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The Generation for Xbox One has been highlighted by the trifecta of Halo, Gears and Forza. Big budget blockbuster AAA games have been in short supply, but for most of this cycle, The Coalition has been carefully working on the possible Crowning Point of the Xbox with Gears 5. To create a game bigger than all of the previous Gears games, takes more than just set pieces and shiny graphics…Gears needed heart, grit and soul. Can Gears 5 transcend to a high enough watermark to rise above the crowd?

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the generation for Xbox one has been highlighted by the trifecta of Halo gears and Forza big-budget blockbuster triple-a games have been in short supply but for most of this cycle the Coalition has been carefully working on the possible crowning point of the Xbox with Gears 5 to create a game bigger than all of the previous Gears games takes more than just set pieces and shiny graphics gears needed hard grit and soul kin gears 5 transcend to a high enough watermark to rise above the crowd [Applause] this is colt Eastwood welcome to the channel today I'll be reviewing Gears 5 from Xbox game studios Gears 5 is available on September 10th for Xbox and PC users and September 6th for game Pass ultimate subscribers I'm reviewing the game on the Xbox one X I review games based on four criteria ranging from 1 to 10 points with a combined average of all four to come to a final score out of 10 this allows you to gauge which categories are most important to you as the player if you're new or maybe returning the channel like and subscribe and join the channel to support the content well we're here for the review so let's get to it presentation gears for was one of the best looking games on the Xbox one and one of the best in the entire console generation for the Xbox Gears 5 takes that mantle and aimed for top-shelf technically it runs at dynamic 4k on Xbox one X with a 60 FPS high frame rate target throughout occasional frame dips and bigger areas absolutely loaded with smoke particles blood fire and shock effects but 95% of your time the frame rate is beautifully smooth and shiny artistically Gears 5 is one of the absolute best looking games this entire generation crushing gears for and standing above with God of War and spider-man as the most visually pleasing and screen shot addicted i popping vistas environments the detail in and out of cutscenes which transitions smoothly cinema to gameplay all in engine and real-time with only short loading screens for dying makes gears 5 look and feel liking masterpiece attention to detail pours over each and every turn with everything in sight meticulously detailed to create a lived-in and worn and torn believable world that oozes the great of Star Wars and gritty sci-fi one level even gives an uncharted vibe that seems to match its magic in many ways story gears 5 is centered on a close-knit group of military elite soldiers tasked with saving the planet of Sarah from humanoid alien creatures that have decimated every corner of the planet for years throughout the Gear series the main squad made up of gruff no-nonsense Marcus Fenix and his Delta Squad has been passed down to his son JD alongside Kate and del into a new generation in Gears for Kate was pushed to the center in a tragic ending that sets up the story for Gears 5 which I'll review with absolutely no spoilers the story told in Gears 5 is a much more emotionally grounded real to life and warm with touches of gripping tension the stakes are high for Humanity and the female protagonist Kate Diaz assumes the lead in much of the story and the fit for Gears couldn't be more unexpected and welcomed brutal machoism that gave Gears its identity is not lost here with del and the supporting crews showing battle-worn toughness with the right amount of malleable tenderness throughout Kate herself is a strong one of the guys holds her own in conversation and in the battlefield and makes a likable even more relatable main character the story is ramped up above and beyond any gears before where the high-stakes pilgrimage for Kate to find the origin of the locust her frequent dark possession and haunting overtones drive an emotional tense haste while building a shaky level of trust fear and sympathy throughout the coalition finally delivers for themselves us and even the Xbox platform a full-bodied character story driven narrative cinematically deliver and hitting all the right notes and Peaks from fright to fight and devotion to desperation gears 5 story truly feels like the biggest movie the most touching moments laugh out loud comedic beats and an overall feeling of a huge blockbuster story with direction and attention to detail you'll want to see each of the four acts through each one motivating you emotionally in mystery and intrigue gameplay Gears of War has never disappointed in the gameplay category it literally defined the third-person cover shooter genre and for the past 10 years it's mostly been unchanged Gears v was in desperate need of evolving to keep things fresh and the coalition took the award-winning formula of Gears combat and cranked it up with much more variety and unleashed two shooting mechanics to feel in my opinion like the best of any third-person shooter you've ever played gunplay is tight natural and hard-hitting visually physically at the controls and contextually as the world destructs an enemy stumble and rip to shreds on the wrong end of the bullets you'll find yourself less often in cover and more on the move taking the high ground flanking and using a creative approach with many more gadgets and ways to dispatch enemies this is partly in thanks to Jack a floating r2d2 like robot that doesn't just open doors and hack panels the gameplay has been opened one third with Jack's new passive and active abilities that make him like a command squad mate to help you and buff you in what is meant to be a single or two-player co-op game you can have a third friend play as Jack with a dozen active abilities that evolved over the course of the campaign you'll have plenty to do even as Jack and this is where the gameplay has evolved far beyond any years before it the Gears campaign is semi open world with interval sections between the main set pieces gears starts each main section by allowing you to slow down walk among the world looking for collectables if you wish to take in the lore and listen to the locals paint the picture of what Gears 5 has in store all of this is happening in a realize backdrop that makes you feel like you're living in the world with Kate and Dell and not just there to get to the battle corridors all of this takes place in a fast open Canyon like explore the world all of this is made possible by the wind powered skiff provided by a cogs Damon Baird the skip is a pilot able water-ski light craft that takes you 50 miles per hour across ice snow and sand the feeling control of the skiff is appropriately drifty and fast and incredibly fun making you forget you're playing a gears game the map is meant to be large enough to feel wonder in awe across the landscape but manageable enough to stop at question marks and explore outpost with entrenched enemies people in distress and collectable upgrades for Jack that motivate you to take the time to stop and explore fight off an ambush to see what they are protecting and get your upgrade back to the skip to move along the story interior story sections are claustrophobic hallways too wide spacious industrial mammoth installations full the most variety of enemies in the series with totally different tactics or ways to be disposed melee is much more prevalent and useful and with the new breaker mace you can charge in to cover protected enemies with aggression and create carnage without firing a shot stealth is light and infrequent but satisfying to execute an unsuspecting enemy before the rest of the firefight pops off jack is a wholesale part of the team with a two-button combination he can flash enemies out of cover shocked stunned tougher grunts and even buff your shields for a few seconds when things get unmanageable but that's all I'll say because part of the reward for exploring is solely based on making Jack a more appreciative part of the team and partway through you'll love him as much as you do your squadmates combat traversal and light puzzles make Gears 5 a total joy to play and the quality behind the gun and skip are top-notch multiplayer and replayability here's 5 is a triple-a story based third-person shooter but half of its identity is grounded in a world renowned competitive and cooperative shooter online it starts with vs. mode against others and broke new ground with horde mode a competitive wave based battle on small maps with friends online here's 5 added new monsters new weapons and new abilities to a vast lineup of characters even including Halo Reach into the mix but new to Gears is Ward escape a 3 player cooperative mode of corridor run through waves of enemies and a timed clock three new characters are introduced with more to come and this mode can be extended with a map builder and the communities creations with almost ten modes and a campaign that should be played at least twice as each character the replayability of Gears 5 is high and most players will find themselves playing horde and vs moles well into the end of the generation the campaign will take most people anywhere from 12 to 15 hours to do the majority of the offerings in the story and about 20 hours for completionists taking it all in gears 5 marks a crowning achievement for the Coalition for Gears and for the Xbox the combination of visuals at the highest caliber fully realized and fleshed out characters with impactful emotional delivery the near-perfect pacing of traversal exploration created visceral combat and wide open larger-than-life set pieces proves that Xbox game Studios can house some of the industry's best talent and playing through Gears 5 is a total treasure from top to bottom offline or on the characters will resonate with you make you smile laugh and choke back tears as they pull you into the world of gears for what feels like a brief run of their life changing adventure here's 5 is not just the best game of 2019 it is the best Xbox game of the generation and it truly deserves to stand among the biggest games on the console here's five gets a nine point five out of ten this is Colt Eastwood thank you so much for watching I'm a big Xbox fan and playing through Gears five made me appreciate the story in all it delivered I'd put Gears five at the very top of the six games in the series and there's so much more to the game that I refuse to explain this review Xbox sent me the review code on Saturday afternoon I played through it in large chunks never quite tiring as that pacing a variety drove the game forward if you enjoyed this review and you want to support the channel like and subscribe and even join if you'd like add me on xbox and twitter at cold eastwood if you have any questions message me my DMS are always open if not I'll see you here in the comments section I'm anxious to see what you all expect and what you thought of the review Wednesday is going to be an absolutely crazy time for Xbox fans console fans gaming fans in general with the review scores coming out across the industry and the reaction of such a big game from Xbox I'm pretty active in my comment section so please no fighting no accusing name-calling and most importantly

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  1. Gears 5 sucks man! How can anyone like this with it's garbage multiplayer which has so many issues it's not even funny. The campaign is ok but that's where it ends. Everything that made Gears of War great is not in Gears 5. Rod Fergusson is an ass!

  2. Colt where you at, are you ok bud? I'm just curious, because I haven't seen any new uploads in almost 3 weeks. Anyway I hope all is well, and hope to see you back soon… Cheers!

  3. Hey coat, if you play borderlands three on Xbox one, would you feel like adding me so you could help me out and get some better loot? I would appreciate that big time. My gamer tag is. Johnnyohio452
    Anybody else that would like to add me, male or female, feel free to add me. I don’t have a whole Lot of friends because I’m Kinda quiet and fairly new to Xbox

  4. Not the best gears worst one since Judgement from a campaign standpoint one of the best as a product no I'm a gears fan play on PC but purchased gears console because I'm a fan boy. MP maps suck MP balance sucks and horde is bland. Not GOTY with few mp balance tweaks and changes yes. Score 6/10 played the game on my 2080 TI and was sensational but as someone who has played every gears on launch to say GOTY you must have got paid or given early copy I love the franchise and have already Re-upped but thats because I have hope they can turn the games blandness around

  5. Not even going to lie, I love this Gears game and I’ve played every single one (including the dreadful Judgement) and besides gears 2 it is my favourite. I just wish you could choose your own weapons in the Horde and Escape game mode instead of being forced to use specific weapons. #BuffTheTalonItsTrash

  6. Gears 5 is an awful game (multiplayer). The Coalition has to be the worst gaming developer out there. Gears 4 had many issues in multiplayer that TC promised they would fix and never did. Now those same issues come to Gears 5. I've been a die-hard Gears fan since Gears of War 1, but man oh man Gears 4 & 5 are the worst ones. TC was gifted Gears and instead of making a better game they made it complete utter-shit. I hope they get their shit together or else the Gears series will be gone.

  7. Finished Gears 5 a few hours ago. 75% completion. Normal difficulty. 16 hours. A few negatives but overall, an excellent 9.0/10 and for me, the second best game in the series behind Gears 2.

  8. It won't win game of the year not a chance they shouldn't have added a female lead for this game don't get me wrong I love female characters in games but Gears of War is not one of those games where I want to play as some whining chick I don't care about Kait as a character at all should have left it with the old original characters Gears 5 is still a good game but not a reboot that the franchise needed just more of the same the gameplay compared to newer games is outdated this should be the last Gears game that's made Microsoft needs to end the franchise after this one and focus on new exclusives and ideas moving forward

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