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Project Veritas has obtained and published documents and presentation materials from a former Facebook insider. This information describes how Facebook engineers plan and go about policing political speech. Screenshots from a Facebook workstation show the specific technical actions taken against political figures, as well as “[e]xisting strategies” taken to combat political speech.


and I was a Content review analyst for the intellectual property department at Facebook how you handled copyright and Trademark claims and in the course of doing my duties I noticed other things that were going on on accounts and that is why I came forward this is my story everyone is expected to be the same everyone's expected to not talk about these things openly in the orientation at Facebook they said the number one rule of Facebook is don't talk about Facebook I see an odd note on an account being a curious person I decide to look into it more things will only change if we the people are brave enough to step forward and do something bold they may be able to stop one man but they can't stop all of us be a catalyst for change wear a camera be brave do something this Facebook Insider contacted us some time ago and provided us with what she says our internal Facebook documents I saw things going on that I personally found to be troubling I knew that something had to be done about it and so I felt that the best thing to do was to inform the public because they had a right to know this is Danny Ben David a software engineer on his website Ben David writes I am now working at Facebook as a software engineer I'm part of the problem I know in the leaked documents our insider gave us we came across a back-end view of Mike Serna bitch's page on it we could see Ben David running an action called action D boost live distribution in fact Ben David wrote the code and may have invented the word D boost who is Danny Ben David from my understanding Danny Ben David is a software engineer at Facebook he did not work at the same location as me but I noticed that every time I would see this D boost live stream kind of code on there that his name was always next to it and what does it mean when these documents say action D boost live distribution what does the term D boost mean well I can't speak to what exactly the actions were when it says reduce live distribution I'm not a programmer right but I can read English just fine mm-hmm when I see reduce live distribution it means preventing the distribution of this live feed D boosting is a method of suppressing distribution this occurs because props such as share this video are disabled interactive notifications are also disabled and the live feed boost associated with a live streaming video on Facebook is removed the system converts the live video into text machine learning classifies or identifies certain words and bad words trigger D boosting action D boost appears after the word Sigma which project Veritas has learned is an artificial intelligence system to block potential suicide and self-harm posts the Sigma code was written in 2017 and shortly thereafter it seems D boost went political and where did you see this D boost language when you were present in the Facebook facility where did you see this appear on whose pages I would see it appear on several different conservative pages I first noticed it with an account that I can't remember but I remember once I started looking at it I also saw it on Mike's erna bitch's page so on on Steven Crowder's page as well as the daily callers page we spoke to Steven Crowder about this and he was disappointed but not surprised he told us that this is not the first time Facebook has targeted him after an April 2016 Gizmodo article Crowder's live stream was d throttled he settled with Facebook out-of-court so when things are taken down and like actually permanently deleted from Facebook the user will typically get a notification the user can respond to those notifications and there are humans that actually read that however with these D Boost livestream things there was no warning sent to the user these were actions that were being taken without the users knowing did any of this show up on this the task version of the Facebook back-end did it show up and there anywhere there no no tasks were created when these livestream D boosts would occur the story of using certain keywords to demote or down rank certain content is not unfamiliar we expose similar activities at Twitter during our investigation of them last year well senator our goal is certainly not to engage in political speech in April 2018 CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by the Senate over these very notions but with no actual proof overall I want to make sure that we provide people with the most voice possible I want the widest possible expression and I don't want anyone at our company to make any decisions based on the the political ideology of the content what Zuckerberg says in front of the Senate is completely different than what is actually happening according to the insider do you think that Mark Zuckerberg knows about this activity now I definitely I do not know what Mark Zuckerberg does or does not know however what I can say is that at some point he does need to know what's going on with the company has Facebook ever admitted publicly that they've done this to your knowledge not to my knowledge no okay did you check pages of people who are not conservative to see what it said yes at first I was wondering whether this is something that I had you know a couple working theories I was like maybe this is an independent versus mainstream thing may be independent figures on the Left are experiencing the same kind of D boosting but I didn't see that I looked at the Young Turks page I looked at Colin Kaepernick's page none of them had received the same D boost comment on their account is this your name right there Danny Ben David I action D Boosh live distribution we'd like to talk to you about why this code shows up on all of these pages and I can I can give these to you [Applause] yeah any any other comment here James O'Keefe I'm James O'Keefe yes okay well not much luck in talking to mr. ben david this is Seiji Yamamoto a data science manager for Facebook since 2015 Yamamoto has had some significant duties he has worked on informed sharing ranking demotion and the newsfeed reduction strategy on Facebook's private workplace Yamamoto makes it clear that he is on a crusade against hate speech however his definition of hate speech is troubling quote hate speech needs to be stopped but there's quite a bit of content near the perimeter of hate speech that we need to address as well unquote what does he mean by perimeter of hate speech things that aren't actually hate speech but that might offend somebody mm-hmm you know anything that is perceived as hateful even though no court would define it as hate speech so there was another document as I was kind of researching through the workplace function of Facebook which is the internal Facebook as you will I found I came across a document called coordinated trolling on Facebook and it was this troll report where they wanted to test the problem of trolls on the platform and what they could do to combat it Seiji Yamamoto and Eduardo a Reno de la rubia are the authors of that troll report and so I was looking through this document and it was clearly kind of designed at the aim to be the right wing mean culture that's become extremely prevalent in the past few years and some of the words that appeared on there were using words like sjw you know no person on the Left talks about sjw's that's what people on the right say the MSM for the mainstream media once again the New York Times doesn't talk about the MSM the in dependent conservative outlets are using that language in Yamamoto stroll presentation deck he writes that they have a classifier that predicts if the user is a troll the term troll refers to an Internet troublemaker listing flagged words such as cuck Rhee Normie lulz and even MSM or mainstream media and others to identify trolls it's clear that Facebook is targeting the language of the right and using it to actively suppress their content the perimeter of hate speech indeed the Yamamoto glossary is clearly aunt right there shifting the goalpost you know it's one thing if you're dropping the n-word or you know things like that using some kind of homophobic or racial slur by all means you know that's something that a platform should not want on it but now you're moving it to things like jokes that conservatives tend to make and and this like I said it's based largely around this mean culture so now you're saying what jokes you are and aren't allowed to make what kind of edgy comment as long as it's not blatantly hateful I don't see where Facebook has the right to be the arbiter what exactly do the engineers at Facebook define trolling and hate speech as in one slide from yamamoto's deck he writes trolls are involved in many destructive behaviors on Facebook yamamoto then lists one example writing read pilling normies to convert them to their worldview with a link to a YouTube video by Lauren Chen called why social justice is cancer in this video I would like to talk about why social justice as an ideology is so very toxic this is Facebook's definition of destructive behavior this constitutes as hate speech and trolling Yamamoto goes on to describe other methods of combating hate speech he writes introducing friction via the troll twilight zone will confuse and demoralize them on his next slide he defines the troll Twilight Zone saying it will enact quote drastically limited bandwidth Auto log outs and comments and posts will magically fail to upload unquote just below this Yamamoto right to this troll Twilight Zone feature will be triggered quote leading up to important elections unquote do you think they're trying to influence elections absolutely I do think even if that's not their stated intent I think like many people they believe that the 2016 election of Donald Trump was a fluke it was something that shouldn't have happened it happened because all these trolls were sharing you know anti-hillary memes and meme culture in their opinion is what won Donald Trump the presidency and so it's in their interest as a very homogeneous company to kind of shut this down another tactic that Yamamoto described sounds like outright bullying quote when a user does something egregious warranting an account suspension or deletion we should notify the friend network fear of being outed as a miscreant is what regulates behavior in real life and we should reintroduce that to the online world unquote it appears that Facebook is muzzling users to peer pressure them into changing their political ideology when project Veritas showed tactic 2 from the trow report to another Facebook Insider The Insider thought this was particularly egregious some people in facebook might say that this is trolling docking is trolling documents were just wishful thinking that they were a an intended plan that was never implemented what's your response to people who say that well it's very possible and even likely that not every measure has been implemented there were measures in that document that I did see implement like look like which ones for instance they talked about assigning a troll score to accounts so Facebook has what's called the fake account index where they assign a score which helps them to determine whether the account is a real person or a you know just a dummy spam account and so rightfully so they want to delete those accounts that's okay they created the troll score so they could help identify using parameters such as words that they would post pictures if they were friends with other trolls and then using that determine whether this person should be on the platform or not so why is this troll score a bad thing it's a bad thing because there's no accountability and especially when they're using machine learning to do this whenever in individual actions in account there is a process where at least you can send a message to Facebook most the time it falls on deaf ears however this is all being done without the users knowledge there's no recourse for them and it's being done without you know on public figures like Mike's renovage even Crowder we asked Yamamoto about The Insider actually seeing a troll score under the fake account index and CRT Facebook's back-end content review tool actually graded this report did you not yamamoto issued a no comment comment and fled the scene I think the biggest thing is that getting the documents getting video or you know still pictures of what was going on that shows that it actually is happening this isn't rumors you know they talked about how right-wingers just they come up with all these crazy theories and that's not actually happening at these social media companies they poopoo it but here it is and it's in your face after leaving her employment at Facebook the insider came to work for Project Veritas so two days after the Twitter story had launched I came to work just like I normally would and my manager says we need to talk to you and not thinking it was a big deal I go and I set down my bag and I go to a conference room and they told me that I was being terminated did they give you a reason no I was never given a reason I I asked them I said can I ask why I'm being terminated and they told me we don't know did you find anything about the timing of this suspicious oh absolutely what was suspicious about it what was suspicious was that it was two days after Project Veritas for at least their Twitter videos and and why would that be an interesting connection because at that point the company knew that Project Veritas wanted to investigate the issue of censorship and big tech and how would they know that you had anything to do with this if they did know I think it's because you and I had had some contact okay and at the time that that your termination with Facebook occurred were you a full-time employee with with Project Veritas no I was not employed in any way shape or form with Project Veritas though my father asked me well was it worth it mm-hmm was it yes and I told him there was not even a moment of hesitation because I knew what I had Sene and the fact that it was so egregious that they wouldn't even tell me why I was being terminated just reconfirmed that this is something they were trying to keep in the shadows that they did not want the public to know and yet that the public has a right to know now Project Veritas has learned that his latest last week on this workplace back-end a Facebook there were executives and officials talking about the need to not reward divisive content we're not sure what divisive means but also saying that we need to promote publishers which are aligned with the mission of Facebook promote publishers who promote content which is aligned with the mission of Facebook but as long as there is a conflict and the values of Facebook as it relates to the First Amendment and being a public Town Square as long as that exists and as long as there are human beings and rooms which make determinations there are always going to be the types of abuses that this insider talks about now as it relates to this insider she says she made enormous sacrifice she said it was worth it we need people like her we need people to follow her example to step up be brave do something and wear a camera its enormous ly inspiring what she did and I hope many other people following her footsteps we need you to come forward we need you to wear a camera reporting from Menlo Park California outside of Facebook headquarters this is James O'Keefe with project Veritas [Applause]

36 thoughts on “Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains "Deboosting" "Troll Report" & Political Targeting in Interview

  1. The thing is, however, a great deal of the flagged phrases are almost exclusively used within the context of hate speech and trolling. . .unfortunately, however, I don't think everybody using those terms necessarily understand the implications of what they're saying, and that they are offensive to so many – education is really important here. Trolling behavior, however, is understood by those who engage in it – you might as well call out "libtard" as being improperly banned, when it is a hateful, trolling label that does nothing to further discourse (if there is any equivalent on the other side of the fence, I am unaware, but think banning or "deboosting" it would also help raise the level of discussion, and I favor it – this isn't a factor of sides, it's a factor of intelligent, respectful dialog).

  2.….we have more power than we know and big tech is stepping out of line by sensoring and meddling with free speech. Stop being a blind sheep and choose your social media wisely. Fb and twitter exist by the grace of its users. So stop using.

  3. The only issue is that this will serve to lead people closer to Trump than truth. Or Shapiro (Zionist). They’ve fooled mostly everybody again. Just by using some actual truth, they’ve lulled us back into our original programming of always believing that just maybe “This new guy is different!” People need to realize that there’s no one that they will allow that far, without being co-opted one way or another. By coercion or consent.

  4. "Hate Speech!"? Yeah, we hate crimes and the criminals who commit them. Without such perpetual anger, nobody would care enough to deter future crimes by accusing criminals of their crimes. Making "hate" into an illegal crime only makes it illegal to hate crimes!

  5. The word "algorithm" means "plan!" i.e: "If and when X happens, turn at the first right, go 50 feet, then turn left" is an "algorithm."

    So "If and when these Conservative words are detected, initiate the shadow-ban program and demonetize the video" is one, too.

  6. If somebody from US is reading this: when you wear a camera and secretly record an interview, is that an evidence that can be used in court trials? Because in my country (Slovakia) such evidence is dismissed, because you have to have the other person's approval for recording.

  7. You can't fix this unless you fix the system. If you create positions of power and influence people who want these traits will fill those positions and those personalities are typically very selfish. The only solution is to make holding positions of power and influence so arduous that only a person of strong good will would sacrifice their life to do the job. Making politicians work for free and eliminating special interests, lobbyists and other private influences would make a good start in solving this problem IMO.

  8. With freedom of speech I have the right to be hateful, disrespectful, offensive. Not that I want to be. Or others should be. But I have that right. I can't say things to call action of harm to others. (Without consequence)

  9. THANQ Project Veritas & even more Thanx to another COURAGEOUS PATRIOT willing to speak out to tell the TRUTH about what is really happening & the AGENDA of these SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS!

  10. Gaming the system (also gaming or bending the rules, or rigging, abusing, cheating, milking, playing, cheating the system, or working the system) can be defined as using the rules and procedures meant to protect a system to, instead, manipulate the system for a desired outcome.

  11. Facebook me bloque ma boutique ! j'ouvre une boutique moi je voie mais produits ! mais mes amies et les autre personne ne voie aucun produit dans la boutique ……

  12. Yamamoto believes that Trump is POTUS b/c of social media…wow. Sorry "Yam" but thats ALL decided by Someone else: Romans 13:1b  "For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God" Romans 11:8 "…as it is written: “God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that could not see, and ears that could not hear, to this very day”  Be prepared ppl; the next time we get a dem for a POTUS it could be our last POTUS. Read Romans 1:18-32…its America like Rome before.

  13. At the moent I know of an "Cathalist for Change" that is slowely being poisoned in an English high security prison, after he hid away in a small Embassy room for many years! I know of a lot of "Catahalists for Change" who rot away in German prisons for years, and some longer then ten years, I know of at least one who will die there soon, I know of a German "Cathalist for Change" who got imprisoned for a picture on his Blog that did not even show what the judge chose to see in it. He said: "But one COULD see that". This "Cathalist" was ill at the time of his incarceration but he could still be alive today. Instead he died in prison. Its not a game anymore, Boys and Girls…,

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