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Classic Game Room reviews ATARI FLASHBACK 8 GOLD from AtGames with 120 built-in Atari, Activision and M-Network video games. Retro gaming via HDMI, the Atari Flashback 8 Gold has HDMI and wireless controllers. CGR Atari Flashback 8 Gold review has Atari Flashback 8 Gold YouTube review videogame footage of Atari games recorded from Atari Flashback 8 in this Atari Flashback 8 review

welcome to classic game room any more Atari would break the internet so lets more Atari with the Atari flashback eight gold which includes 120 built in Atari games how many times can I say Atari in this review a lot let's get started well there's no substitute for owning a real Atari 2600 and massive collection of games the Atari flashback eight gold gives you a bunch of games all at once and outputs them via HDMI something you're old-school Atari 2600 does not do this is yet another one of the flashback plug-and-play game consoles comes with a bunch of the popular games some unreleased titles like yars return seeing here and a good number of the activision classics as well the video output looks nice I have not detected any lag and it has Aquaventure I love Aquaventure here it is the Atari flashback 8 gold look at the gold look at the gold admire the gold Atari flashback 8 gold with classics and new hit titles included wireless controllers 720p output and you can save resume and rewind games real like VHS tapes I don't think they work like that alright here we have aerators we've got some of the em Network classics in there and Activision classics like beam Rider if you haven't played asteroids on the Atari 2600 in HD then you just haven't played asteroids in in HD you don't need to play asteroids in high-definition to enjoy it in fact many of us would say that part of the fun when playing Atari is the imperfections just getting an Atari 2600 to work in the first place is a modern miracle the flashbacks eight gold isn't really aimed at the maniacs who already own two or three Ataris it's aimed at those of you who want to get a whole bunch of the games plug it into a modern television because let's face it hooking up an old Atari to a new TV is a pain in the ass the Atari flashback eight gold also makes a great gift for that Atari fan in your life is it the best solution it's not a bad solution at all purists will always bulk at these things but I like it for the price you get a lot of good stuff it comes with two wireless controllers you'll have to supply your own double-a batteries you can also use your old-school wired controllers and you'll definitely want some paddle controllers to enjoy games like demons to diamonds super breakout and kaboom these days collecting retro game systems is getting more and more expensive a game like hero on screen now will cost you I love that a bunch of Activision games are in here including some of my favorites like hero beam Rider mega mania and Durrell and River raid sadly some of my other favorites like pitfall 2 and river raid 2 are not included this sorry flashback 8 gold ooh I love Atari posters I have many of them she's never looked at nice as the original Atari hardware but I don't think they could make them anymore they'd have to go out and cut down a bunch of trees probably protected by laws now back in the day they would just chop down trees and make Atari out of them they were great I don't think it really worked like that but my mind did did in 1986 my atari 2600 did not come with an hdmi cable but this one does two of the wireless controllers here's the size of it compared to my sears tella games beautiful woodgrain finish on that light as you would expect them play the actual cartridges but it's not really what they're going for here does work with HDMI something the original Atari did not do the layout is intuitive ND menu interface works well look a game I don't have frostbite factors a couple games in here I don't have like Polaris because I just haven't found it yet and yars return and Aquaventure because they never released them both of those games are really good at worth owning this collection for here's kaboom being played with my paddle controllers which needed but I always like playing a good game of kaboom nice choice another one of my all-time favorites it's the highly underrated demons two diamonds there's just nothing else quite like yet it plays really well it's not a great looking game but it doesn't need to be it's just super fun as you blast the demons and then collect the gems afterwards here's mega mania and a game called off the wall which I assumed was about Michael Jackson but nope no it is not it's like a weird version of breakout or something good old pitfall Harry there's plenty of games in here to start your collection or fill the gaps in your collection what are they going to do with the Atari flashback 9 platinum presumably may I make a suggestion include Atari Jaguar games there's so many great games on here it's hard to pick my favorites obviously yars revenge but we've also got river raid from Activision sprit master that's fun sword quest Waterworld tempest for the Atari 2600 the incredible beam rider on the best on the atari circuit atari that's a good fun combat Gravatar hero frog pond fatal run pitfall outlaw jungle hunt and the EM Network cartridges this is worth it 4/5 games easily River raid beam rider yards return Aquaventure and demons 2 diamonds those 5 games alone should keep you occupied indefinitely and you get 115 more including some of my favorites like super breakout see you on screen here hey how about the Atari flashback 9 comes with some new paddle controllers because mine all need repaired and you can just drop tempus because the atari 2600 version of tempest is horrible so are most of the M Network cartridges but you already know that classic game room has been brought to you by the ultra massive video game console guide 230 pages of video games on amazon.com retro mega treks and how to make a video game review show that doesn't suck and haze is number two welcome to the patreon Lord carnage club being shouted from a turbo volcano Michael and Arianna Nelson ensure Steven Chuck now shall stever Richter barrows Jason joy and eesh life Sergio Mathias hare Gert Phillips trouble Mueller jaxxed Everest oh hi honey Simon Allen and shuns ol tech

25 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – ATARI FLASHBACK 8 GOLD review

  1. Tempest for the 2600 (unreleased) is an interesting case study in a game trying to do something that is really not possible. I'll say this, it's recognizably a Tempest adaptation. If you squint really hard.

  2. I still have my Atari 2600 from 1981 and I would like to get this, been using emulators for a long time and a real console here and there but they are just a pain in the ass in so many ways. This looks easy to set up and has the proper controllers! I have never gotten used to using a gamepad for the old classic games.

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