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to take mr. mr. Oh there was time mr. mr. on every star beginning [Applause] I kill my fill three times a day these has enough use will make me son take the pain away when they pass you let's talk about round pass to raise a glass to know other was dinged I feel their dreams but we still recover let's leave after losing death in their dreams but we still wake up [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] but I can this [Applause] by Oh there's [Applause] Wow [Applause] warriors surround don't get caught in the mosh pit to fuel to the fire and nobody can stop me in trouble in my city but you know I'm across I got a 40 on my hip and I'm loud on Sparky throw down these hits my clique is indivisible I am you duck I squeeze now you invisible I'm not afraid of getting physical all these different chemicals on my hands myname killing rabbits on my hanging buddy [Applause] come on I'm happy until I know where you can find me at returning Cuba mind if running something final asleep stay and Freddie keep an eye out for the face for the snakes loaded clip and I'm pulling some shapes never go to battle if you plan to lose life forgave a chance you gotta plan a move they don't fingers up I'm not a fan of rules right to live in peace I'll drape it on my name killing rabbits on my hanger but they changed for the fame [Applause] [Applause] what is up ladies and gentlemen how is it going for everybody this is the last day of the revival tournament we have the grand finals today my name is Mark and I'm here once again for your last day we're gonna be here passing the absolutely amazing Grand Finals welcome welcome ladies and gentleman it is a nice Sunday afternoon or Saturday afternoon for me gonna be seeing a dynamic gaming take on capo and a best-of-five series today it's gonna be a very very fun matchup ladies and gentlemen minimum of three Maps maximum of five we might be going the distance today we will be seeing how it pops off for both of these teams because these two teams have been so strong either way we're gonna look at the rosters really quick teams are just getting ready where we get started and you can see here the Rosses for each of these teams dynamic game you have legend juice Jesus space and VP sigh manthis in Ariat capital they have or capo also known as d1 now you'll see in their game the eventual Kai Seth wisher 12 Seattle and life so a very very stacked roster you saw both of these teams play yesterday both of these teams moving on forward I want to see the spam who do you guys think is gonna win is it gonna be a capo or it's gonna be dynamic gaming I want to see the chat spam as much as you can if you want to see Kapil or dynamic gaming win either way we're gonna go over some of the matches yesterday dynamic gaming one two two one beating out that of rogue uprising they won 16 to 8 the first game 15 to 8 or they lost 15 to 16 I do believe I was on canals they took the last game 16 to 8 beat rogue rising capital yesterday though they came back huge comeback into that of philosophy to win their first map 1612 the second map they won 16 to 7 an absolute domination so Kappa looking very strong communities matches Kappa have won all of their series – OH thus far they only played two series but today is gonna be a test dy g winning theirs first series 16 – in 1611 the second one was a little bit closer against philosophy but or against rogue uprising we're gonna see if they're tested today capo seemed to be the pretty heavy favorites with in the chat but seems like we're also gonna be having a bit of dynamic gaming fans these teams come together should it be exciting I think with capo given that we see life and 12 have phenomenal games they had really good games yesterday and well they're gonna have to replicate that against the lack of dynamic dynamic well we see space and go off it's gonna be a very very tough task to go up against but everyone's gonna be rating and ready here should begin all these teams ready they are all in the server and they're gonna start their courting process right now so it's gonna be a little bit of time there's no time I just want to introduce everything get ready soon and once half-down is done we will be or what once once they're all done I'll be coming back here should it be less than less than seven minutes I would assume so I'm gonna put out its have it for seven minutes hopefully we can start before that ladies and gentlemen should begin on in here soon and we'll be back once the game does begin stay tuned ladies and gentlemen thank you for tuning in I never meant to take your heart I never thought I'd break your heart [Applause] take it home I break your heart [Applause] [Applause] Oh starters officers we got alright ladies and gentleman we should be here on ready with the actual game I do believe so these teams getting ready on into the matchup you can see here give me nice things over towards be mid the first knife rounds coming in then these teams don't think they're ready just yet you can see the teens are here ready and waiting we have a five mass series on the way the cards and so once these teams already enough wins so yes we're gonna be knifing is coming around to see who gets what side all right ladies and gentlemen I frowned up here you can see game hasn't begun yet but we getting our tan i frowned on in first if you've seen which team wins out the knife found the team that wins a knife friend if you guys are going to this is the one that is gonna be picking this side and it's gonna be capo it to win it out they're gonna be choosing the T side and they're gonna stay here so ladies and gentlemen map number one no that's the revival tournament grand finals let's get high let's get some spam into this chat if you think Titanic gaming is gonna win I want to see that hashtag dy g if you think Apple is gonna win I wanna see that hashtag capo and let's just get routed into a capo also known as d1 five players over here and they're gonna be seeing a heavy stack over towards this B site following those players are gonna be going over towards B mid that's gonna be eventual spearheading this push person at a time yawn isn't it take charger and another one as well a tree caper yard to begin the game off with 2 HP left on himself it's gonna be backpack trying to get as much done as he can but only 25 HP left and capo has been shut down from this pistol round anything blueberries well she's gonna pick it up as well so three frags for Yong Chi for blueberries you gotta say as a very stellar round that behold that be mid hold from dynamic gave me exactly what has led them to this grand finals they did have some tough times in the past but they've been doing quite well recently and they've been good with these cutbacks so we'll see here at capo just try to get this bomb went down really that's the main objective so 12 he's just gonna go up his bomb time regardless of if he dies they've got two kills already though so there's still chance in three serene another one to headshots with that p250 and this is gonna lead Namek gaming to be in a little bit of a hard situation now sy has to come in with the mr 96 the GS are what the 4k is gonna shut them down an absolutely blissful round from serene to take them out and dynamic game and they've been stumped in that round or it kills for serene and all started with the pistol buyout upgrade to that sa 58 in screens able to capitalize on the misplaced from dynamic game engine coming out again two more kills already showing why he's so good with the sa 50s brag but blueberries chefs it's too fast frags trying to see if she can get any more with this Plains area the next one though eventually does eventually shut her down and so a three versus one it's gonna be done to VP low chance of clutching this one out with only the GSR and Mo's armor on his body it should be around over tekapo they made it a little bit scary dynamic gaming but still I both have a high chance of winning this one and there shouldn't be anything they can do twelve it's just gonna be waiting here with this cross set up spots now maybe who is dead so two to one cap oh well you can see their economies decent right now twelve being able to buy out they are having a grand time right now dynamic gaming though maybe not the best situation after winning that pistol round and not necessarily taking the next two flashes and Nate's flying through but dynamic gaming six and serene 7 shuts out another one's own Serena's coming alive in this game already I believe eight frags life as well grabs another one and so you can see here serene just doing it the brunt worth sigh and maybe though oh and three half oh they're off to a phenomenal start right now dynamic but serene and life they shut down yon insight and that beauty fence is just taken out of the picture instantly smoke Oh backpack a dirty shot through the smoke finds those tracers and fires back immediately right now and there's nothing dynamic gaming can do cap oh they're gonna be taking in their fourth round right now and they've come out so strongly silly if they three oh this one I'm not saying anything early but there is a potential for this to happen name it gaming they've had a few struggles in the past closing out some of these games if they don't get off to a good start good momentum well that doesn't start very kind words for them because trying to get something done we get spotted out and eventual it takes her down so my McCamey there kind of have to just after one of their plays taking down over towards that a mid area it's a life now a k47 in hand eventual as the ak-47 has gone they're gonna flash right in yon just trying to see if he can avoid that flashbang Nate does do tres not damaged and he gets why not he's gonna die out as well with three players chasing his tail there's no chance he got away there absolutely obliterate any defense coming through gonna die well zero players surviving for dynamic and all five for capo so Kapil their economy is so good right now fifteen thousand it's only round seven of the game and Serena's fifteen thousand with 11 kills as well as Serena's just playing lights out you can see there well 0 kills still on the sign Baker you're gonna have to catch this one up because VP has been phenomenal in these past couple games baby it's gonna be tough for dynamic gaming to get into this one and you can see there on the flank very fast right now life and eventual getting taken down and cap oh they're getting caught off guard here they're gonna try and go fast here but Serena two of them down already p250 coming out and serene has just been absolutely phenomenal eye closing now but now the 1vs1 12 is just playing this off it's the killer took a little bit of time there but eventually it will shut them down in serene oh my goodness 3k is all about more than doubling anyone on the scoreboard this has been the serene show 12 and eventual they're coming huge as well but it's been all serene to thank for this game so far yon backpack eventual I'm just trying to see what they can do to avoid sedate supplies right past him listen even get that spam located where it's from fire back few shots pot so played out over towards that back in position but it's not gonna try and contestant anything there his life and I wrote through with his teammates and yon hangover towards the B site we're going to make sure no one can push over towards a maid or a long or Vita so Alvin aids being thrown from backpack and a pull off rotation here but Jesus takes one down serene already gone from the picture an early man invented for dynamic gaming we've normally don't see dynamic gaming with an advantage and so VP is gonna come out swinging let's get another frag as well and getting finally coming alive but twelve finds one and return it they're gonna be robbing on over to eight sides well just try to force them back here with eight wolf left he's gonna be able to get this ball plant down just hope there's no nade coming in but eventual taking on a crisp head shot there from the side she said with three HP as well this is gonna be very difficult for him to close on two that's 12 first shot bout two very successful you know that one is loaf but they're not gonna be able to close it out cheese it with 3 HP provided the perfect bait he knew the p250 was to the right but could she kill two players at the same time and so I named a gaming pull off there at second round of the game as we head into the ninth round of deep first half we sing dynamic gave me here able to buy finally but capo they've built up such a good economy they can buy for I would say at least three or four more rounds here regardless as they keep using life well they're gonna flash out overwhelming get one kill but 12 shuts down yawn and blueberries I'm also taking out the picture not even the bomb plot needed for this one in capo they're making quick work at dynamic gaming they want to get this map over with and on the T side of grounded as well this is not something you traditionally see such a stellar performance from that of capo right now it seems like since they've gotten picked up by this organization d1 they've been after this best-of-five series with cheese it is wanting to say something else about two Mastiff racks or cheese it able to pick up another a K doesn't happen over towards wagon to an able to get the kill so now serene and it is a possibility playing around these smokes and loves they use these smokes to his advantage but now in a one versus three is this one possible is it doable sponsors their output side is gonna whip on over and serene had no chance in that one three to seven now as dynamic gaming pull back another round to get another refreshed we're trying to make it as close as they can and see here full armor full Nate's brought out to the side of capo they're gonna be moving fast on over here three players over towards be mid one over towards a mate and that's gonna be cheese it you'll be a boat tank back on here three with these plays on the side of capo opting to go fast / – it's a mid wanting to make sure that the utility is effectively utilized but spots ones there life is just covering over disconnected area but two of his teammates already gone he's gonna have to answer fast back because single player over for it's a maid they're not gonna address further they know that blueberries as we're treated back so don't mean to push further she's at playing this anti-flash position borders trying to listen knows that there's a player closed down life is off the last two four to seven now dynamic gaming finally answer back and a perfect set up there sigh had that great off angle able to take down those two players over towards be long and be mid we'll see if they can capitalize on the step once again they've been playing this three set up over towards be mid and be long and it's been working out these paths spotted a couple players over towards be long so they might call for the rotate innocently but 12 is going to so five able to take down site and it's even transfer all across the map right now a three versus three and this heavily favors of T side because they're just gonna push on aggress over towards the B side not going the way up dynamic game and so ventral is going to take him down back back though gets another kill now for baby is the last person on the sidelines three the smoke another frag now I'm gonna plant just yet but they do get it down try and see if I can answer back through the smoke they have some type of eventual gets his teammate taken down inside no he can't it's a two HP clutch from baby and he wins it out five to seven baby the one versus three and that was not correctly played there by Kapil allowing so those 1b wants to happens and a missed shot a crucial missed with allows VP to get that clutch they're dynamic gaming that one is a very lucky one to win and cap oh well now their economy is starting to dwindle they have money to buy still but some other players getting quite low serene and eventual they're gonna be able to drop in the next couple rounds as dynamic gaming they're finally building up the bank they are tired of being poor oh my goodness what is happening here serene able to follow up again on the side and now that Nate's gonna take down back pack in life just waiting for the flank nice evening catch anyone off garden that flank is coming in quick from baby the baby isn't gonna push just yet and you're just trying to see if he can catch so eight to five that flake taken care of that player over towards plane and taken care of as well and so Kappa they forage on even further two more rounds left in this half will be seeing they can capitalize on the T side they've been doing a phenomenal job on this T side put hit usage dynamic game they enter right back with an eight to the street back there just getting shut down now capo trying to do the same strapping them read them like a book and sides gonna take them back back as well the last player eventual stranded over 20 bitch able to get well able to get one frag but can't retreat out of there and so ends up trying to his fate the last round now they're put this one back dynamic gaming it looked all but done but almost able to tie this one up you can see Yad and doing very good work serene still at the top but dynamic gaming they're using the utility phenomenally to do double mates already the same area takes out yard who's a little bit aggressive over towards the mid this is gonna weaken the B defense sigh the second follow-up though as attack is gonna be headed on over towards the beasts I hope you want to smoke any of the risks from and that's a shutout here dynamic gaming using that smoked to perfection and it's gonna be a close half ladies and gentlemen 8 to 7 in favor of capital but really no team has a huge lead here it was going the way of capital surely in the first half or the first half of the first half I would say the first quarter of the game dynamic gaming able to claw back and those last three or four rounds to make it even of a game as possible on the T side dynamic game and they're gonna play it so I think they're gonna go for this a fake you're trying to make some noise on a but 12 is gonna take down both of them and now this a lynchpin is gonna be taken out so the brunt of the attack is gonna have to come over towards B but they have no fake to sell anymore it's all gonna be over towards B long and they know that it's gonna be a rough time to get out of this chokehold because well Sai is gonna get pushed shortly and serene takes down another as well last player going to be cheesy one of those players actually you know the other ones over towards be long so he knows that he might be spotted out spot one player over toys feet mid but there's too many of those players now and so he gets overrun nine rounds for capo and they start the CT side strong but it's gonna be couple pistols bought out here for dynamic gaming they are good with these pistols so Apple they're gonna have to be aware of the situation they're going up against revolvers and dynamic gaming are not a team is this gonna get shut down and baby does get this moved out and so it's still gonna be a three versus two favoring the CT side but trouble finally a it's the help of serene they're not gonna bother shuts them down and denies the falkland that's actually very important I named it gaming knocking that bomb plant still puts them at a disadvantage if they've gotten that bomb plant they'd have money to buy Foley into this round but they're gonna go for the force and lack this arm or lack this utility you can see here baby has armor but not the full assault rifle and so dynamic gaming not being able to get that bomb plant I might come back to bite them because I've been playing over fast a mid position but it smoked off early so cap will they know how to use their smokes hold off these choke points twelve has been tasked with eventual to hold off this a mid position has gone pretty quiet all across the map and Amick wanting to take their time now backpack that's the vector over towards be long has this cheeky position they spot him out backpack his feet were showing and so they just spam it an easy frag for the side of dynamic gaming and serene has to do at UM serene has been lights out this entire game but on his lonesome it might be difficult to do get the frag winner thanks flick they're under cheez-it josh is out for this escape but Kenny didn't get out there he's gonna die trying to reload and so I named it gaming they've pulled to these players are eventually gonna get shut down its wall trying to rotate these timings are just not favoring Capo whatsoever dynamic gaming getting the better of all the targets 1:12 finally gets one of his own but still it might be too late actually though flight once again pulls out his knife and he me with the pistol is we're gonna be able to win it out and that was a that was a show around of over aggression dynamic gaming using those pistols to their advantage fighting those two the exes very powerful of them double teaming on those players and capo not gonna be really effective to I want it to go over towards storage but and the flashing him so he's still gonna get over towards this storage area the brunt of dynamic gaming they're gonna be going over towards be moved check the area out the set up here pretty default from both of these teams you can see back pack the solo player over towards B has the m4 and armor so this is very crucial that he gets at least one or two frags to slow them down he knows that the players his teammates over towards a mid and he's trying to play this passive position trying to hold back for any time eventual able to get one frag pushes up aggressively he knows there's a chance to back another one as well serene take him down but back crack's done his job he slowed them down enough and his sawed-off has a perfect smoke to throw he knows I'm not gonna run through that choke point so freely now but he's playing this very common angle so they might come and pre fight him right off the gate nothing coming just yet though from that side of dynamic gaming and woods 48 seconds left on the clock I have some work to do Yan he's gonna try and peek over towards this truck he knows that there might be a player playing there backpack spotted one out already we get taken down as well Yan in Sai both out of this round now just on the VP no one versus four he might just off to save his gun but if he can't even save it I think dynamic gaming I'm able to pull this one out and capital are gonna go hunting so baby partly when that timing doesn't pay for him so life able to pick up an aka as well this is a very good round from capo not investing very much into it I'm able to garner an entire array of guns from that as well dynamic gaming just buying a few pistols and nades here on their side so you'll be seeing them as they can be taking down solo as well gonna be doing a lot of damage but actually twelve gets caught off guard and if they pick up that weapon life could be in a whole lot of trouble now his his teammate to support him over to this aid site in another player rotating on over but they haven't committed fully life we're just gonna try it and see if he can spam overthrows this wagon position serene takes one down though for the threat mitigated slightly but blueberries a big cake because he's gonna get another flag that's right like you're trying to see he does blueberries another one though and so eventual is gonna have to do so much work here spawning out able to get down blueberries repositions now we want to see if you can get anything done does get mitigated by capital lose three of their players to these pistol dynamic gaming making it so tough regardless of the situation they're a good round from dynamic given their lack of armor and full loans to buy out so they do buy out those sniper rifles and ak-47s having enough this 21st round of the game this is only the first game so there's still a lot of action to come we'll be seeing here cheese it a whole of work to be done and I have to come back and win this one out if they do want to come back so this round does make a huge impact on both of these teams of kapa witness they can keep the economy of dynamic gaming very humble and then I can win it though they're gonna have some momentum going needs a next few rounds despite the fact that cap was still had the money in their favor slow peaks coming on over and you can see here he's playing a decent off angle but this is only one enough position usually if he is one frag there's a low possibility he gets another and this is a pretty commonly preflighted spot as well crosshair placement on over towards this head he knows these players are able to get anything done and serene trying to see you can help out right now but he's a four versus four eventual he's gonna spot a playoff hole towards be able to frag up on Sai as well they've held down this B site and now the hit is gonna rotate on over towards a the 30 seconds left they're gonna have to go fast because they know there's a player over towards wagon and smoke already cheez-it they're gonna have a tough time here that perfect name utility life saves his smoke for the last minute and now well they're gonna get shut down dynamic gaming have nowhere to go really with only 15 seconds left they're just going to see if they can save and I plan to run out over towards a did not I've been do to life's perfect smoke at the perfect time actually and so another round conceded another round going the way of capo flirt team at eight in their favor and Serena's gonna try to take them out as well spot the other is gonna stay alive she's it does get taken down though so three rounds separate capital from this first map and we'll go to port afterwards you seeing if I name a gaming can pull it back upon a port a cap will have been looking so strong here he's gonna be doing great work here in position and they know how to hold down these bombs site they don't have to smoke coming in is gonna deny them any vision wants to push down aggressively though he is and gets both of those frags they're not expecting to push through their own smoke and that blueberries the last man spots one player out but now they know where he is or no back was doing they're just running around in the wagon blueberries not able to get anything done and I named it gaming look a little bit stumped on this T side I've been able to get much accomplished here see the default smoke setup coming in for the side of capo they have been so good at utility usage here garlis of whatever map they're on so one player already getting taken down from the side of dynamic gaming it's not going to be looking too hot for them as they posture on over towards B but three players would be 12 actually is gonna get taken out as well and so this PP fence is crumbling just a tad bit backpack though how's the support of eventual who takes down cheese it and that cuts off any rotations over towards a eventual has all eyes on this a area any rotation trying to come out so the hit is gonna be coming over towards B and backpack has so much work to do spots nice quickscope from him to deny any more aggression from the side of dynamic gammy is gonna see if he can spot any it's another one on to baby and he knows that the last one might be over close towards B so he's gonna push off addresses can't get it down though so yawn 47 seconds left gonna pick up the snipers but down to 15 feet still gonna be a tough task for him it's a tag on to eventual and actually gets the kill now so it's very possible life over towards beam it is gonna have to come out fast though in a 1vs1 now required yawn this is still very possible for him as life has the ak-47 I don't know if Yan is gonna suspect this life he's just gonna run out over towards this position he's tagged out life now spots the player I think and yard he's gonna get the kill old misses the last shot in life clutches it out 15 to 8 that was an amazing attempt by yan what he couldn't get the last was that leg tag he's gonna be so disappointed he hit him but he didn't get that kill ride he ain't just a tag that higher that would have been around for dynamic gaming but alas it is not in capo they're gonna move on to 15 eight I do believe this is gonna be another or the first map going the way of not looking very likely for the comeback to come here as life just gonna take that easily I'm just gonna address even further here finding out these players and well serene playing over towards this B area has full confidence that no one's gonna be over towards B mid knows that and well can you spot any of these players out wants to see if they're gonna go over towards connector he knows that there's at least a couple things over towards a mid spots when these plays out we can't get the spray down though and so they know that he might be there but he's gonna get sucked out and I think dynamic games they have no answers sai is able to get one fragment but has so much work to do and a one versus three just to keep them alive in this game capo looking in dominant on not number one we're gonna move on to port after this one now able to clutch it out 12 shuts it down in kappa win 16 to 8 ungrounded a phenomenal performance from capo as we're gonna be seeing map number two soon that's poor ladies gentlemen don't go anywhere we'll take a quick break go go to the bathroom you know get some water get some snacks take your dog out for a walk I don't know it'll be around 20 minutes and so we'll be back shortly thank you everyone we'll be right back it's called loose my control isolation starters come search hold your back I wanna give you every chance to make it to make it I'm afraid of love collides you'll leave me alone tonight some change and the break-in yes this you'll reject my love I'm never gonna hold you I wanna give you every chance and I'll stand against all enemies your Oh you leave me alone Jinju I'll still be Oh being running away from you been trying train trains I don't hire you back but don't worry you bet it's into much you always did this mother please let me fight another I'm not easy to forget fritz and we never met I've been running running running away from you I've been trying trying I don't you bet take away what's left would be close the ceiling into the knife round right now we'll be seeing here when it's gonna beat Apple to win it out and they're gonna be king the CT side I believe no they got a pic to see they don't pick the seaside and so yeah it's gonna be the T side I think for that of Capo breach wins even though they had an afk it it worked out for them so capital they took the first map convincingly 16 to 8 the stats from last map did not lie at all trades 27 and 14 laying lights out there Lou at least you can see there as well with 20 frags life with 16 backpack with 15 as well so we are now live in building you can see capo they're gonna be pretty aggressive over towards that mid throwing two flashes but now continue on over towards a long miss defender of a good little sigh he's gonna be tested up pretty heavily maybe let's find one on 212 now the hate is actually pretty slowed right now they've just reach back over towards a long capo alright now strain situation right now very very aggressive take Sun eventually they're tearing apart the set from capital shift up a serene one fresh already but nothing else it can do and serene gets taken down by babies so one two zero start here for dynamic gaming a good start for them after losing that last map convincingly 8 to 16 gone had a very good game so did blueberries but the rest of the team just wasn't really there they the least and so we'll be getting on into this one baby holding on over towards the major to insist be long position as well and now backpack with his teammates I mean they've done consider amount of damage and gets another frag on to baby so don't forget that any case but no health on his body now in everywhere in dynamic in me pick up another round convincingly using three players so that's gonna keep them humble on the side of money blueberries interestingly picks up the SG I don't think you've seen many players pick up the SG nor the S or the or the Augie the August one of the least popular assault rifles I can be used with in critical ops that's suppressor though I think would be very beneficial for the lack of tracers the second though so 12 do we consider minor damage and it's a three versus three right now they picked up to a case low on HP though and cheese it is very quick on the flank you can see your legend well he's gonna be able to get two frags the life is gonna be away so cheese it eventually it takes down life and so the leader zero dynamic gaming though these are such close rounds to win out and they are not at all comfortable in terms of money they're still decently low and capital dick kept these rounds very close despite not having single down to their name capital though they've been doing a good job if using a utility to force out early aggression from these CTS let me feel very uncomfortable wherever they are so you can see a heavy stack over towards mid from this life has two frags already in this round just front which is out over towards mid again watching this crossfire as psy holds on over towards a long I want to make sure no one pushes past where they can spot out now everything we've said it a four versus three Kapil are gonna regroup over towards a life has a bob just trying to see if they can pull any aggressive kicks from the side of dynamic but dynamic know better than to give them anything like that later is just holding their angles now as Sai waiting for them to push up she's at the soul man on B he's it does get take him down they're gonna have a free reign into the Beast sight and actually they shot him down so sigh he's gonna get hold on over towards CT site is there for the treat and so this is me son a two versus one turn into a one versus one serene now coming from the back line sy has to be aware this possibility but if serene gets this time incorrectly I think it might be all but over now as serene gonna swap I'm gonna win it was round finally for capo as it comes down to 1v1 these ones are so close a pattern of early aggression from all these teams followed by instant slowdown seems to be the style of pro play we've been seeing in critical ops lately most of these teams going out in the first I think I do it again already over towards a long serene just holding this position making sure any cetys pushing up don't have any vision one alive in these rounds so there he can be but we're just gonna take down the CTS of one by one now the last player maybe wasn't he has the p250 nothing really he can do it is just gonna be another round going the way of capital they should be keeping all these players alive now as eventually he's found a good boost spot now the little corner area of AP does pick up the vector trying to sieving any exit frags now not wanting to win the round but keeps his health keeps his gun and that is two rounds for the side of capo they continued their streak not be able to tie it up now he does find the m4 they're able to buy now dynamic gaming but Kappa they have money saved up from these last two rounds beeping so many players alive eventual able to pick one off over towards that mid position he's gonna address even further trying to CV in spot any players over toward CT using the spools area just to jump over and he gets really good positioning right now no one can be aware this is a perfect round from eventual catching everyone off guard legend juice is gonna have no clue who got shot from possibly the boost but still they are just getting it sight finds eventual has been planted trying to jump across those boxes but now she's it alone and they might go hunting for him life is gonna be aware this possibly over towards a long but Twilight a stop she's it and I think Kapil they're finding nice spots here to play on port port has not been the most popular map to play in the competitive scene they're finding use of it here any positive scenes for them he's so like he can't see anyone right now I don't know if they what is happening there everyone was so blind think back like an eventual once that blindness faded were able to spot it off but at the end of all those grenades exchanged it is gonna be capital on top a four versus four to three score line very soon gonna fuck them let's move labels off something incredible she nice kill life just trying to see me get the knife but not gonna get that and so for two three capital now they take the lead after three rounds in a row from dynamic cafe now have control full control of this T side they have money to buy they seem to have the strategies as well so they get one frag dynamic gaming but Kapil answer three times it's not able to get another couple frags to their name site finds one and blueberries best alone over towards a if they run over towards be life they're gonna have a full and free bomb site now I haven't offered to plant over towards B just yet but blueberries gonna start to rotate over very slowly there's a life he's clearing out the bomb site and he knows that no one's over here so it's gonna get the quick plant now I know that nothing can be stopping the plant side they're coming in quick on vacation and blueberries as well know there might be a player over towards amid they're actually both coming from mid and CT respectively the size minus one but swinging out to get both of those kills on a fire you can see Kapil five runs in a row twelve backpack serine they've been playing so good natural the only one negative but still doing a very good support work on the side of fairies team and dynamic game they've had some struggles recently they can't get anything on the CT side it's gonna be very rough in Krakow as eventual it's gonna be watching over towards mid once again positioning in Serena as well find some frags out here sigh box went out and life as well sigh able to get two frags beat could be spotted though so we know that there might be positioning there and he does take him down back back to the bomb is it really planted should I definitely need to get planted as eventually shuts down the legend juice as well six to zero this is six round streak for Kapo but I think all of you in the chat who are saying capital might win well it's making her so more slightly like a possibility now Kapil they've been so lights out this entire tournament up go those names utility not gonna allow them he is actually will they get denied three frags and all three go in the way of diamonds half Oh they've been shut down but 12 is gonna come to return for one more frag in legend juice all alone now no clue the bomb is a might get caught off guard here actually down as well three frags for dynamic gaming quickly a capo are able to regroup and we posture their way and win that round over towards the a bomb site seven in a row now for capo as they have been looking unstoppable the aim is just on point for capital and their timings they know how to support each other they aren't playing for the frags the plan for the room can see their facility gonna make them be very very uncomfortable to hold these positions and they are so confident they're just pushing every single move here eventually he's speaking out but he wants a push and he's gonna smoke out the angle once again to allow him more spots up blueberries though and wife trying to get the double kill but can't get the double that backpack is in a tough situation with 12 of the only with 21 HP hearing the jumps coming out doesn't spot anyway yes yeah he knows that there's one right and they be able to win the duels to put it in an advantage for their own sake already backpack one HP in 12 with 21 this is doable for cheez-it backpack they're gonna have to come together because she's it Oh Mike and caught off guard here as bottom now a backpack has nearly only one HP and vegans made it out it's gonna have a tough time here she's it it's gonna be rotating around can you spot those players out doesn't get last handle so backpack is going to be able to get that bomb plant on the B side 12 won't see any spots been planting cheese it is gonna go for this rotation 12 knows exactly with such low HP 12 has the perfect positioning to win it out capo 8 rounds in a row on their T side they really want this to be as fast as possible not dropping a single round after your first couple serene hey Preston once again just catching every player off Bart aggression has not been punished whatsoever and dynamic gaming seemed to not be able to answer back regardless of what they do blueberries answers back with one in return but a three versus three Apple have been able to win this every single time and am beginning have not been able to answer back here you can see the scoreboard does not live ap five and ten and well it seems we're almost reversed for the side of capo lori's let's find backpack down so the bomb dropped over towards MIT in life is actually very low so this might be a possible route for dynamic the serine does get taken down so now life finally find their first round after an eighth round the drive suite from them Capo to get one more we're not able to get one more to their tally but dynamic they are still far away after eight rounds in a row capital is surely using all these will be so early in the round this might come back to bite them if these teams are aware of their tendencies here is it perhaps a player out gets that frag out but eventual takes blueberries life so they've got the bomb over towards this east bond area this one what how I don't even know I don't even understand how he gets that kill through the smoke but he has the spot there I guess I don't and legend just gets two massive frags actually with the mp7 he's gonna upgrade to the a K and he knows that they might be over towards it but they don't have the bomb just yet not even gonna go for this bomb plant quite immediately makes two of them down to them our logo so eventual now he has to clutch it out in a 1vs1 take some legend just but now a 1vs1 cheese it is waiting in aware I'm not sure if he'll be able to spot this one out so fast but spots one of those players wins the flick on over Rachel couldn't cross fast enough so dynamic they pick up another two in a row now and I'm finally getting on a roll see your backpack going so aggressive over towards a long may have been able to take a long control that's just been shut down there cheese it and maybe nothing they can do he's just gonna shut down all the defenses from dynamic gaming blueberries left alive alone over towards Tom's been Plan B long and there's nothing she can really do here trying to practice their flashes and they know where blueberries is now so they're gonna go hunting for her off HP and this is still doable she's gonna be waiting trying to save her weapon as best she can serene but still they have so much money to buy they might just try and hunt for this because blueberries she only has $2,100 he's gotten spotted out now so she's asked the bomb boss so no players staying electrodynamic gaming nine rounds for capital and he might get this ten pick up another gun as well capo might have been too confident with their flash setups legend juice able to get one more frag onto twelve after picking up that a que able to find another as well and win six to nine dynamic recover slightly in the second part of this half the capo still have the lead going into the CT side and so dynamic they're gonna have to be able to win is piss around if they want to contest anything here Ct setup bilities rushing on in over towards this a site may have full control they're just gonna get this plant down and no one over towards a long it's gonna be a five versus five blue take backpack a nice shot unto baby and he sit down early as well serene takes out cheese it they're so aggressive after this post plant this might be for their demise nothing coming the way of those teas and blueberries hostages they're gonna shut her out now and a very nice retake from capo two nice shots from the mr 96 to open it up bomb has been defused and 10 to 6 on the cards here capo looking poised to win this second round after that pistol as well Ryan goes vectors out important is it decently far range map but if you're playing on that a sight vector could have come very well in handy as they have to go through those choke points to get onto that a sight flashes coming out from cap over very very aggressive right now Nate over towards minute eventual knows the lineup takes a bunch of juice in life as well just uh blueberries they're just doing so much damage baby now tries this evening and spot any over with that boost but he's the last man alive and he's only over towards B with no bomb and no players to contest all alone now so the 11th round possibly coming in the way of capo most likely at least it's rain just going to be waiting and watching over towards this mid area being if pop out here a knock out over towards c-team they might not be aware of this that's gonna be eventual washing over towards any of these extremities so baby they have not been able to get anything rolling for them 6 and 13 scoreboard shows it all right now you can see cap will have just been so good it comes to these et sides as well as tee sites they've gotten a lot of momentum now and maybe surely nothing to stop that which is eventual shuts him down now pick up the vector as well and 11 to 6 a five-round gap widens dynamic they have not really been able to get into this game so far 12 once again aggressive as ever takes on legend juice see if she can get that spot out but they're just been pushed so far back and even on the CT side they're aggressive soon no fear of rushing over towards mid life as well this aggression dynamic game II cannot punish it right now I'm backpack he's just been waiting spot supplies knows that there's two spot but they should have doubted ventually blueberries but serene answers right back backpack which mouth where his death was my bench blueberries now with the SG that's get taken out by serine a pristine shot all the way through and now side as little he can do cheese it gets night I don't how that happens downside as well 12 to 6 this is not looking very good for them CT side no rounds really indicating that dynamic gave me any indication side you can see back back in smooth absolutely mowing them down each and every time here legend juice those fire one back but instantly treated by eventual in now blueberries 100 HP kinda dream which winds through her head so 16 rounds is all they need they have 13 right now create more will be on to mount number three that's gonna be Bureau after this one regardless of what happens we are gonna go to map three but Bureau on the card soon looking very likely to be a map that capo have been so strong as well winning port like this would be such a confidence booster for them eventual a little over-aggressive let's get shut down today far pushed up over towards me and they're gonna try and capitalize on this there's rotations coming in from 12 he's gonna have to be holding down the speed bomb site the best you can because head shots instantly he's able to get the third as well at the transition so seamless and legend juice left alone now alone as it ever was the science bottomed out doesn't get that last ride but three kills he's done his work and legend juice now has to play from the one versus four finds the second actually and no one but our one versus one he's pulled it back three kills in quick succession in life now it's just waiting to pull one gudgeon juice can't clutch it out in life able to win at 14 to 6 looking so strong now mamak gaming have been ruthless this entire tournament something like this happening kind of have to wonder how how effective each of these changes is capo they have been so strong for versus for now and eventual is gonna take down blueberries not even aware of the possibility maybe don't do the best you can and they are just getting battered and bruised your backpack is aware of this a push and now just I can't get anything else done so has to play in the 1 versus 4 again take on 12 actually so one versus two it's this bond plant down now has a possibility of winning the round but still 20 HP puts legend juice at a very big disadvantage retaking and becoming an eventual as a hunch he's over towards the stairs position doesn't want to reveal it just yet though he's walking alone his father went out but he can't get the kill just yet and this actually might be a possible four legend juice life gonna go for this defeat stick and he's gonna get back down let you just rinse out a clutch round the one versus four nicely done my hands the 14 rounds for them dynamic gaming they pull one back and so you can see here it's gonna be blueberries to take to come down three actually down so an eighth round possible now as life tries to push back aggressively often say for those teammates lost but it's really gonna be down to life here lines poses them up and now next as well eventual is helping his teammate out a 2 vs. 5 turned into two versus two and life wants to get this reload in baby and she's it having this fight life and cheese are so low both 22 HP eventual is just waiting for them to push out timing could be very strange here no one's over towards long but life now has a hunch might have spotted cheese it and they're now gonna go to this b-side again just to wrap around to clear it out life be walking through here is that the bombs getting planned on the a side so eventually all the way around for this wrote and he takes on cheese as well baby now in the one versus two this was a 2 vs. 5 now turned into a 2 vs. 1 in favor of capo baby does tack him down to 59 HP though in life he's gonna try and go for it but he doesn't need to go for it he goes for the kill and then he gets this defuse 15 to 7 capo they are so close to winning huge the second map as well now to put them in great position to without the series 15 to 7 on the cards right now and this is not looking very good for dynamic gaming trying to hurt some chatter all chaplain capo are hard as ice and they are not gonna let anything happen here dynamic bill they pull one back to their name now turn to two versus two again again Kappa are so good at these two VX situations they've clutched so many of these out yesterday they're able to clutches out today the synergy on their team is so phenomenal life and serene you look at some information now and they've been using this boost spot each and every time both of these teams his life push him around he has a hunch might have heard or spotted someone there serene as well and to make sure you can't be seen life is gonna take down legend juice and now VP all alone he has to clutch just went out to keep them in this map but it's not looking very likely here as well this is gonna be dynamic gaming on the ropes let's just weigh P has to do it all for his team as the bomb in 35 seconds left on the clock but this is just to keep them in the game not even to win the game so I think this person show someone out versus life gonna go for the spawn plant over towards be and serene surely hears him now I'm gonna go down on this beast site in serene is gonna run for the hills now in Blanton we got his knife and so baby you'd be aware of this but low HP end of AP so 28 versus a hundred I think serene should be all the wonderful talent and he does 16 to 7 you can see here the score line is what it's gonna be Kappa win it out and 19 to 13 what did I score line for them what a nice kill death ratio for all these players on capital going positive you can see here well that's gonna be the score for you guys Kappa win it out 16 to 7 and we're gonna go to the last map of Bureau or the 3rd map potentially the last map don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen my name it gave me there you have to reverse sweep it to win Kappa one game away from taking the entire tournament we'll see you in just a second into Ripple's fade away human hands onto the gay those battles Cosby made don't [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] server rockin to Ripple's bed human hot zones a gay those battles Cosby made can I go I'm broke in here Oh Oh [Applause] [Applause] Oh Oh all the choices you made you make Maceo is just cool alright ladies and gentlemen we are back now and let's go capital they're gonna win this knife round out this last map phenomenal performance from Kapil they've won their first two maps 16 to 8 and 16 to 7 respectively on grounded import and they're gonna pick the T side the capital gonna be starting on the T set of potentially the last map series so I'm gonna be seeing how they want to begin here let's just get right on into a ladies and gentlemen both teams ready and waiting see who will be crowned here and after they reset appo gonna be sticking on this T side dynamic given their last hope they've got the reverse sweep this to win this game out fo they have shown resilience time and time again so they're gonna try and fight tooth and nail to win this one out early there has been a tough battle for them [Applause] so dominate this entire tournament and these teams are gonna get reset right now so let's just get right on into it both teams ready potentially the last map of these series so we'll be seeing how these teams come about it leave a like down below if you do enjoy the subscribe I'd really appreciate it this is super insightful for me you guys support the channel to actually are you able to get two frags so eventual falls back and he spots a player over towards Intel so they're gonna rush out here but their team already so fast on this rotation gonna catch off this Intel player now four players shooting at him and he really had nothing rachel is gonna shut down we're gonna try and tag down display God's legend juice over towards be long and Walt capo they're gonna taste this around pretty convincingly unless the boys can pull off something amazing and she cannot so 1 2 0 capo on a bureau they have really not allowed any team any of these rounds here no team only I think only one team able to put up sing or double digits against them in terms of rounds it was I do believe philosophy they picked they put up 12 rounds earlier but I mean that block is the only team day I put up more than and rounds against capo but this made usage is so exactly strong and serene that sa-58 classic weapon force arena so good with it and John's gonna get taken out as well so a clue rock from them as they do these two players though so not as clean as I would suspect but now cheese it coming in from this vendor nice shoulder peak to win it out against cheese at 200 start here for capo and on the T side of Bureau Bureau hanging to have a really difficult time for teams to get entering onto that beast site but capital are showing otherwise that that B site is exactly what they want to be going towards here blueberries what's I flash out trying to see what they can do as legend rooster just gonna push aggressively right now dynamic game they know they can't sit around you just total their thumbs they have to push off aggressively because capital they're already pitching towards this because this yet and dynamic game and they're coming strong into the side yard let me take my backpack go through this Oh it's show chaotic Zoo berries finishes it off and dynamic gaming and all the chaos they went out the round blueberries coming in clutch with two frags from behind I'm not gonna get them ignited here three frags for Yan two for blueberries the scoreboard pretty even on both of these sides right now you can see dynamic gaming let's go that smoked out you like it look towards that B spot let's head shot and they're just gonna keep hitting on B they have not legend juice from behind oh he's so quick on the two he's gonna have to clutch it out he's gonna have to go for the four kit if he wants to win this one the bomb dropped right in front of him but they know that there's quite a bit of time I think serene disconnected not sure what's going on here I'm spotted about but disconnecting and that's gonna let legend used to win out the round the 4k practically had serene there I think that would have been a different scenario but very nicely done there letting juice clutches it out a very important round at that and dynamic gaming they have tied up the game cap oh you mean to have a little bit of technical difficulties with serene that is sad to see because Sarina has been very good on their team so far I've been very impactful now back though so eventually a chance and once this is back well 12 able to get that first frag on to legend juice Sai is now in the game these are gonna be retained full e off of this a side they're gonna stack all of their eggs into one basket over towards this B bomb site right now backpack well in the rest of the capo squad they're gonna be running on over 48 potentially eventual let's get this bomb and they have these new pistols a serene with the p250 just trying to hold over towards this be long position 12 CAK the sign of capo then I hear this place rushing out anyone bragging 12 as well they answer back and now a 2 vs. 5 music if I get taken down here but no the deagle is so I with that recoil and so they're gonna get this plant capo pull around because they should not have one unless I can pull off the one versus four but I don't think it is likely here and the backpack the perfect positioning there even without head armor without body armor it gets like you on the side and cap will pull one right back in their favor 3 2 2 now as you can see the money building up for capo kills as well back back in serene up there at the top with six flags each to their name 12 has 4 as well as life so serene and so 12 has this ideal position as legend juice is gonna creep up he's gonna win that tool so not just under cheese it eventually wins it out so capo keep their lead going strong they want to make sure the lead is as big as possible how much to analyze here its capo I've just been running and gunning on into this b-side each and every single round side along with his teammates move a house close range with the shot get that first Friday that's trade and return book gonna get tagged August made very shortly inside able to get one Friday it's gonna go for the quickscope after picking up that sniper rifle five to two now and capo are just having a fun time right now and then it gave me gonna go for the four spy and really at this point desperate to get a couple of rounds here they know that despite this being a clean game doesn't look too hot for them in terms of their starts able to get a good start here dynamic gaming well capo no she's it trying to go for that frag in life it just shuts him out he able to save his teammate as well backpack in life both solo but still a four versus three advantage if they're able to force sy off this angle they don't even need to he just rotates off the way and 12 has the bomb site he bomb site for free now this life gonna made out over towards this position both very load though so both of these players coming in one of them down but not the other and now just legend juice is on the a bomb site though he could stop this plant not going to but he's just gonna go straight for this defuse can to get this one down legend juice he's just gonna heave use what's the read peaks in in time and is gonna gain them the sixth round here capo looking like it's gonna be a 300 for them they keep playing this way my name it gaming have not been able to hold on to these bomb sites these be defenders dominantly sigh just getting run over you can't even react in time they're already on the site trying to hold on as cover it and there is no cover for him that's Jesus it's gonna get shut down as well seven to two capo just having a dandy old time they are being one step closer and winning this one Apple wanna show the critical obscene that they are not but sighing geez at the entrance right back here as life finally finds one returned by 13 HP but trying to go back and return to blueberries this is DejaVu gets to from behind over towards feet long and they pick up a third round very chaotic from both of these teams dynamic pick up one of their first few rounds of the first half here and they have some money in the buffer but 12 just so lethal over towards be long a battle of these maids here as legend he's gonna geek out here but eventual is trying to go for these quick scopes dividing counter for his teammate really trying to take down Avenger but Avenger the quickscope has everything to say about it and now she's it over towards be long it's gonna be a 1vs1 12 vs cheese it's not about 12 is gonna win it 8 to 3 the 1 vs. 1 and its capital to win it again this game I'm just going by so fast the fastest games we've seen here Kappa I've been able to abuse this lack of a defendant each and every time you can see are all the peoples that eventually even by his lonesome still manage with one frag here at his side wants to go for this a cable you know that there's a player over towards mid that's gonna be serene but can't get the kill an outside has that m4 or has dak when a three versus four retake this is for now but we know Capital been so good can they clutch out another two versus for backpack already here with the first frag Yan trying to get something else up but once again before a hard dynamic gaming can't go for this retake and backpack and serene or life I'm just gonna back off right now he knows that he doesn't have to force the angle back locates wins it out the headshot to cleanly get that kill and 26 points of health is all he needs to defuse the bomb has been confused for transfer dynamic capo almost making that tv4 happened but dynamic gaming scraped by at the last minute for routes of the 8 of capo as much time as they can take take it down actually doing all these over shuts down like a nice flick there but backpack is there to trade out eventually so legend to snout one versus one but loses a big portion of his health in the mean time in so legend juice he's gonna try and bait out these sounds here there's a little bit of time to work with 12 now he's gonna reposition himself over towards this vent area legend juice versus 12 and I think I've run it out once again capo these one versus ones two for two in their favor and have been able to get going to entry rides over towards HQ blueberries find someone with the MTX capitalized even more no boy though versus one now as he on the last player over towards this frag actually under 12 at 1 versus 2 still possible 15 bullets in his clip is gonna shut him down though so 10 into 4 as he swings wide and gets taken out capo are 6 rounds away from the winning the revival tournament season 1 entry on into this new site each and every time in actually this game have been able to slow it down in a clean round therefore dynamic absolutely nothing capo did was it going their way but now we switch sides here as capo they take on the CT sign a dynamic gaming they're gonna have to have a very good eastside be able to pull this one back do canals six rounds separate capo from winning the entire tournament like we've said not dropping a single map so far life is just gonna peek out over towards belonging he's gonna spawn a ton of players are gonna fall back gonna throw that smoke out hey boy I put the same foot they just avoid the smoke they just run right through it and now capital they're gonna have to adjust fast because eventual blocks out a couple players now he's getting help of course HQ and that's exactly what they're doing twelve is gonna be able to help them out here but they're getting onto this a sight so fast and y'all taking on eventual 12 spots one and now a three versus two this retake very doable the backpack already on the font planter gonna take down legend juice as well and 11:00 to 5:00 the retake is perfect from capo and they have well dominated it 11:00 to 5:00 they're just gonna wait for this bomb to run out a little bit I'm not sure they're giving them that are they giving them the route I don't think they're gonna give them to round I think they're discussing who is gonna get this defuse so they're just playing around toying with their prey right now you like like to see the BM just a little bit dynamic you've seen the chop they're not too happy about this one they are just joking but still capo only five rounds away now you can see serene with eventual but the tag-team not in life is here to do exactly what blueberries did every single round in the past but he's gonna get shut down now and that backpack is there to win it out as well 12 to 5 scoreboard doesn't lie here you can see not a single player going positive on the side of dynamic gaming and legend juice op fragging beside dynamic gaming they're gonna need some more players to step it up geez it has not been here this game very absent so far Gaming still in this t spawn area trying to figure out what their strategy is but backpack is just so aggressive ruthlessly pushing out I mean he's gonna add another death tally to legend juice as eventual also if she's it finally shuts on this aggression but now it's 13 to 5 I don't think they have any response for this dynamic gaming they're just getting shut out rushing every round it's like ranked it seems like ranked matches to me and in the gaming with nothing kappa with the t's now they're so aggressive on the safety side in the end of dynamic gaming want to hold these angles there's really nothing they can do here they know that if we just swing wide life the silliman over towards b he's been so good at it you're just gonna wait for them to push it over towards vent halls no one pushing just yet that'd be sight a – this is Chi now as Sai takes down 12 he might go for the species now but who knows that one players over towards this orange area backpack you're just gonna wait spots that one player and that's cheez-it gonna get taken down in the end so 14 rounds for a capo even going for that teabag and they are so close to winning this one out two rounds that separate them now I don't think we've seen this dominant I was performing for these teams generic gaming I have been watching the vaad but this has been too much for them to handle 14 to 5 and if we can see a 14 to 5 go down one of them at lease and yon try and go keep a 12 piece of glass on the flanker saline there was that Nate down trying to do damage they're not that far in just yet they've been boxed in and so you can see I'm just trying to keep them at bay but now they might realize single player life he's gonna have to rotate over towards B quickly because bomb is gonna make its way on over towards this B site and everyone on the side of Catholic school inside this is gonna be the retake once again from them because Yan game is bombed down so life takes down sigh in the 3 vs 2 legendry it's gonna take that eventual but now they know where a position is like as a kick to his hand gonna fly onto the site with his teammates they're coming in for this we tape together very quickly takes down serene juice and 15 rounds here tournament point or cap oh they have been so so strong here as we see him come together potentially the last round of the tournament now 15 5 on the cards and if they win this 16 to 5 well that will be absolutely dominating on Bureau very high potential for it to come through well serene begins it off life as well and I think they know that they've won this tournament oh well be your champions of revival tournament season one ladies and gentlemen it has been a pleasure to catch as you can see the stats right there dynamic gaming want out as fast they can they don't want to be staying in this Lobby because appo just three owed them in this best-of-five series props to them commiserations to dynamic gaming but in the end capital they're gonna win this one out and they are your season one champions thank you everyone for tuning in to these live streams for these past couple weeks it's been an honor to cast this for you all shout out to hustle for helping out and all the teams that were involved we're gonna go over the brackets one last time here is for the all to see it out this is gonna be the bracket one last time for everybody you can see capo made their way through to over five young uns they two odd philosophy and they three Oh dynamic gaming not dropping a single map here in the tournament shows how dominant they were all of these performances do you believe out of the seven maps six of them they held their opponents to less than ten rounds so that shows how dominant they are and they're gonna take home that grand prize of $1,000 for their team congratulations to them and that's gonna be it for me ladies and gentlemen take care and I will see you all some other time possibly for season two if we're gonna add EU South America maybe we'll see that's gonna be it for me thank you everyone it was a lovely production time leave a like subscribe down below and have a great rest of your day peace out everybody initiating take a bath to keep me guessing you're in the house like stormy weather Oh me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] to fix all [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] sound down Basin sound digital down the face the faces

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