So if you can’t tell by the intro, this is a follow up to the last video. I have a million feelings about this video and with my life in general considering what’s been going on, but at the very least, trying to put a little more good out in the world made me feel a bit better.

Anyways as always, I hope you enjoy the story as well as the computer.

Part list below for anyone interested in recreating this PC:

i7 4770K CPU:

Corsair H60 Cooler:

Corsair Dominator 1600 MHz 2x4GB (8GB) DDR3 RAM:

ASUS Maximus VI Extreme Motherboard:

Asus Strix 1070 Graphics Card:

NZXT H500i Case:

EVGA 1200w 80+ Platinum PSU:

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so last time I was on the Facebook marketplace looking for something to flip when I came across this entire gaming setup I checked the price and saw that it was only going for $450 so I jumped on that immediately because I knew I could instantly resell this thing and make a little bit of extra money it wasn't until I got there that I realized this was not a regular purchase I don't know a lot of that ecology it belonged in my adult son mm-hmm and he passed away last year he was 30 so after loading everything into my car and driving home I went through all of the hard drives seeing if I could find anything that the dad might have wanted and then appraised everything for its total value so now sitting here looking at all of this if I were to try and sell it right now I believe I could get around $700 and normally that's what I would do because flipping is how I make a little extra side money however this computer is truly one of a kind and is hands-down the nicest computer I have ever purchased secondhand and lastly the story behind this computer unfortunately hits a little bit too close to home for me I don't want to get too into that but that is a big reason why I'm gonna do what you were about to see I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should do with this computer I tried my best putting myself in the shoes of the original owner of this computer and after sitting with it for a few days I came to the conclusion that he would probably want what any other PC builder enthusiast of his caliber would have wanted with a five-year old system and that is an upgrade so I have a few of my favorite components here to the side that we are going to be using to make this thing a little bit nicer so without further ado let's get started okay please please please please please please please work oh thank god alright so as you guys can tell the computer looks a lot different now so let's talk about the upgrades we made as for the case we swapped from the cooler master trooper to an NZXT H 500 I and we did that for a couple reasons number one the H 500 and H seven hundred cases from NZXT are my favourite cases of 2018 and I wanted to incorporate a piece of myself into this setup number two when I opened up the original computer I saw that there was a very obvious black and red color scheme that was attempted but wasn't able to be seen from the outside because there is no glass panel on the cooler master trooper I wanted to keep the original owners color scheme so by going with the H 500 I not only could we get a clean black on the outside but now we can show all of the red accented parts that he chose originally on the inside plus with the RGB lights that come already built into an H 500 i case we can now push those Reds even farther and the build looks absolutely stunning for the graphics card we upgraded the gtx 770 to an asus strix 1070 I specifically went for the 1070 as a way of commemorating the original decision to go for the 770 since both cards have the specific 70 iteration the 1070 also has RGB lights which I turned red to help keep consistent with the black and red color scheme now we went through a pretty quick time-lapse for the build so you guys probably didn't notice a lot of the challenges that came while rebuilding this thing the biggest challenge out of all of them was actually the dust this was by far the dirtiest system that I had ever worked inside and I actually had to wear a mask at one point because of how much I was coughing and sneezing it was a little overwhelming and there's not much you can do about that and it should be expected considering the computer had been sitting around for so long the other big challenge was the CPU cooler now originally this computer had a corsair h 100 all-in-one liquid cooler inside its system and it's a great cooler but unfortunately niño typically has a lifespan of two to three years and this one was very clearly showing signs of age because when i did turn it on in the original build it was showing an idol temperature of 48 degrees Celsius which is about 1015 degrees higher than where you want to see your CPU at if you're not doing anything on the system I planned on replacing it with an RGB air cooler which I had specifically picked out but for whatever reason even though it said that it was compatible with the CPU socket size in the system the fitting would just never ever screw in I tried for an hour to see if I was doing something wrong but eventually I got so frustrated I gave up and just chose to find another CPU cooler which I have lying around only to find out that even though that one was also compatible it wouldn't fit so my advice to anyone upgrading an older system don't expect newer air coolers to work with older hardware even if the compatibility says it will despite all that I was still able to solve the problem and use an h-60 by Corsair which I had lying around which I had only used for four months it ended up being a great decision because now the idle temperatures are at thirty degrees Celsius as opposed to 40 so now that we're done building this thing let's see if we can find someone who wants to buy it all right so about three hours have passed since I finished building the computer I posted it and someone is already ready to buy as you can see here on the desk there's nothing back here I've loaded it all into the trunk of my car and we're gonna head over now and see if we can't surprise this guy with a local Christmas present are you guys spying the computer yeah awesome Chris nice to meet you Steve Johnson Johnson nice to meet you what kind of games you guys play dota pochi regulations that's my favorite one the processor is an old clip is an older one but it's still very strong so it's a 4770k which the K means you can overclock it into music I don't know if you guys do video editing or Photoshop or any kind of content creation but if you do start to get in that stuff then maybe you want to think about overclocking for that yeah Oh God we only have love to yeah get off the laptop yeah see one two three four six all right so I got a question you guys you guys are going to be using the computer right and I get the rest of the stuff so it's gonna be like your twos computer yeah okay so I just I just asked you to make me a promise this was a very important computer it was special and I put a lot of work and time into it you guys promise you can take care of it oh yeah all right so I'll make you a deal it's Christmas you guys really cool oh thank you no yeah take a hundred off yeah just you know promise me to take care of it because it's it's important computer I appreciate and no worries hey thank you guys appreciate it later boys all right so we just sold the computer and honestly I could not be happier with the people I ended up selling it to originally I was worried about selling this thing because I was concerned that the person who would end up getting it wouldn't be the right fit if that makes sense but the two Filipino dudes that I just met up with I don't know you could just you could tell they were good people and one of them even just moved here he told me he sold all of his stuff just to afford the plane ticket over and he actually used to be a video editor like me so I'm glad we could hook him up with the good system for a really good price and he can get back into that but this video is not over there is still one more thing that we have to do before we can wrap this one up Amos sorry so much for bugging you this late at night so I know I know you don't know this so what I would what I was when I saw the computer what I do you know for like a side hustle is you know kind of helping pay the bills and everything my buying sell computers and when I saw the computer I was just like wow like that's a really great price I can you know help pay for some stuff you know when I heard your story and I was thinking about it on the drive home it actually it hit a little bit too close to home and not to dump anything on you but um I'm actually going through somewhat of a similar situation but on the opposite and and when I went took the computer home I opened it up and I looked inside and I saw and you don't have to nerd out but saw how beautiful the computer was I just started getting really emotional and I thought that selling this and making it for myself is not the right thing to do and that's not what I wanted to do so what I did was I actually took the computer and I refurbished it and upgraded it to the best of my ability I knew about everything I could do with computers and I put my soul into it and then I found some people who actually really needed a computer for their job and I was able to sell it to them and I and I asked them I promised them or asked them to promise me please you know will you will you take care of this if it's okay with you it would be if you'd be okay with um accepting what I was able to make off of it as a Christmas present but also as my way of saying thank you for letting me see your son's work and are you serious yeah absolutely I'm dead serious and yeah sure it's a it's a firm belief of mine that if your parents take the time to you know put their love their energy and their time above all things into you that you know when you get older when you get smart enough when you get wise enough it is your obligation it's a privilege for you to try to help take care of them and do what's right for them and and you know for I want to sit that's okay I just you know I don't think you know since you probably didn't have like the time or the energy or the knowledge on what the computer was worth and anything like that I just figured you know maybe I could kind of be the placeholder in that and you know try to provide the help that you know maybe your son would have wanted to have yeah you know there was I think there was like 50 years maybe was almost 75 200 people who were mm-hmm and you know you probably knew just based off that you know this Friday's thinking about the mortality of your family members is you know it's tough and you know between you and me you know I might I didn't hear that no you know it's life it happens and another thing I wanted to do is you know I was thinking maybe if I could help put some good conversing out there in the world maybe you know pay me maybe the universe well maybe try to help me back out yeah but seriously I you know coming back to the computer it truly was the nicest thing I've ever seen because when you really get to a high level of building and you know enthusiasts great stuff there are so many tiny specificities and tiny little things that you need to know that takes so long to learn and your son knew all of it yeah it was pretty good it was five years ago is the best thing you could possibly have you know so I really am serious about this if it's okay with you I really would like just like did you do the present yes oh okay I appreciate that I'll give this to his sister you know you guys one sibling you know she's really we've obviously all I miss my son but you know she's okay appreciate that I appreciate you thank you for take your time I'm sorry for bugging Eunice Lee it's just it's been like kind of thumping in my head in my chest for the last you know however long so you know everything turns out in the long run okay good for you you know so – I knew as well thanks again thank you so much more time appreciate it sorry yeah and that's the end of the video guys I appreciate you guys watching and I hope you found this entertaining or informative in any way shape or form just the regular outro Merry Christmas and you know as always have a great day you

38 thoughts on “Dad Sells Me his Son's Gaming PC (Part 2)

  1. Yeah I'm not crying either. Im just trying to get used to My Planatronics RIG 500E gaming headsets Feather light almost no Feel Weight. It's truly unnoticeable. Great video tho

  2. Respect to you for what you did and for blurring out the part about what was happeneing to you a lot of dudes would milk their own personal situations for views. Great video!

  3. At the start of the video I was just hoping he was going to resell it for profit and give it to the father. I wasn't let down. Honestly I would do the same thing, i would also probably consider giving it back and letting him keep the 450. Sad and to think it could be anyone in this situation is kind of scary

  4. This hits me HARD bro. I built my best gaming PC yet around 2 years back. I collected money for an entire year to be able to build it. GTX980Ti SuperJetstream with 32GB Trident-Z RAM on a Z170X Gaming 7 motherboard… I named her "Shirohime". The whole setup costed me around 5500USD. But unfortunately i had to get rid of her because of financial problems. One of the saddest times of my life yet. I know it sounds weird but I was pretty depressed back then and had noone to talk to. That PC was all i had. The guy i sold it to flipped the parts for profit. And now each of those parts i worked so hard for is owned by different people. I just hope they're taking good care of them because i miss them as if i lost my closest friend.

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