Classic Game Room reviews JOUST for the arcade played on PC. The arcade version of Joust can be found easily (unless you’re looking for a real arcade machine in which case they are more rare), this particular version is from the Midway collection that comes with the X-Arcade Tankstick.

47 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – JOUST for arcade / PC review

  1. Nobody will believe me, but I was a "million" pointer on this game in 1987.  I was doing terrible at the University of Missouri in Columbia, probably because of this game and a burgeoning alcohol problem, but I played this game for hours a day. There was a pizza restaurant, on Broadway St. if I remember, with a small game room and this was a restaurant that had just begun offering free refills on drinks, yes free refills were a new thing at this time.  I would buy a coke and spend about three dollars a day on Joust, and one day I reached over a million points.  This has been my only success in life; lucky me!  As depressed as I was then, I loved those hours of solitude playing that game, wish I could go back for just a while.

  2. Oooooh nostaligia.  I played this on my PC as a kid.  It was joust and sierra card games.  I remember the first time I got to the level of joust where the bottom platform started to disappear.  I was so freaked out when I had the bird flying above the lava and a hand reached out and grabbed it.

  3. my uncooperative cousin and I used to play this game together so much and have fun time killing the enemies and avoiding each other because we couldn't trust each other to not kill one another. Some of the most fun I've ever had playing a video game.

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