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hello and welcome to PlayStation granade how the heck are you it's been a whole week since we last caught up on things in the world of BOTS night so let's do what we always do and go over this week's update if you new round these parts please think about subscribing the face reveal is coming at 1 million subscribers now plant your butt down for 10 minutes slap code a tomorrow in the shop and let's find all the map changes in season X week 9 and hell yeah we have another story theory at the end of the video so many updates in the last 7 days but let's start with a brand new point of interest star e suburbs a quaint little town currently being constructed above pleasant park but it's also a rift zone so there has to be some random shenanigans in this zone super mario stars fall from the sky which can be broken for epic loot the stars continue to fall all games so this spot is perfect for lazy people who can't be bothered searching for chests no here's the thing about starry suburbs which would blow your mind this was indeed a location all the way back in season 0 of fortnight Battle Royale it was unnamed back then and had terrible loot spawned but it was definitely here the difference back then though it was a complete ruin a former town which always made me wonder what happened before day one a fortnight and now time travel is here we can see all those seasons back and in this dimension the town is looking damn good whether the town was never destroyed in the first place or maybe it was never replaced by the football stadium in this world and was given the chance to rebuild over the last 10 seasons anyway season zero content hang on I've got an idea this may be a clue let's include this in today's theory but now we have something far more important than a live event let's look at what watch is back and better than ever our little wooden Hobbit has grown into this gorgeous specimen absolutely beautiful I'm sure you'll agree this week the building materials have left and the hut has gone to Browntown and we all know once you go Brown you never go back how does us you get the idea so is this the end just the lookout tower is what watch over now of course not keep the faith season 11 will bring more updates who's with me comment watch my life if you're with me here rush of 2.0 what was 2.0 is here over at the failed rift by the former spot center another building is beginning its rise let's get the guesses in now what will this place become only ridiculous names please let's look at this further next week rush of 2.0 so the central story of the season has been around the visitor the scientists who I think is the same person by the way and though rocket have you kept an eye on this beast this week because he's gone and done it he's finished it the alien erection is perfected it even has a perfect purple end now he may want to see a doctor about that GG mr. scientist later in the week the thrusters were added for interstellar travel but today a new problem has arisen the scanned parts of the brute mechs have run into a problem some source of corruption in the robot systems shown by the skull and crossbones the X's indicate something is terminal maybe the mechs are finally leaving us forever or maybe the mechs are going to turn on the scientist or is that corrupted tech already in the spaceship was this the reason the rocket failed back in season 4 things are hotting up likely this week the countdown timers will appear for the live event which will give us a date and time what do you think will happen I was hoping for a new map but now I'm not so sure what say you since the last time we met Gotham City has popped up celebrating 80 years of Batman if he did pick up the skin I'm presuming you bought this in moat 2 and just did this all day yeah me too to go back to Gotham for a moment did you see the easter-egg Batarang in the hay-bale before the roof beacon activated it's an awesome touch Gotham itself though is full of nods to Batman culture how many of these did you spot Batman's parents were murdered in cold blood and we can see the exact spot in the alley in the center of Gotham the pearl necklace making out the shape of a beef for Bruce or maybe Batman also have they been left on the ground for 80 years Batman must have some serious issues if he walks past this every day of his life all around the city our Joker references such as his graffiti from both the movie and the animated cartoon and most iconic Lee the VAT he fell into to become the Joker is here in the factory district the church from many of Batman's encounters with the Joker is here too but I will always remember it from Tim Burton's Batman from 1989 it's an old one but it's a good one I recommend it and then that brings me to the cinema a very real place in Batman's lineage but this place is rundown and simultaneously advertising a brand new film I'm completely baffled with this one what could it mean is this a hint to next season or maybe another movie crossover later in the year and why the hell is the carpet from the shining here help me out with this one if you would what could this mean and by the way let's see what Batman's up to Oh it's spending more time with mum and dad even in Gotham City family time is important so I went to visit the Polar Peak monster to see if there are any changes here and it got me thinking have you noticed we've been receiving all the events in the history of fortnight season three had the meteor shower in the sky we now have a permanent reminder of that season four had the rocket yep we know that's here in season 5 the map had new locations from different worlds yeah we got that season 6 had Kevin floating season 7 brothers of the husks again season 8 brought as the vault and we have a constant reminder of that with the Nexus point the only major events which are yet to be covered this season are the butterfly event and the final battle hence why we are here do you remember the shape of the flowers around this beast yeah they make up a butterfly so maybe we should keep an eye on this location a few things to note before we finish Kevin continues to move around the map and edge is closer to the new risky reels which reminds us we should be ready for impact could this mean Kevin I mean there's a perfect parking spot for Kevin to land just a little lower and these bunker things do you remember those big keV could always open one of those if I'm honest though I just don't want him to destroy what watch Oh on a tiny update the grass is growing on the floating island weird on the ps4 it isn't is it for you remember the ice cream truck which fell from granny's house last week well it was simply so Batman could have his signal there instead he has no respect for other people's property I wonder what Batman is doing right now uh yeah family time my bad so I believe that's everything like usual if I miss something please holler at me on Twitter now it's time for another attempt at a story theory this time it's about the end try not to cry watching this one you ready let's do this what if I told you season X finished before it started we believe that the meteor magically stays frozen in time above our heads when in fact it has already wiped out dusty and other areas of the island we thought the season began with the explosion above the vault but then why is the OP still here to understand this we need to look at the seasons name season X why not ten this is because X has three key meanings beyond the number ten X represents the unknown the unsolved and ultimately X represents a secrets but the main use of X throughout history and science is to represent the end this is the end of our island what we believe has taken nine weeks has actually only taken a millisecond the scientist is bending time and preparing the island for its demise we can see evidence of time slowly moving both of the meteor and the nexus each have moved fractions almost invisible to the naked eye the impossible jump to the factories is now possible but of course this story includes so many questions and so little answers why is the scientists adapting the island if he knows that this is the end why are the seven dimensions joining and why are past events returning there may be a complex answer or maybe just maybe it's simple before the end our guardian angel wants us to celebrate everything we've experienced taking us back to season zero for our final week on these Isles back before turbo building back before launch pads before live events back to the start one last time will this come true I don't know for certain but these last few days are a celebration of everything we've been through so far so thank the bus driver one last time and cherish the memories Wow this community just makes me so proud Thank You epic games for two phenomenal years and ten huge seasons I can't wait to see what happens next I'm Adam from Playstation grenade it's been a pleasure I'll see you next time

29 thoughts on “Fortnite | All Season X Map Updates and Hidden Secrets! WEEK 9

  1. This video will be always my favourite! This made feel sparrow, happiness, memories, and even made me to subscribe him.
    Coz what he said is true. I felt it might be true on the air day of this video. But I came again to rewatch after he event.
    You are the best man!
    No matter what others think about me, I always love Fortnite 😭

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