Classic Game Room HD reviews Vin Diesel WHEELMAN for Playstation 3 PS3. This CGRHD review of WHEELMAN has gameplay footage from the game, Wheelman on PS3, recorded in high definition. Watch Vin Diesel’s character run around Barcelona and airjack Pontiacs and Opels. AIR JACK. That’s right, carjacking is now obsolete. It has been replaced by Vin Diesel’s AIRJACK move where he springs forth from speeding Smart Cars and pounces on unsuspecting drivers airjacking their punk ass. Dude, you’ve been airjacked by VIN DIESEL! Rock on! Seriously, that guy can jump! Wheelman is a teen rated game that has a somewhat grand theft auto feel to it but without the explicit sex, violence, gore and mass slaughter. If you like the GTA series and want to try something different give Wheel Man on the PS3 a spin. If you want to laugh at airjacking but it is so outrageous give this game a twirl. If you want to wonder what the heck a Pontiac is doing in Spain give this game a little play. Basically, Wheelman does nothing terribly well except for the fact that it excels at doing nothing terribly well….. but it has AIR JACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s next, Sea Jacking? No… no, they already do that… how about… SPACE JACKING! No… they did that in Alien 4….. hmmmmm….. ah! NOTHING JACKING! The act of jacking something out of nothing! Classic Game Room HD is the place for reviews of PS3 games like Wheelman because although other places and websites review PS3 games, only Classic Game Room can give you a Classic Game Room review. It even says so on our opening title. We spelled it correctly and everything. Don’t make me NOTHINGJACK YOU!

I save a table for you we get you whatever you want all I want is a fast car and a place to go this is Vin Diesel wheelman plastered all over the packaging is Vin Diesel on the menus Vin Diesel in the game Vin Diesel just because you can put Vin Diesel in a videogame doesn't mean you should and it has nothing to do with Vin Diesel I have nothing against Vin Diesel one way or the other but it's not him on screen it's a computerized Vin Diesel and he does the voice dialogue change the plans huh and the best part about it is that they did a lot of processing work on his voice so they took every frequency between 40 and 100 and jacked it all the way up so Vin Diesel sounds like an earthquake every time he talks just like me when I have a cold let's see what happens when I take my voice and jack up all frequencies between 40 and 100 this is my voice being equalized hey let's change the pitch or work to pour yours reverb the strength of wheelman is in its overall mediocrity and the fact that that car's trunk is in the front and there's a free tire hiding in there putting a little animated cartoon action figure of Vin Diesel in that car was like trying to shove Skeletor inside the Barbie Dream mobile he fit it was a pink Corvette right I think my cousin had one and yes Skeletor does fit in it but there's no backseat for battle cat as discrimination you do something for me then we will see what do you need there's a troll named Benito he has something of mine a briefcase and you want it back it's hard not to look at this game and immediately see Grand Theft Auto with a teen rating which is essentially what it is you're constantly running around the screen as Vin Diesel except he looks like an action figure the game has a teen rating so you can't run around the city and shoot civilians and the streets in this city seems strangely empty there's just not a whole lot of life but you can bet you can still blow up cars and motorcycles so you hide a few drivers and then that are stealing your cars and then good for business all right fellas you know how some ladies will spend several hundred dollars per jeans it's because they're bulletproof yeah you're running around screen as a little animated Vin Diesel which just seems strangely out of place in this game it would have been much better if it was a fictional character or if they would have just hired Bruce Campbell to do the voice dialogue somebody who wouldn't have done it also deadpan and would have just made the entire thing sarcastic had they made this game funny I think it would have been awesome like I doubt they could have afforded Stallone but he would have been excellent for this like yeah steal the car which one of you is Philippe do I know you not yet my name is Milo Biewer there's a storyline in the game where you're Vin Diesel Vin Diesel playing Milo and he has to do a number of things and the storyline is fairly cliche there's there's a whole bunch of side missions and that's actually the best part of the game not only is it funny that you can steal smart cars or at least little tiny cars that look like smart cars but the whole air jacking concept is so ludicrous that it would have been better suited for a sarcastic humorous video game Vin Diesel jumps from moving vehicles or motorcycles onto the top of other cars then kicks out the drivers and steals them awesome and frankly I'm going to recommend this game because wheelman pushes the envelope of so ridiculous that it's good and the featured car in the game is a Pontiac in Spain they can't even sell them over here it's not an unplayable game it doesn't have poor controls well either not great but it's not a bad game it's just conceptually it's so all over the place and seems to miss the mark but it misses the mark so widely in all occasions that it's funny and I mean that as a compliment I really do err jacking I want to see more video games with air jacking I mean what they were trying to go for here was it was an action film you can do other sort of special moves while you're driving along you can spin your car around backwards and then shoot people chasing you there's a lot of times where the action slows down it gets very cinematic and Vin Diesel starts talking and it's such a mixed bag of mediocrity as I said in the beginning that it does it does turn into an entertaining video game and you can air Jack smart cars wheelman is actually a rather large game and if you noticed earlier I showed the map of the city where there's a number of different of different challenges and side races and side missions that you can do there's races like street races again against a number of other opponents there's challenges when you're trying to escape from police there's missions where you try to smash everything in sight to rack up combos in a dollar amount and then you can get letter letter grades and earn achievement points and trophies on these missions depending on if you're playing the ps3 version or the 360 version of the game wheelman has a team rating so there's no blood and gore but it does have air jacking which is simply ridiculous that anybody could actually think that you'd air jack a smart car if you're going to air Jack anything it should be a station wagon or SUV with a roof rack that you could hang on – that's wheelman I'm waiting for the sequel wheelman – Vin Diesel on a unicycle air jackin hot air balloons filled with clowns ranked s

48 thoughts on “Classic Game Room HD – WHEELMAN for PS3 review

  1. i am suprised no one talked about the film that was supposed to come out w this game. turns out this game was a prequiel to the film that never happiend lol. oh well Ven Diesel

  2. Did any one else find this game to have a VERY unbalanced difficulty?
    Some of the simplest missions I couldn't ever even finish for one reason or another. Some just didn't give enough time.

  3. +Lord Karnage, how about, oh, I don't know, ACTUALLY REVIEWING THE GAME instead of spending over eight minutes hating on Vin Diesel? Oh, and if you keep hating on Vin Diesel, I am going to make fun of your admiration of Sacha Baron Cohen and Hugh Grant if you want to go down the road of people that can not act, okay? Thank you.

  4. that motorcycle explosion would have been closer to realistic if it hadn't jumped before it blew up 😛 had me rolling.  Granted vehicle explosions in games are generally not grounded in reality but this one seems to attempt to make the explosions closer to real life physics (though i guess it shouldnt explode at all) and in turn totally takes the satisfaction away from blowing stuff up at all.  Though the antigravity bike at 3:12 was admittedly amusing.

    p.s. the unicycle jacking air balloon comment at the end had me rolling too

  5. This game looks fun as Hell and did pretty well as far as metacritic scoring. THe only problem I can imagine is the overwhelming jealousy some people have for this actor.  As witnessed by the commentary in the review itself the amount of bias eliminates some people's ability to review the ACTUAL GAME.  7 or the 8 minutes of this video was spent disparaging the actor in some and I'm almost positive the reviewer probably loved Arnold Schwarzneger and Sylvester Stallone films as a kid and probably still does.  Anyway, if air jacking was in GTA it would be considered a great feature…atleast as good as running a passenger bus into a lake or or scooping cows with a front end loader, but you know who's likeness is on the marquee of this game so no kudos there.  Anyway I've been looking for some games that I overlooked on PS3 until Infamous Second Son comes out.  I'll probably grab Escape from Butcher Bay too.

  6. am I the only one in the world who kinda enjoys this game??? graphics suck but Im using enb series which makes it look better than gta4….the city design suck, but all other stuff is really neat in my opinion

  7. This is a great game to play with mates, so much fun. The story ain't very good but just pissing about is outrageously fun. I enjoyed this more than GTA IV. There I said it

  8. I remember playing the demo for this. The driving was fun as hell, but the story seemed lame, so I passed up on buying it. Judging by this review, I guess I was right in not buying it.

  9. air jacking in just cause 2 is so epic!
    i can parachute out of a jet that im crashing into a bridge to the top of a sports car and steal it!
    thats just epic! 😀 (just that when i did that the plane blown up my car… :/)

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