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in spite of our complete silence ever since we showed off the first prototype of what will be the systems in the LMG Land gaming Center we have been hard at work in the background on the ultimate employee lounge and it is going to be freaking awesome key word being going to be first we have a lot of repetitive ass work to do wiring up this place for electricity and networking but there's a plus side I brought back Brian to help hey guys remember the guy from the lake a local electric car charger video with all the good jokes which grabs your line they are actually slightly shorter but not in a way that matters it's not as thick either – well they were jokes anyway they were something like this you know what's no joke though our sponsor for this video origin PC builds custom desktops and high-performance laptops with free lifetime 24/7 tech support and they only use high end components like Samsung's 970 Evo Pro m2 SSD visit Origin PC today at the link below for a special promo okay so um why don't we do a haul video here sure like is that is that a thing that they do in the electrician business so this here is our bit oh no I gotta hold it this is our big old pool of electrical wiring what's this cult it's 14 three loom X 14 3 loom X is that like the good it's the adequate it's what you use for wood frame it's what you use for wood frame get come on in closer pellet come on check check this check this stuff out long story short hour so you told them cat6a right yes because all of our gaming systems are gonna be 10 gig because we can and brian says he specifically told the supplier cat6a and they delivered cat 5e we called them were like hey yo we need cat 6a they're like yo we don't have any of that good luck and we called a few other places nobody has it really like it's crazy well I remember to back when we ordered this spool yeah we had to get it from the states we had to special-order it but the good news is even though we didn't get the right wiring we found this spool of cat6a so it's a nightmare to work with but that's okay because we're terminating into Keystone jacks this time so it should be a complete non-issue and I found all the old runs from the old office that we used to have up in carabiners screwed into the ceiling running from like the bottom floor up to the top floor finally speaker wire so we're gonna wire the whole place up for sound not necessarily really knowing exactly what we're gonna install and when we would do it oh yeah right workflow stuff electrical boxes these are a couple links for the conduit yeah and then these are snap in connectors bunch of light switches and whatnot a bunch of terminations for our networking plugs plugs and then we got this what is this that is just a really big junction box will run a conduit or two out of the panel yeah we'll run the conduit to this box yeah up on the wall and then from here we'll break out to all the plugs and the lighting in the room okay so basically the deal today I'm you're like totally untrained apprentice I'm your assistant so whatever it is that we're gonna do I'm gonna do some of it too sure so why don't we start with mounting boxes sure I noticed you brought a lot of drills you know we have drills here yes but I like using my drills right but you can't use for drills well they all have a different purpose this is quarterly so there's no batteries to kill for one this is a regular drill yeah and then the other two are impacts okay this is compensating so why don't we grab that giant box of goodies okay that's my job right I got it sure okay I'm gonna put it over here following instructions sir yes sir how about I move the ladder is that an apprentice job sir the ladder has been relocated sir right so what do I need from this box to a game box you're getting box single game box single game box yeah these holes are gangs then essentially also how many devices you can not it yep then we just need screws is this kind of like PC building where you just don't bother with all eight of them they're like yeah if you used a leap that is hugely overkill so this is kind of eyeballed anyway hey yeah battery battery brings all the drills brings no batteries so basically Brian's the kind of guy that's got the tool but none of the stamina no no I just have a day job that I use those oh yeah you heard me Brian okay that seems solid enough I'm out to the box oh no we need a data ring oh wow it comes with screws already in it they should all be like this that's amazing if it are they Robertson or Phillips lil Philips nah buddy of course Wow okay cool so that's done what now now we drill holes and pull wire that sounds really fun I don't know if I should trust you with this but yeah where do I put the hole so we're gonna need one over here and one over here and then same bar back there yes yes same up there all the way up to the top right you good otherwise look ah my eyes I'll be back this is a really dull drill bit Brian oh wow that's really okay I drilled one hole Wow okay I will need the tallest ladder because I have the verdict legs look you don't get to tease me about it when I'm already owning it that's the rules oh I'm fine you think we don't have a lot of things to work with yeah thank you yeah who's the assistant now but this bit is zero out of ten better I actually wonder if we have sharper Spade bits how's 5/8 cent fine okay now now we pull wire pull where tell ya these are gonna come across yeah and get stapled but you see there's blocking so we have to go up off the blocking mm-hmm oh you haven't showed your innovative little spool holder here brilliant what well I mean it works I don't think you're supposed to stand on that one so then I just go over this do dog yeah and pull enough that it doesn't fall yeah as expected this is truly very tedious yeah I'm having fun so far though that's good I'm electrician Eve it's like a dull ting but with electricity and you want to leave a fair bit in the box yeah like how much like that yep that's fine and no we staple okay this looks more like a staple remover than a stapler you're just gonna whack it with it aren't you yeah that's stupid why don't you use a hammer for that because I can do many things yeah the thing is that not everyone's arms are that big I'm pretty sure your forearms are bigger than my biceps and then you want a staple what like every three or four feet or like shut up shut up so there's a little bit of wiggle and that's okay yeah I could really use a hammer well now that it's stapled all the way up you need to staple it all the way across all right I'm getting a hammer I figured out why you gave me pliers you don't have a hammer what kind of man doesn't have a hammer in his toolkit I'm pretty sure they take the way your man card if you don't have a hammer how's that hammer working for you like this better than the pliers would be on so much so then what I just need to put some pulls here here here in here in here yeah we're actually gonna need a few holes through that top plate so I should just put like a bunch of holes in it yeah pretty much oh that's less good oh yeah okay I need to cover that I blame Jake for those wondering this is where six workstations one cpu ended up it's folding right now but we're gonna have to put that on pause aren't you not supposed to do that Linus do I reach way off a ladder what's more dangerous okay so is that fine yes you hesitated okay so what do I do now you could drag cat6 over for that data jack oh my god shouldn't I have done that at the same time yes or no because it still needs to all be stapled separately right but all the latter movements I suggested pulling it earlier Oh Brian you're supposed to save me from myself here so let's see if this is gonna work here sir is there anything else I could be doing while I move this ladder here like Jake has marked X's on the floor lower all the boxes go okay how do I mount a octagon box enter the Octagon same way that we want the other box is this an octagon box yes it is that's because this is clearly a circle with two flattened sides I got this don't worry about it I'm not gonna fall oh and that's why you don't leave things on the top of the ladder speaking of dropping there's also a certain expected minimum level of common sense as well is there is there on the jobsite brian is there I didn't do the Octagon box I didn't do the optical I'll do a LAN stapling believe it are there any particular rules with respect to staples for data keep the distance about the same for neatness more than anything the only real major things are you can't run it through the same hole as a power lead because they're differing voltages okay and the other thing too being data yeah you don't want AC power anywhere near it yeah you get interference makes sense that's why we're running down separate studs for these I guess so I've got two Ethernet runs done now one for the access point that's gonna be up in the ceiling so it is starting to come together key word being starting because there is a lot of work to do still you're in Canada this is the bond it's either bare or it's green there's actually a screw at the back of the enclosure so we can take that wrap it around that screw snug it down and now this is bonded oh so all the Europeans were concerns that we just don't care about safety basic that nothing was earth yeah yeah we are in Canada we have lots of Earth probably more than you unless you're in Russia do you want to actually install the plug let's find out if I know how to do this so there's your strippers yeah rivers are on the floor I didn't know you were bringing strippers to this whole party here so I should probably hold on I know and I'm gonna do the I'm gonna do the find tell me I make a point of not using the quick-connect fine I'll use the other one the reason being I've actually seen those connections melted and the insulation on the wire melted a ways back all right so we're gonna do our green one yeah so that's our earth wire bond yeah Wow I suck at this how I poked myself who knew installing a plug would be so painful well one outlet done what about the cover plate we'll do that later see this is teenagers today they come in to like help and literally sit on the floor and also rather than clear eight things off of a chair they sit on the floor how do these power these people gonna find employment all right let's terminate some ethernet I've only done this once other than that every single other time I've terminated to a jack for these though yes you don't have to remember it's right on there that's a cool stripper so I'm check this out we've got this like Gigantor separator on the inside and how much damn distance with terminations yeah for the specification you're actually only supposed to have about a half inch of wire untwisted total really yes that's it that's it okay I did not know that it was so little so you literally want to keep these nested pairs right the whole damage exactly so I just hold it there just kind of Bend and untwist it to that point yeah then it's twisted literally right to where you're gonna punch it down beauty so that's it this is terminated and then okay there's a little doodad that goes on and that's it beautiful right now just imagine the entire place with all of the wiring them so we fast forward it a little bit and a lot has actually changed so Brian has finished up the vast majority of the wiring now including electrical ethernet speaker wiring so we could go surround sound in here in the future if we wanted to see and we've actually got some painting done so the rafters are now black that's a black stain it's gonna look homey it's gonna look cozy all that's left now is to make sure that any of this actually works so we need a patch cord conveniently there's one on the floor sitting right there yeah that'll do it wait are we gonna need another switch well boss hook up are these labeled labeled one is the arcade to I think is the counter three is the far corner well why don't we go try and we still have some left that one is damaged halfway through Oh oh wow that's very damaged look at that okay do you want to go try number four and then I'm gonna go double-check in the server room that we actually are plugged into this well try swapping it back to war you're into four oh let's see some internet browsing there it is oh I'm not allowed to watch that video no okay but let's make sure power works so four is the TV yeah so 5 will be the wireless access point got it so if you hear the beeping the plugs over there or uh no oh oh nice so that's it we've got power we've got Ethernet and we've got well the conclusion of this video fresh books is the small business accounting software that's custom-built for how you want to work so whether you're a small business owner or a freelancer it's a simple way to be more productive more organized and perhaps most importantly to get paid faster you can create and send professional-looking invoices in less than 30 seconds you can set up online payments with just a couple of clicks to get paid up to four days faster and they've even got a feature that shows when your client has seen your invoice to put an end to the back and forth oh did you did you send it sorry i sorry I didn't haven't paid it yet I didn't actually get that email whatever no no not with freshbooks also you can take the entire experience with you on the go with their fully featured apps for both Android and iOS so for an unrestricted 30-day free trial go to freshbooks comm slash tech tips we're gonna have that linked below and enter Linus tech tips and how did you hear about us section so thank you guys for watching if you dislike this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed or maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link in the video description yes my friends you can get your very own Brian on for just $9.99 no ok a little more than that a little more than that all I'm worth – also linked in the video description is our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should totally join hey I didn't say if it was 999 dollars or hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars yeah you're projecting you're projecting your insecurities Brian and I simply won't have it you're an upstanding gentleman worth $9.99 could be rubies

22 thoughts on “Electrical Wiring for the Gaming Center – What could go wrong?

  1. The reason you dont run data and power in the same place is that if there's a short between the two and the data is plugged into a landline phone, the phone will ring as normal but blow 110/240 volts at 10 amps through your ear if you answer it. And of course it will blow up most other equipment connected to it, but back when the rules were written the big one was the old phones.

  2. Jake was doing what I did one time in Industrial Technology. Except I couldn't find a chair cause my class has more than what the teacher has for chairs, or we just found a way to use all of his chairs. I didn't care about saw dust because we were not in the machine room. But I still found a way to get a shit ton of dust on my binder.

  3. As an electrician this was rather funny. Also i hope thats a new building cause that looks awfully a lot like black asbestos insulation. For any electricians watching Be nice and tape your plugs for the next guy

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