Tom Vasel takes a look at Dark Souls: The Board Game, a cooperative dice driven combat game set in the Dark Souls mythos!

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22 thoughts on “Dark Souls: The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel

  1. Every time Tom pointed out something in this game he didn’t like, my smile got just a liiiiiittle bigger. He calls them “complaints”. I call them “selling points”.

    Darks Souls isn’t a game you play to win. It’s a game you play to lose. Over. And over. And over. And over. And over…

  2. Difficulty should be the chance to win against overwhelming odds, not the requirement to lose repeatedly until the game has spared you enough of its mercy to proceed. And any game that lasts more than 2.5 hours – 3 hours, gives me nightmares. Good review.

  3. Appropriate what you said and how you went through the game play. The cons were lengthy at the end, so how would you 'house rule' this to be more playable in your eyes? I may have similar issues (I just bought it) so anyone's input will be considered, and appropriated.

  4. Dark Souls is my favorite video game of all time. The board game is a terrible, grindy, luck-based, repetitive, boring, poorly balanced, mess of a board game. It does not represent Dark Souls to me. Dark Souls asks you to make hard choices and live with it; the board game asks you to get on your knees and beg the giant item deck to give you cards you can actually use because – unlike the video game – you are locked into your class and cannot change.

  5. I have finished all the adventures except one in Dungeons and dragons: Castle ravenloft. I love that game so much. Will I have the same fun from this game? What really made me scared to buy it is the grinding part. Because I am a big hater of grinding. Even in video games. Please give me a suggestion wheather the game can be appealing for me or not.

  6. I'm a huge fan of the video game but man oh man this game's rules are atrocious. The loot/reward system and leveling totally kills this game for me, it just doesn't work. The rulebook is awfull. The campaign system is also really disapointing and lackluster. we tried using alternative rules on forums and still … the game has serious design flaws. Nobody at our table liked the game and we all thought it was a boring grindfest. Only positive would be that the minis are nice. This game does not give you the Dark souls feel aside from aesthetic. DS is all about precision and skills while this game is randomness and bad rules. The Dark Souls iP deserve a better boardgame than this.

  7. I’m a big fan of Souls game and of boardgames also, so it’s just natural that this one would pull my attention. I have watched just one playthrough of this game and the feeling that stayed with me is that it could be very fun with some minor rules adjustments. Some rules don’t make much sense, even in comparison with the video-game. For example, when you die you come back to the bonfire, which is aligned with the video-game’s concept, ok. (Though I have my reserves about every player restarting along with the dead one, but let’s skip this for the while). The problem here is that if you killed an enemy before being killed, you gain zero souls for it. You only get a fixed number of souls after defeating all enemies in the room. I think the game could emulate better the original concept by giving souls for each enemy killed, even if you have to get those souls back at the place of your death. Perhaps this way the grinding wouldn’t feel so unappealing.

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