In this video, I talk about Patch 10.40 and the changes Epic made to matchmaking. This included adding Skill Based Matchmaking to the game as well as the addition of Bots (programmed robots) next season to Fortnite Battle Royale. Now, there has been a lot of talk and concern about this new change to matchmaking including making lobbies harder, queue times longer, and making the noraml public match playlist less fun. I address all the pros, cons, and potential concerns in the video, and why I truly believe, this can and will save Fortnite. The truth of it, is that normal matches are just too sweaty. New players have no chance to learn when good players are running around and destroying them every single game. However, with Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) you will be put into a lobby of players with similar skill, meaning new players won’t be put into a random lobby full of sweats. Yes, there will be smurfs, and your matches may be a little harder, but again, I have faith this will help new players stick around and learn the game within the core Battle Royale game mode.

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42 thoughts on “How This Change To Matchmaking Will SAVE Fortnite!

  1. What the actual fuck i made my account played once against bots won that one, and now i am getting fucking destroyed every single time, all people are bob the builder, uninstalling this shit game.

  2. Just match on time played instead of "skill". That seems to make more sense to me. Just because someone like me sucks after 100 games doesn't mean I should match with other shitty players. A win against other shitty players means nothing.

  3. Ranked and unranked. Why do they keep making pubs competitive?

    Why is it that people played and learned to get better throughout gaming but suddenly it is "too hard" to improve and they will just give up if they don't do great in their first game?

  4. As a new player, I can attest to this video. I tried Fortnite 8 months ago,got smoked every game, played about 2 days, uninstalled and never looked back. Tried again after chapter 2 started, started getting kills, have a couple solo wins, a few duo wins. Instead of rage uninstalling, I'm getting better, able to build somewhat, winning fights with actual people, and bought battle pass. If that was epics purpose, it definitely worked in my case

  5. Chapter 2 is the worst season yet i am very casual i have been playing since season 2 and i only have 99 solo wins and my stats are pretty terrible and i get very few kills and i get pretty much 1 bot per game and 99 tryhards havent played for 3 days now

  6. I haven’t played in months but a buddy of mine convinced me the game was better now with the new matchmaking So I redownloaded. We played for several hours, caught a handful of wins, and I haven’t had so much fun playing this game. Definitely a positive update

  7. As a new player, I completely disagree with this.
    The bots are so dumb they don't even fight back.
    There is absolutely nothing I learn from shooting a row of sitting ducks.
    I would rather play against other new players who at least fight back.

  8. I wish Epic would give players an option to TURN OFF bot matchmaking. The beauty of Battle Royale is 100 PEOPLE jump off a bus. The adrenaline rush of beating people is now gone completely, because there are so many bots. If I wanted to play against AI, I can go play Twine. This update has killed the game for me. I want to play against real people, real intelligence, I get absolutely zero feeling of accomplishment killings bots.

  9. I didnt start until season 5.. rather than rage quitting when I got stomped I just kept at it. I dont know how I still found the game fun when I was just getting clapped left and right, but I did. TBH, I still kind of suck, and I feel that either FN is just not my talent, or it was because I never got really to practice because everyone was always so above me in skill. Im hoping this skill based matching will help me finally improve better. 🙂

  10. Sorry Jerian but you’re wrong. The new matchmaking sucks. I’m not good. My win rate is garbage, kd sucks, and my aim is trash. I still run into the sweatiest kids still. I’m so close to quitting, it’s not even funny.

  11. This shit sucks. The only people you are helping is the new players and good pc players. Bc I’m good on console. But matching me up against people who statistically as good as me that are in pc only helps them. They will still have every advantage over me.
    #middle class matters

  12. I quit playing a long time ago when turbo building enabled people to build skyscrapers in seconds. I might try playing again and hopefully get paired with people who built as poorly as I do

  13. I didn't play fortnite season 10 cause i was wrecked every match and i didn't learn anything i am very happy for epic to switch the match making system

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