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26 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Sparks Religious Controversy – Inside Gaming Daily

  1. Many controversies like this (race, religion, gender…) start out of an inferiority complex. People of different groups do need representation, but feeling everyone is after you is just wrong. Cis straight men feeling their masculinity is threatened when women reclaim their rights, trans people getting angry when a famous actor/actress plays the role of a trans person… Chill out, people. More people than you can imagine don't give a shit about the colour of your skin or what you have between your legs, everyone deserves to be treated as an equal regardless of their group, and this is exactly what Cyberpunk 2077 is trying to convey, in my opinion.

  2. I mean, I too, don't really understand the hype around representation. I hear the word so much nowadays it pisses me off but in a way I do understand it. Like take you favorite underrated franchise that's not talked about a lot. For me, it was Persona and Superheroes. When I found out Joker was going to be in Smash I freaked out. And when infinity war came out it got super popular and I was super happy to see my favorite characters being loved so much by everybody. Heck during that massive charge scene after Cap said assemble, tears were flowing down my face like a waterfall, and I only cry like once a year even if I do. So I can kinda understand. But people do need to stop getting offended so easily.

  3. as a rather devout Catholic (yes, send those jokes) i appreciate this. One of my favorite villain groups in Marvel comics are the Purifiers, radical christians dedicated to killing Mutants. This is mostly because they illustrate the pit that people can fall into, using religion and Scripture to justify their own bigotry

    this is however offset by characters such as Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane), Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) and even Sooraya Qadir (Dust) who are abhorred that people are using a all-loving God to justify Hate

    i hope 2077 has the same balance

  4. Hollywood has demonized Christianity and Jesus Christ for almost 100 years… this will be the same, … I know who is behind this. Cuz who owns and controls ALL MSM, Hollywood, Interntl banks…sorry can't tell you cuz I'm not low'd too. They said it's Aunti Seemit to tell you, even though it's bragged about.

  5. The advertisement fits the games whole point. Corporations in a world like Cyberpunk would exploit anything if it got profit.

    Though I do understand why people feel iffy about it since there's not trans option for your character (it'd be awesome if there was). Still, hating on the ad is pretty much denying the vision of a world like Cyberpunk to be fulfilled and that's a sin for roleplaying games imo.

  6. so trans people demand and riot over being treated equal and then they get treated equal they bitch? are people really going to keep saying these people dont have mental issues?

  7. "Did you just assume their gender" is a meme, and as someone who can relate to said meme, I see it as a meme. Society has deemed it as a meme and if you get offended by it, you either dont understand that context, or you're looking for a reason to be offended.

  8. but… all this separation is a real world thing regardless if we want it or not…. people just naturally hate each other…. West coast vs. East coast, South shore Vs. North shore, East Side Vs. West side… it's always a thing. Everyone in AZ very much dislikes everyone from AJ and we're all weird desert people… I think it's appropriate for this game to have internal fighting other wise it wouldn't seam as real.
    Gangs no mater how similar fight… look at religion… It's all some sky person giving us life… but if you think your "god" is better than mine ima burn our city to the ground.
    if this was Italians fighting no one would give a shit… shit didn't Mafia 3 do this… (IDK I didn't play it)

  9. I am a latino (latinx now I guess) and I don't give an f* for representation. Diversity is the whitest thing ever. Made just for atheist SWJs to feel gud bout emselves.

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