In the second day of congressional hearings, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized to congress – again! Which was diplomatically Rejected by the Congresswoman and questioned who’s gonna save us from Facebook?

Facebook is an idealistic and optimistic company for most of our existence we focused on all the good that connecting people can bring and as Facebook has grown people everywhere have gotten a powerful new tool for staying connected to the people they care about most for making their voices heard and for building community and businesses just recently we've seen the me2 movement and the March for our lives organized at least part on Facebook after hurricane Harvey people came together and raised more than 20 million dollars for relief and there are more than 70 million small businesses around the world that use our tools to grow and create jobs but it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and that goes for fake news foreign interference and elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake it was my mistake and I'm sorry I started Facebook I run it and at the end of the day I'm responsible for what happens here you know you have a long history of growth and success but you also have a long list of apologies in 2003 it started at Harvard I apologize for any harm done as a result of my neglect 2006 we really messed this one up 2007 we simply did a bad job I apologized for it 2010 sometimes we move too fast 2011 I'm the first to admit that were made that we've made a bunch of mistakes 2017 this is an in connection with the Russian manipulation of the election and the data that would came from Facebook initially I am I ask for forgiveness I will work to do better so it seems to me from this history that self-regulation this has proved to me that self-regulation simply does not work I have a bill the secure and protect Americans data act that I hope you will take a look at very simple bill about setting standards for how you have to make sure that the data is protected deadlines on when you have to release that information to the the public certainly it ought to go to the FTC as well you said yesterday that Cogan also sold data to other firms you named you NOAA technologies how many are there total and what are their names can we get that and how many are told are there total congressmen we can follow up with you to make sure that you get all that information but order of magnitude I don't believe it was a large number but as we complete the audits we will know more what's a large number a handful his Facebook tried to get those firms to delete user data and its derivatives yes congresswoman in 2015 when we first learned about it we immediately demanded that the app developer and the firm's that he sold it to delete the data and they all represented us that they had it wasn't until about a month ago that new reports surfaced that suggested that they hadn't which is what has kicked off us needing to now go do this full audit and investigation and investigate all these other apps that that have come up oh and derivatives deleted congresswoman we need to complete the investigation and audit before I can confirm that you are representing us is that they have but we need to now get into their systems and confirm that before I want to stand up here confidently and say what they've done so mr. green asked about the general data protection regulation on May 25th that's going to go into effect by the EU and your response was let me ask is your response that exactly the protections that are guaranteed I'm not though what do you say yeah no it's not the could just the control but all the rights that are guaranteed under the general data protection regulations will be applied to Americans as well congresswoman the gdpr has a bunch of different important pieces one is around offering controls over specific over every use of people's right that's one that we're doing the second is around pushing for affirmative consent and putting a control in front of people that walks people through their their choices exactly to do that to the second although that might be different depending on the laws in specific countries in different places but we're going to put a tool at the top of everyone's app that walks them through their settings and and helps them understand what it sounds like it will not be exact and what you say as we look at the distribution of information that who's going to protect us from Facebook is also a question

37 thoughts on “Congresswoman REJECTS Mark Zuckerberg's Apology!

  1. انا اعتبره بطل يجب حمايته من المجرمين وتكريمه لأنه غير الكثير وساهم في إسقاط أنظمة ظالمة وعصابات تقود شعوب . اذن يا ناطح الجبل ارؤف برءسك

  2. Who really cares about your data ?, to people who do illegal things, people who have photos of pedophilia, photos of tortured animals, photos or videos of murders, pornography of all kinds of categories, where you bought your vibrator, with whom You chatted in a racist way about the Mexicans, to each of them who are worried about your data, if you share your kitty photos or your granny with nieces, you're fine.

  3. Stupid old bitches like her are just not smart enough to understand that you can’t secure everything and keep it all private, Facebook is a big ass platform and every other company makes the same “mistakes”.
    Not like our Mart Zuckerberg gives a fuck if she doesn’t accept his apologie 😂

  4. Bottom line, If you don't like the user agreement and you want ultimate protection… don't use Facebook.(*Gasps in Spanish) It sounds like a majority of Congressmen don't anyway.

  5. mark should have just asy, you know what? you are right, and switch off facebook for 1 day! congress would be back to beg him to open it to stop the riots outside!

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