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welcome back to another installment of strikers funny game reviews or we take a game and tell what there is to know about it and whether or not to play that motherfucker today's game is more frame you know the game where you could be a fucking space ninja the game that anthem thought it could someday become the game that destiny should have been well this review is going to be done in a similar fashion to all other reviews and we're gonna break this game down into a few crucial components we're gonna talk about the weapons the war frames the crafting the gameplay and finally whether or not to buy this shit well it's motherfucking striker here and today we're gonna discuss why you should be playing warframe instead of any other sci-fi loser shooters let's talk weapons and there are a lot of weapons around 300 weapons most are gonna be usable while some are just fucking monsters and kill everything the weapons in this game are broken down into three categories you have your primary weapons which are mostly like your assault rifles or your single-shot weapons and you know there's alien tech in this game as well you have your secondary weapons which are your pistols your throwing stars or just some weird alien stuff like I'm telling you alien is in this game and it's some of its weak lastly you have your melee weapons now this is where the game tells you to be a true fucking ninja there's katanas there's staffs and there's even giant fucking hammers now how fucking badass is that now weapons work differently in this game than in most and we'll get into that a little later now let's talk about frames or war frames to be exact there are around 60 of them to use if you include the Prime counterparts to the originals discussing Prime variants is extensive and will be covered in another video leave a comment if you want to know the difference frames are what you as a player used to complete missions each warframe has the same key movement features but their abilities are all very different this is where the frames get broken down into tanks DPS achilles tanks focus more on crowd control dps are all about getting this sweet and delicious kills and healers well they obviously fucking need to get new warframes you have to find the blueprint and materials and then craft them and that leads us perfectly into the crafting section crafting in this game is straightforward you find the blueprints for parts you want to craft to craft those parts and you craft the whole item the time it takes varies from each item crafted but just no crafting time is not forgiving you cannot jump into the game and on the first day make a bunch of war frames and weapons this will take time because it is a free to play and the way the game makes money is by being able to just purchase frames instead of farming them finally let's cover the gameplay and why this game is truly amazing as I've mentioned before you're a motherfucking space ninja rolling through the maps like an unstoppable killing machine now the beginning of the game is where some new players to the franchise will give up because the game does not give you any sense of direction it drops you into space and says kill some shit this game is not about taking it slow through every mission to kill every hat and loot everything the game wants you to rush through and kill everything you see on your way to the objective so you can get through the story as fast as possible and get to where the real game begins this game is all about the farm in different places which makes it one hell of a brand we farm from blueprints you farm for the materials to craft those blueprints then you wait while it is all being crafted which will take days then you get to play as the new frame or use the new weapon to do it all over again for something else that's the biggest thing I can say about this game I can hype it to oblivion and show fuckin amazing gameplay but in all honesty if you don't like to grind in games this game is not for you this game also works differently in its leveling process in order to level up your main profile which unlocks warframes and weapons well the ability to crack them anyway then you have to level up your weapons and warframes each weapon and warframe can be leveled to thirty so each new weapon in each new warframe you level up will contribute XP to your account and will eventually rank that up and that's warframe well in a fucking nutshell this game is extensive and complicated and this review is just a quick look into what this game truly is as far as whether or not to get this game well it's a free-to-play and truly free-to-play there's stuff in this game to buy but there is also a trade system and you could get every purchasable item in this game without ever spending a penny which is something not a lot of games do nowadays usually if it is locked behind participants II that is the only way to get it so my opinion on warframe download this shit then think Nora 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