Will Sony make a DualShock PlayStation Classic? A PS Classic with better games, analog thumbsticks, and memory cards?!
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47 thoughts on “DUALSHOCK PlayStation Classic and Memory Cards?? | Game Dave

  1. Personally, I love the original PlayStation better than any console. I grew up with this stuff. At first I get it that everyone hated the line up of games, but now there are ways to get more for this. I’ve watched a lot of these videos before I bought it. (Which I waited for the true blue mini thank the lord) But everyone is complaining about frame rate and graphics and the controller, but it’s a CLASSIC. It feels just like it did back when the original was hip. That’s the point of it right? Nostalgia? Not to update it to the shit that comes out these days? I just gotta say, give it a chance, yeah I hated the lineup, but now there’s a way to get all the games you love. I love ps, just give it a chance.

  2. Hey I'm from the future. These things are amazing. I can play any of my games on it with double the standard resolution and a steady frame rate by adjusting the stock emulator settings and booting from a micro sd card. I paid $40 for it brand new and it's everything I've always wanted. Sucks to be you guys.

  3. Sony could have swapped Rainbow Six and Persona for Wipeout and ESPN Extreme Games. I would have liked to see Crash bandicoot instead of Abe's O. Abe's is good but Crash is better in my opinion.

  4. well.. the memory card expansion pack idea i did think about due to the fact on the back of the playstation classic there is a replica of the expansion port from the original.

  5. I just saw your other video do your f**** pissed off at it they didn't have a DualShock controller you can get it if you really want to go that route and they're all pet they're all pal games so in that case just download the PlayStation classics either from the PS3 of the PlayStation Now

  6. My classic list:
    Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strike's Back
    Spyro the Dragon
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
    Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
    Quake II
    Ninja: Shadow of Darkness
    Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
    Ape Escape
    Dino Crisis
    Disney's/Pixar: Hercules
    Gran Turismo
    Kingsley's Adventure
    Guardian's Crusade

  7. No point planning anything Sony if that's the shit you come up with for a classic console don't bother doing anything else. Most people have cancelled their orders for the classic because we all know Sony just didn't care about the product and it shows.

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