Insights is a demographic and statistical analysis system Facebook provides for Business Page Admins.

now one of the nice things about having a Facebook page is what they call it insights and that's basically statistics about the members of your page so this is a page that I am managing here so the thing is once you have your page up and running and after a few days and some engagement on your page you're going to have this little insights box down here lion says inside sir visible the page admins only so I'm going to give you a sneak peek you click on see all that will take you in here so I've had 16 interactions this week seven people have liked things I've put on here there's been 7 comments and 5 wall posts so this top half is just things going on this week if I scroll down though this is over time so we can see here like my total fans is what we're looking at here so we see this nice little blue line it's been going up going up right here is where I increased my ad budget and you can see it went right up after that so the more you spend the more people you get engaged it's kind of unfortunate but um it's a very quick easy fix so get some fairly good demographic information we can see has of the 27th I have 550 fans up 22 people since the day before I'm not sure how many have on here right now so 71 percent male twenty-eight percent female the largest age range is somewhere between 25 44 not a big shock on there see the most popular country is represented most cities and languages represented on here most so these are all good types of things for market research and you can take a look and see if you're reaching the people you want to maybe there's a way you can better serve certain people you know my voice obviously is a male voice on this perspective but almost a third of the people engaging or female so maybe I should bring on a female staff member to help me generate some content each one of these has a little graph so you can go through here and see all kinds of different information so that's one of the other critical benefits of a business page as to a personal profile you don't get this kind of information on that personal profile so that is these of insights and your business page

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