And your parents said playing games would make you dumb…
New research shows that people who play video games might be better at learning and making fast, correct decisions. Do you think it’s accurate?

Kim and Fon break it down.

“Video games are apparently better than their reputation.
Neuropsychologists of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum let video gamers compete against non-gamers in a learning competition. During the test, the video gamers performed significantly better and showed an increased brain activity in the brain areas that are relevant for learning. Prof Dr Boris Suchan, Sabrina Schenk and Robert Lech report their findings in the journal Behavioural Brain Research.”*

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when I was a kid I wasn't allowed to play video games because my mom and dad said you can't do that it'll fry your brain well guess what you were wrong maybe according to some research that I found a group of neuropsychologists found a link between video game players and being better at learning things which sounds pretty cool this came from Universitat bottom and three specific researchers who found put their findings in the journal behavioral brain research so what they found was that gamers were better than non gamers in a competition for learning and during the test areas of their brain were lit up an MRI associated with learning as well this is kind of a weird methodology so please follow me what they did is they took 17 volunteers which to be fair this is a very small sample size so take take with that what you will they took 17 volunteers who played action based games on a computer at console for more than 15 hours a week so then there was also a group a control group of 17 volunteers who didn't play games at all on a regular basis and they were competing against each other on a weather prediction task what they would be given were three different cards that would indicate different kinds of weather be it warm or rain and they had to be they were told right away with feedback whether they were correct or incorrect and this could be very close to maybe in some specific examples the three cards would indicate 60% rain 40% Sun in this competition the gamers learned a lot better than the non gamers did on just just feedback and working off that so it showed that the gamers were able to analyze a situation quickly to generate new knowledge and to categorize facts especially in situations with high uncertainties meaning this is maybe a little bit of basis for you to tell your parents or significant other that playing games is good for you and that you are better at learning huh Vaughn do you follow yeah I like I'm trying really hard to convince everyone around me it's to be fair this is a small sample size it is you need a big sample size to have meaningful fats but it could mean a little pain in the right direction there maybe that's just what I want they definitely need to do a bigger study but now I I mean all of this actually makes sense none of that is surprising to me just you know being someone who plays video games I always feel like I'm a little quicker thinking and responding in the stimulation to the brain is it's like exercise yeah you know so you exercise your body exercise your brain to solve puzzles and you know there's there's a lot of skills involved in playing video games yeah I mean there's been other research that indicated that video games are good for teaching and analysis problem solving in some instances teamwork we're adults so maybe we're done forming our brains as of now and we're just playing for fun but I will say I know how to solve gate puzzles probably better than most people thanks to uncharted I don't know when that'll come up but it's there so yeah I think there's a lot to be desired in terms of concrete research in the specific study but there have been many studies that indicate there's more beneficial side effects to video games than one might think there's also the concept of flow which i've talked about a lot which does seem a lot more solid in its research so if any Oh game might not be as bad as the reputation they've garnered specifically what older generations may think just bring it up see if it flies I would do that if I were a kid at this point I wish I had this when I was a kid audience do you feel like you are better at solving problems and learning thanks to games please let us know below and please like and subscribe for more

20 thoughts on “Gamers May Have a Learning Advantage Over Others

  1. Doesnt sound surprising to me– I always felt that I solve problems better when I play games but I also found that when I play fast reaction games that my hand and eye co-ordination improves a lot

  2. The reason gamers may have advantage from learning is because the content from games. Since the Dev from each game have to develop their story in a way that always 'surprise' the players; therefore, gamers have to adopt and learn to solving problems and taking note from different aspects in the game. In short, games make people to think in way that is not linear at all.
    My father was always (and still) against me on playing games, but what I could show him is how games help me to see things in different way where I can take advantage in my real life. Now, he is way less against of me gaming…..;)

  3. I'd guess it probably depends significantly on what genre of games and what difficulty you play said games on. If you're playing Call of Duty single player on the easiest difficulty, you're probably not developing problem solving skills, your ability to learn, etc. as much as you would were you playing EU4 on very hard, or playing SC2 multiplayer, or even just playing Call of Duty on the highest difficulty.

  4. I feel like the results would be different depending on the type of game one normally plays. Like avid racing game fans employ different skills from avid strategy game fans or avid team-based FPS fans.

    Then again, I'm not sure if I buy this study's conclusion at all. More research is definitely needed since whatever advantage that is acquired may ultimately be negligible and meaningless.

  5. Could be a bit of a double edged sword. We exercise our brains by playing video games, but it could also be argued that people with better problem solving skills are more inclined to play video games in the first place.

  6. I don't think gaming makes you dumber. I suppose it might train certain parts of your brain, and from my own experiences, video games has certainly helped me learn English better.
    That said, I think there's a risk that video games makes every other way of learning way less stimulating and appealing. But of course, it might vary from person to person.

  7. Games involved multiple environments. It involves quick thinking, from puzzles to quick reaction to some games like RPG's which involve math to combine certain effects to see if you get the right results to over come an obstacle anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about.

  8. We are very much a videogames household. As long as my kids clean their rooms and make their beds in the morning and behave at school, they get to play games after book time all they want in the evenings. Which means when its nice, they want to ride bike and run around with the dogs outside and when it isn't, they play games. My younger son tested (to my surprise because I could never get him to do anything with me) very high compared to the rest of the kids in his preschool. He knew his abc's, could independently count to 15, knew most of his colors and shapes, could audibly spell out his name, and could visually recognize 8 letters and the numbers 1-9. All learned from videogames and kids learning TV shows. Oh, and basic math like 1+/- any single number 1-9. I didn't even know he could recognize numbers and letters visually. And he only knows how to spell his name out loud because his brother taught him how to spell stop, and so he decided that was how to spell his name and I spent a painstaking month teaching him the correct way to spell it. He still remembers how to spell stop though, haha.

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