Facebook just launched Facebook Spaces, social virtual reality platform. With Spaces, you can hang out with your friends, teleport anywhere and do anything.

The actors enjoyed shooting this video so much that they asked if they could stay in Spaces for a few hours after they were done.

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missus hey Jack are you all excited for our trip yeah and look what I found this is so cool is this the same spot we're going to I hope so and look I think that's what we're taking the boat tour oh I love it look I'm gonna go chat with Melissa but you're setting up the party room right yeah I got it great see you later jack All Right see you later bye hey girl guess what what I got the apartment Wow nice look at your balcony I know it's amazing no roommates I have it all planned out the lucky blue couch yeah this table with this floor perfect Jack keeps calling me can we talk later sure I you

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