Mark Zuckerberg interview and Facebook office keg stand.

all right we are here in San Francisco with an enormous statue of Christopher Columbus who as we all know discovered San Francisco in 1492 or his ships the Nina the San Jose and the Palo Alto to set the stage for a few hundred years later when thousands of other foreign information workers would come to Silicon Valley and begin making millions of dollars he was the first we're actually going to go down to Silicon Valley and not speak with the creator of Facebook today so let's get on that you saw just a little intro and the interview type of beer down not actually I'm gonna mention the beer hard at work I'm here in Palo Alto California chillin with Mark Zuckerberg of the for the uninitiated or those without a computer tell us you know simply what Facebook is and what does so I think Facebook is an online directory for colleges and then it's kind of interactive so if I look you up or get information about you I just go to the Facebook and type in your name and it brings me up like hopefully all the information I'd care to know about you or like a good amount of the information I'd want to know about you what is it that you think attracted users it's a lot of different individual communities so I mean when we originally got started at Harvard it was just me programming what was a Facebook really at that time for Harvard because they'd have anything like that so I realized that because I didn't have people's information like a school would and making a Facebook I needed to make it interesting enough so that people would want to use the site and want to like put their information out or else it wouldn't be useful for other people therefore would grow so launched at Harvard in early February of 2004 and within a couple of weeks two-thirds of the school that signed up so at that point my roommates were kind of like you know this is pretty cool like I thought this would work at other schools but we were all busy with classes and stuff so we kind of just wanted to make sure that it was going to work before gonna like any further with it so we launched it add three schools that also had some sort of online communities so those were Columbia Yale and Stanford so um launch of those three and within a couple of weeks each of those three schools also like had thousands of users who are like I this is pretty sweet like let's just go all out and see how many schools we can launch the SATA script as possible so we closed out the year with I think 29 schools came out to Palo Alto for the summer just hang out because Palo Alto is kind of this mythical place where you know all the startups come from government to launch in another 150 schools when the year started and like we'll go to parties on campus like wound up in someone's room like there's a Facebook window open that's pretty cool you know I mean work like one of my roommates was traveling around Europe a couple of weeks ago and he went to internet cafes and like London and Ireland and Italy and like when he went to Facebook just to check out whether it was like whether we're still working the way I was supposed to he'd go to like the login page and it would have like someone else's login they're saved from like the last time someone had been on it and I think like in London he was like two of the people in the internet cafe were on Facebook at the time I mean another thing we're attacking like it's sort of inspires like people to actually meet at public yeah like it's not just anomaly have you noticed stuff like that yeah I mean I think that the goal that we went into it with wasn't to make an online community but sort of like a mirror for the real community that existed in real life so like the Facebook for your school isn't somewhere where people actually go to meet but like where you go to see like who knows each other you know maybe like sort of a groundbreaker like icebreaker you know so that way you can find out something about people and see where you want to meet or maybe like you can like message them and it's just like a really informal way to like start a dialogue and what are you taking Facebook at this point you're going to expand to those other schools that you're not happening and I mean there doesn't necessarily have to be more you know I mean like a lot of people are focused on taking over the world they're doing like the biggest thing getting the most users and I mean I think like part of making a difference in doing something cool is focusing intensely there is a level of service that we can provide when we were just at Harvard that we can provide for all of the colleges and there's a level of service that we provide one where a college network that we wouldn't fail to provide if we went to other types of things so I mean like I really just want to see everyone focus on college and create like a really cool College directory product that just like is very relevant for students and like has a lot of like information that people care about when they're in college so I don't know what that is and it's not everything that's on the Facebook now

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  1. I guess Oxygen is less of a threat more of a concept…. It's the transition from rocks to gold to cash That threatens and terriffies society… Especially when dealing with something as intangible as the internet. I'm assuming to calm the nerves the advertising companies are able to lessen fear by showing how information can lead to a physical action "buying" and "selling". This completely restructures the bartering system when it comes to needs and wants…just like fight or flight. It's instinctual to have a physical present of being wanted. Which is why FASHION is a death eater… You have no limits on how much it will cost so in turn The Facebook is equivalent to Givenchy or Versace. Your ideas has no sole purpose but to please an audience but you refused to price it. It is all inclusive which threatens the capitalistic society. We need levels, degrees, a sense of "class". But if we refocus our society back to the industrialism era… meaning instead of mining the earth… educate and expand on technology in order to prevent crime, condition the mind that privacy needs to be more lenient due to convenience… you get my drift.

  2. So the facebook I mean its like a directory to connect like the college students who like uhm like to hang out so I mean it allows people to keep themselves like kinda updated with each other's life

  3. Now imagine if that Socialist A-Hole Bernie Sanders had been in office at the start up. There would be no Facebook because he'd find ways to limit it's growth. Go further back and there would be none of these… gulp.. "capitalists" .. like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet! This is why Bernie Sanders is a danger.. he is not only a fool but he is so seriously misguided.

  4. Nobody really records when they are at Harvard. I wonder why. I may be going to take a class this year. Also have a YouTube channel that is growing and would love to show my fans. Is it not permitted?

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