VOD of DAMWON Gaming vs. SANDBOX Gaming (Game 3)
LCK Summer Split 2019 #LCK

DAMWON Gaming Lineup:
Nuguri – Top Camille
Canyon – Jungle Sylas
ShowMaker – Mid Akali
Nuclear – Bot Kai’Sa
BeryL – Support Rakan

SANDBOX Gaming Lineup:
Summit – Top Renekton
OnFleek – Jungle Sejuani
Dove – Mid Karma
Ghost – Bot Ezreal
Joker – Support Braum

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One thought on “DWG vs SB – Week 7 Game 3 | LCK Summer Split | DAMWON Gaming vs. SANDBOX Gaming (2019)

  1. Damn, them talking about Hide n' GO Seek really hit me with the nostalgia feels. It's sad to think that kids would rather play ForkKnife (intentional) rather than play outside like normal kids.

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