Hitler. The name that often bring despise to the hearts of humans. They don’t like remembering anything about Hitler, yet they use Facebook everyday.

Is our beloved Facebook actually Hitler?


before watching this I recommend you get a heater because she is about to make your blood run called Facebook if we split the word Facebook what two words can we make yes you are correct face bow and okay okay rhymes with john baptiste pierre-antoine Monay Monay Monay was a painter Vincent van Gogh was also a painter van Gogh painted the starry night we'll wait a minute what does that resemble that is right and it wanna keep one is a reptiles so are crocodiles crocodiles what shape is found in a crocodile's mouth yes it is very clear a rectangle rectangles have four sides a square also has four sides four to the power of four is 256 two plus five plus six equals 1313 Friday the 13th is a movie Jason is the killer in Friday the 13th Jason wears a hockey mask but he is not even playing hockey and that seems suspicious I thought so it's almost as if he is trying to hide his true identity is Jason actually oh wait never mind that is not what I am trying to Putin JSON has five letters so does mark Z who is Mars II ask yes Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg helped create Facebook in 2004 2004 Sandee Rozzo its 2015 15 take 4 equals 1111 has two digits 11 times 2 equals 22 Mark Zuckerberg used to be 22 years old Hitler also used to be 22 years old Facebook equals Hitler confirmed

21 thoughts on “Facebook is Hitler!

  1. Balderdash is Hitler comfirmed: balderdash has 10 letters illuminati also has 10 letters, 10 + 10 =20 James Bond used to be 20, bond rhymes with bald, divide balderdash into bald and erdash, bald rhymes with mall, more than 200k people are in the mall each year, Hitler had more then 200k people in his command and he also killed more the 200k people including bald ones :0, balderdash is Hitler comfirmed.

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