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Have you ever wanted to find fish with your Game Boy? Now you can with the Pocket Sonar! Released only in Japan in 1998, Bandai’s “Gyogun Tanchiki: Pocket Sonar”, aka Fish Finder: Pocket Sonar, hooked up to your Game Boy and contained a fish sonar, fish encyclopedia, and even a fishing mini-game! Learn all about this unique device on this episode of The Gaming Historian!

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26 thoughts on “Game Boy Pocket Sonar | Gaming Historian

  1. What amazes me is that they opted to limit this thing's market by making it a peripheral instead of just releasing it as a standalone device. Would a small black-and-white display really have added that much to the retail cost after subtracting the Game Boy licensing fees and the cost of the cartridge?

  2. Can someone please help me locate/name a game? I remember a game in the arcade that was a little square car (like a Dihatsu Domino). It was a platform game I think but high quality graphics (the car looked 3 dimensional) where you drive the car around and do tasks …that's all I remember but it was an interesting game…1990's aracade game

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