Axios reporter David McCabe discusses his quest to find out what Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, physician Priscilla Chan, are doing with the tens-of-billions of dollars they committed to giving away through their philanthropy organization, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Read more:

So Mark Zuckerberg said a couple of years ago
he was going to give away a huge percentage of his wealth, and he was going to do it through
this Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the value of this, the potential value of this organization is huge,
its like 45 billion dollars. This kind of philanthropy is transformative
right, if Facebook defined the last 10 years, we say in this story this is
like, define the next century. And that's why we wanted to take a look at this
and we started with a really simple question, which is: "Where are they
giving their money away?" You know I'm a big iced coffee
drinker but I don't drink hot coffee. Now imagine how much iced coffee
45 billion dollars could buy you. To understand why we did this story the way we
did it you have to understand how CZI is set up. It's an LLC a limited liability company like
maybe like this coffee shop who knows right? It's a private company. And because of that, they don't have to disclose
the kind of information you have to disclose when you're a tax exempted organization. We couldn't go to the tax filings which
is normally how you would start reporting on a charity or a philanthropic enterprise. So the next step was to start combing
public reports and their public statements for organizations we thought had gotten grants. We started calling all of those organizations
and we said can you tell me more about working with them can you confirm
that you're working with them and we ultimately ended up
with this spreadsheet. The immediate thing that sticks out to
you is that a huge amount of the grants that are publicly out there are education. The money here his huge but
the goals are huge too. They want to cure all disease or
they want to mitigate all disease. That's massive. Right? Bringing personalized learning to every
kid in an American classroom, is massive. These are like lifetime, change the world goals
and so this is going to be a fundamental player in our philanthropic landscape for a long time
and I think we're just beginning to see that. Should we go? Thanks for giving us the rundown. Yeah thank you for hanging out. And it gives me a good excuse to get coffee.

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