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Facebook marketing tips for small businesses in 2017 I've decided to create short video sessions for ranking fans who are promoting their businesses on Facebook now I get many emails plus I interact with many small businesses and the information regarding Facebook marketing tips on YouTube or other resources they either give you case studies for multinational companies or large companies or they straightaway go into Facebook ads saying you have to advertise all this stuff yes Facebook ads is advertising that's common sense right but how do you promote your business particularly if you're a small business on how do you do that how do you get better results for time resources and money resources that you allocate well I've decided to share with you the core principles that you should definitely consider and that is this your facebook business page has to be presented absolutely professional for example yesterday I've changed the profile images on rank your profiles on internet most of them anyway so now changing the cover image can be very simple but there are dimensions further so if things are not aligned or not proportionally designed that it just doesn't look good on desktop devices or perhaps or mobile devices that people find using and as your profile image look professional there as well a sensor presentation is absolutely important now I don't know what type of business that you're promoting but I'll share with you the core concepts in 2017 we have test button is here as you can have a button there let's press on edit button now I am more than certain you're utilizing this but most small businesses make an honest mistake by saying okay you know what I want people to call as any right or I want people to sign up and then they just select one and leave it at them without testing the other ones such as Cornell may be ideal for you but you also have contact us whereby you can send your visitors to your facebook business page to your website contact form barracks so therefore make sure that you test different things and don't just leave it at one setting and dancing make sense test different ones to see what works better than the other in 2017 Facebook is really becoming powerful and also gives you more different options such as advertise your business create an offer get people to learn more about your services or business perhaps all that stuff right so that's all content that's to do with advertisement but let's press on a beer tab here especially if you're a small business owner what you want is you want to select a category that most fits your business model so all these things are very important first of all you have your story here make it short does it make it short it doesn't have to be huge but if you're a website and if Google rankings are important for you then perhaps you may just include your domain details within the description for a beer tab now why is that important what we're looking at here is Google's cached version of rank your profile and as you can see especially if your small business owner or local business owner right you want to rank your local keywords for example if that's the case if you can see content on other websites about your business then you want to start link in this example Google then can associate my knowledge graph using this detail that I was provided on Facebook profile or ranking under a bag tab you can give link to your privacy policy therefore that's an additional Google knowledge graph building on that stuff and let's take a look at what else I can show you that I believe it will help your business to be better promoted on Facebook and utilizing apps there are so many different apps that allows your Facebook profile to be more user friendly so to speak since rank your YouTube channel is very popular among small business community then why don't I include an app they make it easy for my facebook visitors to perhaps learn about ranking videos so I'm sure you'll be able to find many different Facebook apps that enhance your profile movies perhaps if you're focusing on reviews then that social proof make sense so if you're a small business owner local business owner yeah Google my business reviews are absolutely critical no doubt about that but you can also perhaps encourage people to review your own Facebook as well you can include videos photons the more content you put out is much better than no content services their exit tab they are by just pressing on that and you can add your service then in a short climb manner you can add your service right subscribe if you're building your email lists you have that option as well so at the end of the day what is absolutely very critical for you to grow your Facebook profile for your business is that you presented in absolutely professional manner knowing that different size images may not look right whereby you could easily utilize the the exact dimensions that Facebook makes available currently it is 851 pixels wide 315 pixels in height so therefore if that cover images in that dimensions and that's definitely going to look better on all devices and you need to be active on your Facebook publication such as your done styling it is done leave it for two three months and then think yourself on that are trying to grow my facebook business profile you need to be consistent when you're promoting your products and services on Facebook also most small business owners make enormous mistake and that is that you don't just necessarily give just links to your website to your products and your services only you can utilize many different content sharing for example accused images of animals they look right right and people like them so you want to build bit of momentum especially if you're a small business owner if you've got 10 likes compared to your following ranking insights whereby you can get 1000 likes for example that is very easy to do but you might think you know what I have my services I'm promoting that sharing links to my services but how am I going to get the likes well you get the lights by sharing you know cute animal photos always look right or if you think you know what none of my business cannot pull out or share here are cute small animal images if that's the case perhaps inspirational quotes motivational quotes they always get lots of likes on Facebook as well so it isn't like to be like that very easy but everything starts by you understanding how to take advantage of the features available to you just Facebook tests a lot of things there and the Facebook reckons that you know what if we were to give our customers an option to showcase their businesses through a button then you need to utilize make sense the call or Facebook business promotion starts with you taking a step back and saying you know what can I improve my profile because most people they neglect that make sure you don't neglect and I know I get carried away because there's so much that I can share with you but I believe the core concepts will definitely help your facebook business page to grow I thank you very much for learning with me if you benefit from this video session please do give it a like and share it and I'll talk with you in the next video session

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