Now, your Facebook friends can join you—virtually—in Rift with Facebook Spaces! This new VR app takes some of the best features of Facebook and brings them into your VR space. Spend time with friends and family like you’re really there, step inside 360 videos, draw and play with Touch, and more.

missus hey Jack are you all excited for our trip yeah and look what I found this is so cool is this the same spot we're going to I hope so and look I think that's what we're taking the boat tour oh I love it look I'm gonna go chat with Melissa but you're setting up the party room right yeah I got it thanks you later jack All Right see you later bye hey girl guess what what I got the apartment Wow nice look at your balcony I know it's amazing no roommates I have it all lined up the lucky blue couch yeah this table with this floor perfect Jack keeps calling me can we talk later sure bye okay hold this balloon could you know we got to do it don't forget your back

48 thoughts on “Facebook Spaces – Teaser Trailer

  1. It's just gonna keep going until we completely simulate reality and then it's gonna start all over again. Makes me wonder if we're alre_USER_REMOVED

  2. The potential for precondition in order create more sheep than we already have is extreme with this technology. I guess this is why we are only seeing children selling this concept. What a shame this tech is being wasted on child's play.

  3. i can't able to open the Facebook space always connecting only, more than 4 hours i spend still connecting only
    is there any solution for this
    and the version which i got beta only

  4. What the hell was that? We are social beings. Social beings in a real, physical world. Not some VR avatars, living out their lives in artificial dreamlands. What's shown here is pure shit. And it's scary af.

  5. This trailer sucks. The sister doesn't mention to her brother that she got the appartment, then when she talks to her friend she says she got the appartment but doesn't care to wish her friend happy birthday. But on the other hand, it's a trailer for Facebook, the place on the internet where everyone brags about their lives and doesn't give a shit about others.

  6. Absolutely love it! You can tell a lot of the people in the comment sections will never make real money or simply lack creativity even if it hits them in the face they still reject it. This is definitely the future of human interaction and even though it has some ways to go it's still the future. Imagine the cost and time savings if this technology is perfected for businesses and people. Oculus is already cutting the prices on their Rift bundle and I think eventually it'll be as common as owning an Iphone.

  7. You guys are all looking at this the wrong way. As a college student away from home, Facebook Spaces is a pretty cool way to connect with your family. Yes, the avatars do look a little creepy, but all this is is a next generation version of something like FaceTime or Skype except you can interact with each other in cool and fun ways. If you're so afraid of it, close your eyes. But this, in my opinion, is some next generation stuff.

  8. everyone is saying this is stupid but this is great. I'm in college 3 hours away from home. this would be so cool to be able to talk to my family at the same time. it's the closest thing to being with them

  9. Bu yapay zeka nın ilk adımı spaces programı ne kadar çok kişiye ulaştırırsa o kişilerin davranış biçimlerini modelleyerek bir yapay zeka üretimine başlanacak bir kişi olarak değil dünyada milyonlarca kişinin davranış modellerini kayıt ederek o kayıtlardan bir insan gibi yapay zeka blinç üretilecek tabi bu spaces hayatımıza girmesine var daha, ancak girdiği taktirde spaces'in üstünde çalışırken güncellemek isterlerken birden size bahsettiğim gibi bu fikiri ortaya atacaklar o fikirde yapay zeka olacak ama belkide direk bunun farkında olarak tasarlanmıştır spaces zamanla görecez ama bence herkes yeni bir boyutun varlığının mutluluğunu yaşarken size bahsettiğim yapay zekanın gelmesi uzun bir süreç alabilir ama en azından bizden sonraki nesle bizlerin ektiği fikir tohumlarının hasatını onlar alabilecek ve bu teknolojiyi elden ele taşıyacaklar bugün çok güzel yerdeyiz ve yarın dahada güzel yerde olacağız.

  10. My grandma said that my generation couldn't live without technology and that we are useless. I said nah grandma your generation can't live with out technology and then I pulled her life support.

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