or uploading a new word document file so let's go back to discussion that's going to look normal to you kind of like a timeline you can write a post here you can add a video create a poll or add a file so this is great to add a poll and kind of see if you want people to pull on something you can do that video photo pretty self-explanatory and you can even attach a specific file from either dronk Dropbox or your computer over on the right you're going to see a section that says add members you'll only see this if you're an admin of the group so like obviously I'm an admin here I can click and enter names here and invite people and I can even mess specific members all the members will be listed out here how many members are in the group and how many are brand new and then basically you can welcome those members by basically commenting in the group to welcome her so if we go down to group chat we can also start a new group chat only people in the group that you select so here if I had a whole bunch of people in the group I can select them and then it create a chat that I'm only speaking with those people and basically that the last few things you can see here we can add a description so basically we can describe our group here so whatever you want the group to be about you can describe the group here in your description you can save that there and that's going to be over on the right under description you can add an icon so we can pick a symbol that represents our group and then add a cover photo which is what's up here I've already shown you that I called that a timeline cover photo you can do that and again the dimensions are 800 by 200 so basically that's how you create and basically manage a Facebook group these are a great tool I'm actually in the process right now of creating a group for my podcast YouTube creators hub where we can go and I can discuss the new podcast episodes and things like that so be looking out for that and as always guys I hope this helped you out if it did go ahead and help me out by liking the video sharing it with your friends and family and as always guys thank you so much for watching my videos and I will see you guys in the next

27 thoughts on “How To Create A Facebook Group – Facebook Tutorial

  1. How to do it now (newer version): click the little arrow (pointing down by the question mark in circle) you should see a option "create group" click that, type the name of group tag people who you want to join, then press create group then you're all set Hope this helped!

  2. I got all that, but you never mentioned tags. It all worked out for me except my (5) group tags don't show up and I reckon I have tried everything. Just worried, with no tags, how would my group get found? Cheers Jim

  3. Hi …and thanks for efforts in posting this. I am new to this side of things and was hoping to ask a few questions. I live in Paris and am Diabetic and want to create a support info exchange group for other diabetics (or those w/friends and family who are). Nothing special here; just a place for people to share daily coping ideas, support, & the like. It’s primarily for English speakers but open to everyone in the Paris region. The thing is I don’t know anyone locally to invite to the group, aside from one or two US friends to at least get the group started, so, can you suggest ways to promote the group to others here without knowing them? Are there some Facebook tools one can use to get the presence of the group out to people?
    I am assuming to I can visit other similarly themed groups and ‘like’ them and then hope for their members to join up?

    Anyway, as stated, I’m just starting. I’ll look around for ideas but thought to tap into your expertise! Many thanks in advance and all the best from Paris! PS: As a seasoned TV person (network/on-air etc) I have to say your voice is great ( natural and easy to follow)…plus the pacing and overall tone is very welcoming. Cheers !

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