Clutch Gaming vs Royal Youth Game 3 – World Championship 2019: Play In Knockouts – CG vs RYL G3
Picks & Bans: 1:45 Game Start: 8:11
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welcome back to the world's planes not out sage Guney is that the face of Mercy I think not that is the face that wants to go 300 make its way scoop stage that might be the face that's the face of Mercy at the end tanner de montagne he knows what time it is who was it that used to do a staring competition is that snoop snoop it used to do it also did it for a little while did he take its new pasting I think we're Snoopy's thing in the crapper Tucker but those guys do you just going can everything sure I don't think saying you hate Snoopy and crap order a world's broadcast is the best way to make friends that's probably right I think you've decided they want to be on the blue side for this what what could be the final game of this best-of-five so far they have looked pretty pretty unstoppable let's be honest we haven't had a way to answer them yes and the surprising thing is now in game number three they do have side selection and going back to blue side this could just be to run back time number three but I think we've we both said royal really needs to change things up if they're gonna be able to do anything here because clutch have done exactly the same thing two games in a row and they haven't had to change anything because royal haven't brought anything new to the table yeah really like the only thing that did change from that second game was the Olaf band that got stuff stitute it in for the third one Rumble first pick instead of last pick there and Huli look at the goods on that one and and it it does kind of allude to like is this rumble a problem it's just guaranteeing early game top prior you saw the segment with frost can spawn just talking about it like how they are attacking closer and he's the guy that's been stepping up for this roster he has been the one making things happen and without a strong performance for their jungler in this series royal youth they just look like they're floundering they definitely are Lee sin and Keanu the first two bands here from clutch two Oh up in this best-of-five world youth will get rid of the rumble now I stopped the car it's not gonna be picked up and that does me syndra alba khan is making its way through shirley syndra stays is this gonna be another Olaf fan from clutch it is gonna be the case Ricardo vez Indra would be interesting something extraneous being thrown into the mix could be another option and maybe you do throw up something like that major then clutch change their priorities okay GP ban okay so the GP ban means that clutch only get either syndra over car yes reduces the pool for hoon that top lane simply locked in we have seen that flanks and we'll see where boyle go with an ex to play yeah and you do mention the pool for hooni right out of all of the games before this best-of-five Mooney had copped two of three of a key Arnott oh sorry I should take clutch Kiana Rumble or GP bans so we'll do the same here Caixa locking the wither syndra available not sure if Cody son has load that one recently been able to pick that one up and throw it into the matchup and that has been one of the successful ones it looks like that won't be the case and it is just blind here I think that's fine Cody Sun is much more of an ad carry players played one game of Sona this split apart from that everything he picks his ad carries so getting an ad carry for him it seems to be paramount syndra as you say locked in there's the wreck site and now we'll see if the Thresh is Balkans choices okay taking that one away from tolerant at a super rough game on it in the last one and also Flay interacted with Jarvan can't be should be useful so a lot of options open up here still surprised the liver hasn't picked this scanner yeah he went 12 and 3 on it in the regular season 9 and 1 I think you from playoffs through gauntlet so not picking it when it's been open every single time it hasn't caused any problems for yeah they're playing through the early game they're putting pressure about top that's fine but it's just surprising to me when you have such a champion that you're so stronger and I think it is really the fact that pre level 6 doesn't offer much like SCADA into Jarvan he's a pickable champion you get to that level 6 marketing lena teamfights even with a gargoyle job and very often just dashes super far ahead are the rest of his team he's like a solo over there and then you just hold him up take it back into your back line he gets one hit and the teamfight is yours so not the most surprising the clutch index a little bit earlier on that early game advantage if you don't see him so much but so now we have the Orianna locked in for seal and then the irelia ban lots of focus up towards that top side perhaps in armored of course play weak clad he also plays nob and Jace pretty well so there's some options left for him makan taken away by clutch they don't want that case of a con combo we see so often but things like the Nautilus are still up yeah so I wouldn't be surprised if tolerant goes towards that you can see with their last ban as well lb being thrown at Avante they're not certain that this syndrome is just gonna be the mid matchup they're trying to force it Oriana versus syndra years ago was like the staple just control mage matchup yeah and it's like okay like three level six sorry how it has the advantage of then kill pressure comes online when you get that all to your syndra but has changed over the course of time and they're not willing to throw five bands at hooni leverage it's somewhat okay okay that's an aggressive bot lane I like this from royal they're saying we have to change things up let's pick the Blitzcrank bumped of course on 919 so strong he even needed a little bit of a yes six bug fix where he was picking people from too far away yeah I believe they removed some of the lollipop being that's when skill shots get bigger at just the end of their range so it allowed him to take things like blue bat blue buff from the river yeah it was pretty disgusting you have to admit Lucian will be the lock for the bottom side clocking going for the thresh Lucian lane this does open up very strong ganks early on for closer on the job and cuz they let were to get towards mid syndra's solo mobility can be quite easy for him to be caught out yeah certainly could be the case the Lucian lock in for Cody son I like that a lot having a dash against the Blitzcrank Lane look it doesn't even need describing solution okay yeah alright Ezreal top or is it syndra top it's definitely gonna be Lucian Tom Mooney juggles everything are you sure I'm fairly sure okay not much would you bet on it being Lucien top I'm not a betting man okay well that's that's really shut you hear the whole conversation that boy where the top lane the left four seconds do they match with like tryst yeah Casio that could be one okay time out chase okay so Jason is our mats or one of our MIT's most players play four times and I believe one of his most winningest champions in their qualification series over the likes of players like frozen and Ernie a storage unit and wolf the imports on supermassive and organization you will know armored had a monster performance in their game number five to clinch their place at Worlds and now one game away from going home walks that in inter honey so I'm holding my breath six seconds left and you might be very happy you didn't bet in a moment's time oh why is that so okay it's real top all right hey hoon is bringing out the big guns for this game of course being 200 up you can experiment you can take a few risks it's real into James I will be honest and match up I have not an extra one that I'm not too experienced on but we'll see how that develops give me a rundown of how you expect the early game to go for these two teams well I mean like let's talk about that Ezreal burst Jace right like they do similar issues in terms of throwing the Lucian there or the Ezreal as y'all can be much more negative much more effectively Lucian will require resources up on the topside that is those kind of skew things this one this is a much harder team comp to execute from clutch double ad carry again yes but they don't have an equalizer that was really the proactive move that gave them a lot of their plays it was hooni with pry oh he rotates over and then forces the fights for them this is back to the experimentation that clutch were doing through the group stage and now with confidence of a 200 series score line right now roll you're gonna have to answer back hi this this is the time to be a little bit confident a little bit arrogant perhaps in here something like the area on top of I'm sure of course weenie has practice on it but it's just not something we come the one game stands between touch and worlds groups and loyal will be looking through the first sweep they have to win all three of the next three if they're gonna take it tolerant is optimal yes outside right now Blitzcrank doing the old silenced rat but on the other side of the map it's got his wheels he's just zooming towards that bush doesn't wanna go for the third one but does he stay here oh he's gone for the deep flank okay they thinking hooni is in that bush in the river fortunately for him standing much further down but so yeah I think toddlin has to back here otherwise you have too long where pilot is by himself down towards the bottom side and against the Thresh Andalucian you could just be harassed out so easily on that first way and it really didn't cost them anything right in terms of level one clutch out the strongest so they're not looking for any early bot side invades or anything like that so tolerant goes up you could have forced to the e start from who knee if he had already leveled an ability you could have forced the flash over the wall and if he fails both those things that could have been a first blood right so the opportunity cost them next to nothing and we'll just walk back towards the bottom side as the little Blitzcrank that he is there might be a really late invade here it's actually not gonna happen I saw Levin Demonte teaming up and trying to push up towards this red buff and close up but they just get award in and so they won't go for the invade they will start his blue by himself closer will start his red by himself means neither jungler will be spotted out early on yeah and you saw for just a second Ezreal Oni rotating down the river and saw that the Jarvan was actually starting at Lane pulling that one that is a very nice ward gonna stop that any form of level 2 shenanigans here hooni does have a point in the queue so noe to get himself to safety you knows exactly where closer is on this top side of the map it definitely does closer as you say spotted out on the ward on him to get that level to gank he was looking for who knee is running collector Marty on the Ezreal top as you would expect classic take you taking some notes out of perhaps new goos book saying okay what a run klepto Marty but I do have a champion that usually does it instead of something yeah Camille he's also just Ezreal right so uh not a lot of room choices to be had up there maybe if you're going like an AP bill you could potentially look for something else but it's kind of the expected play I want to kind of take a look at this bot side match up the Blitzcrank is picked here into the Thresh is that it negates Vulcans ability to be a hook Thresh this is something I talked about being a lantern Thresh as a Thresh player it's no fires nowhere near you just walk around you got your mobiie boots you're just saving your jungler wherever he goes in it's a tunnel forward from leer and then a lantern back to safety because if you charge them up the hook it has a charge up time whereas just as you saw tolerant presses the button goes out hook comes back immediately and if you do try and be proactive in the matchup you do just get straight up punished to the two versus two now the extra range is that little bit more effective and tolerant showed it in the group stage in that fiora game they split push their way to victory it's not his first time even playing it on the world stage definitely not as you were saying the hook for blitz make just that bit quicker than the hook from Thresh so it means you can't counteract the enemy hook I have asked our stats team to research some Ezreal stats for me okay I do want drawn some knowledge bombs here let's go look at the time Ezreal was played top in a non troll game so again that that had meaning 2015 element qualifiers it did not win that's a long e okay the last time it is e1 was 2012 champions spring in Korea seven years ago seven years ago God a long long time ago who needs most played champion though in solo queue on EU s has been Estoril 71% win rate over 35 games so he's had a lot of practice on this channel and the top lane I'm assuming that is a reasonable mix of ad carry and maybe some top lane games here and there I I wouldn't expect to that many games to be thrown towards Israel at the top line but you never know anyone was gonna do it it would be honey is the constantly the experimenter so remember you know Cassiopeia Lucian taught both of those his inventions mostly I'm sure he took inspiration from some places they were to come up towards the midline here that's actually the hardest thing with calling people like his invention because scrim culture happens and we don't get a book it that's why I never took inspiration while I made it famous it's like yeah player X is just grinding cassio top for literal years and then isn't the first one to play it on stage like I'm in OC Oh once you hit Bokan in the bottom Lane looking for the lantern on Scotty Sun told us to get the knocker pilot ticking down should be an easy enough here but watch bus blocks are bulken and now they're looking for the chase on Tom with another plate but doesn't land though Donovan still has the manner barrier Cody's unable to dodge away had perfectly played there from clutch they get the 2v2 pilot loses his heel doesn't blow his flash and the end of the day cody gets lantern forward so didn't even have to use his – his relentless pursuit sir can get away from tolerant the only real scary thing against up Blitzcrank when he's underneath his turret is that hook it's tired so if you have the – available super easy and now this bottom side of the map for a series that has been decided on the other side is a super good start here the clock I'll get in Cody ahead is so instrumental for clutch as they get towards those mid game fights and right now we get to see close to have an effect on the map and in a pure 2v2 they know the hooks down which is very important and you see the immediate punch ball can flash flight gets both lanterns over the top and tolerate kind of maybe had a window if you can hook the lantern that could have been a flash away from the kaiser hooks down actually yeah hunter percent wasn't even available okay there am I going through with the boycott against the unburn knock off the scatter the weak is monumental tomb on take us the killing bed and clutch once again off to a flying start in this game yes second – the play counter gank is easy there earlier and the mobis from Vulcan gets him to the mid lane off the back end as well tolerant in the area but multiple lanes six minutes into this one already – Oh start 1000 gold is the lead and clutch continuing to dominate so difficult for royal to do anything about this haven't seen closer really able to get those ganks off as level 2 was stymied by honey and lower in the top lane and now is a thousand five hundred gold lead for clutch very difficult for the Turkish representatives to get back in this one so we'll take another look at what happened Devante holds his splash of a shockwave and closer coming in just gets dodged out very easily and then the hail of blaze there from Lyra stun from Dante is a very easy cleanup then yeah just well-executed holding their nerve not blowing summoners when they don't need to and punishes Swift whole level advantage now from Lyra over closer has ten extra CS as well there and now level 6 has the void rush if they want to go for a fight but for the moment it looks like clutch just want control at this bottom side River sano it's gonna land a hook here once a Balkan broken no flash let's blast go in there as well but on one's gonna knock himself is in the worst of shapes has to flash away and how did he hook thresh old for the wall gets blast plants forward and has to flash to safety that is a disastrous scenario for hookah just somehow walks away with it he's happy the thing was you could see it happening I could see it happening Holloman should have been expectant of it was trying to get to the blast cone first but very happy just to knock him back into his team means that blitz no longer has the flash of course is running hex flash so has a couple of options but very hard now to have that instantaneous mass hook yeah and every time the hook is down the punish is there that was straight up one versus two oh okay it has a 100% win rate suffering the consequences of that you've got serrated dirk already finished in that top lane true shot worth will clear out the way but arm it will be looking to starting knocking down plates up towards this top side and that's kind of the thing right in terms of chase okay you need to hold that book Sullivan is ignited and ticking down and he's gonna fall again the clutch bottom lane is just destroying wall right now pilot immediately holy son going in the Caribbean sick not quite enough balkan stepping forward oh just millimeters wide another two versus two kill they cannot quite find the second pilot on a sliver of HP or messiah whether he sticks around in this one either side of the bait dude by pilots and lanten out of turret range another plate off the back end and this bottom Lane is just going from bad to worse the CS lead is not there but kills all over the place this can't be happening for all you you saw eyelet forcing the flash from hooni on the topside the Jays just being more effective at what he's doing right now on the rift but bottom line is bleeding 10 CS behind already 0-2 on the Kaiser is about 700 gold behind in that Lane in essence reaver on its way for Cody's son top lane is at the place to be for both the junglers has liver perhaps caught out just a tad here by closer the nock it's gonna land there's a kind of Cataclysm as well and here comes Albert first kill of the game per Boyle they find one in the top lane just greedy polythene from Lyra gets spotted out flash commits from the Jace and very easy cleanup playing around the Ezreal no flash playthrough is a difficult one see how this happened or it hooks the minion the switcheroo tolerant getting desperate with a hex flash there in bulk it just predicts you knows where he's going looking for the hook around the minions and that it's not going to be it as we speed through this punko is just that little bit wider the damage calculation yes he'll is available in a second but pilot no pot ticking just dies who knew could just jump away from this doesn't have the flash it's actually going Cole yeah that little bit extra gold in his back pocket has obviously been learning from our first series of the day yeah and that's the thing like think about this top-line match both of them want to play it range but in terms of itemization it's a tier Cole vs. Ally thala despite their for jets Hamid is gonna be much stronger much quicker in this game and they do play similar things Falken oh very close to getting the job and out of his e-q combo vulcan coming up here with the flash now once again it's clutch gaming guys in 10 minutes were on the clock so it's time for without calling could look for a hook across this wall pretty easy to hit those now who knee takes a bit of a chunk of damage there taking up the rift held seola on his way oh it's on the way down this works on our neighbors connected in the box now caught out in the midst of all of clutch and Tolliver is having a nightmare of a guy that was a train wreck thrashed through the cue the hook could have landed guaranteed flash less on Balkan but comes a little bit too late gets played into multiple members now rift Herald and the kill goes over we were able to pick that one up shepherding through his topside as well has been dinged the double sweeper as well so looking to clear out some of that board got the reset off the cooldown and it's gonna bash in more gold going to Cody Sun mm go ahead now as you say there's plates fall on the topside clutch extending that lead piece by piece bit by bit and really boiled really struggling to do anything about it tolerant that key man in terms of catching people out is once again almost gonna fall the culling doesn't quite connect but it is a bit of an odd one here if I asked you at the start of the day who would have a more convincing series would it be damn water would it be clutch yeah I don't think anyone would have said clutch but they have been just devastating in this best-of-five absolutely you can hear applause from the audience tony was also the one to be gifted the plates on the top side so demanding some of that gold and this is the interaction hook now whilst he's locked in the animation but aftershock white collar in a little bit of time but he's going absolutely nowhere and once again this is the expected play ah it's gotta hurt it's gotta hurt when you see one of your players that you've coached through thick and thin you've coached through the entirety of 2018 struggle so find his mark now 20 19 18 I've got back in time there now levar perhaps per Donovan is gonna land a hook this type of focus on the way with the play armor coming into the side layer goes in with a Boyd washings hollering once again the man to ball ignited level praise seeker to find his mark and another kill goes down CEO trying to come across to help his team out it's a 4 B 3 there was gonna walk away making it a 3 for 3 in this bottom Lane balking with on characters and coming out closer goes down Balkans stop watches the shockwave and Royal just can't get anything to go their way calling coming out see your Forester way underneath the tower and this will be the second tower of the game of clutch and the difference is committal TP comes through hooni lands at the play but royal just stutter stepping all over the place Devante being left alone in mid lane just pushing that way further and further 13 minutes the second dragon getting taken as the turret dies as well double ad carry do able to pick that one up and clutch the games are just getting quicker and quicker as the series progresses such good play here from punch royal of course knocked out Lemang go in the group stage as well they're probably commiserating with a Brazilian brothers right now at a 7 and 1 score line we'll see this once again ton of it uses the hook very early on yeah and I didn't see before this play at they did they know that we're in the bush because hook onto a reksai it gets a double knock up Lyra burns the flash to get the cleanup of the backend and in just the second like the culling comes through that just fishing for damage on the turret you can see on the mini-map as well I say catching top underneath her own turret leaves Demonte alone so bottom side is lewd is losing Sandra's getting three got off the opposite side of the map and everyone from royal just dancing around not willing to commit to the play and with a Blitzcrank composition you have to go for them you really do Vulcans being absolutely on point with this fresh campfire this game playing around tolerant very well of course talent has been making mistakes we are up towards those first completed items essence reaver on Cody Sun Luden's EKKO finished on Demonte it's got a lot of damage already on this syndra and look at the plate defense oh well actually getting seven plates yes that's the surprising I guess a lot of that is true I'm within the side lane just pushing into hooni over and over again 600 extra gold for watch across the course of those first minutes they are 5000 gold ahead at the 15 minute mark and absolutely dominant performance by them and now they're just looking to open up this mid tower yeah and the real problem is that the Jayce wasn't Avenue to play through he should have had a gold Lee but because of klepto because the plates have been gifted to who knee is actually basically dead even between the Jason the Ezreal he was getting flashed on underneath his turret losing his own flash in the hands of who knee and goes back buys a tee and a Cole should not have been relevant for a very long time but because clutch have found the ability to force around their bottom lane Kody Sun and Vulcan coming up huge in this last game just means that super difficult to find anything and 6k gold lead 15 minutes has just got better give me my game my clutch have just played similar composition similar styles game by game and have royal have never had an answer and obviously a lot of credit goes to much they played it very well yeah but royal the the answers they've looked for just haven't been effect yeah this game third game has been all punished right like just off the back end of plays the two versus two in the bottom side every time hook is down they punish the Blitzcrank with Frank looks for a pick they look to punish they bring the TP who knee comes down this is klutz just being all over the place right now and options are looking slim it's it's eight kills early 15 minutes if there's almost nothing to play for right now they're just pushing in the side lanes because mid lane is really all that's left you can see exactly the setup here from clutch gaming bottom side pushed in eventually top side will be the same thing and eventually that should give them the rotate towards mid but it's a multi-step process and until they can bring all their members the wave they will be there but at this stage it just does look like an inevitability here from clutch it definitely does of course were youth on the receiving end of a shellacking this game do you want to remember where they came from the first time this organization has been to world the first time any of these players have been to the world stage beating supermassive three two in their grand finals the team that we usually see from Turkey yeah I want to give them some credit they fought hard they were able to take the tiebreaker over Flamengo after coming in to that second day of games at zero three but zero – it is it's just such a challenge when you meet up against the team that have more experience than you and that have this place else over far yeah right and and let's think about it big picture the TCL as a region as a whole we've seen so many representatives you can go super far back like we've sent DP we've seen supermassive recently we've seen 1907 fed Apache but you see the ship dust as well like this is actually one of these stronger emerging reason regions in terms of international performance and yeah right now struggling against clutch it is the potential last game of the season and if this is it will be a disappointing way for all youth to bow out at the tournament but they've shown so much success the creativity the Blitzcrank has already won them a game in the group stage certainly not the place they want to be but first time in the world stage when you when you have something like a blitzkrieg they're the chance when upset is always their one book is all it really takes to find yourself oaken is the one with the hook Vulcan is the one who sentences sail to death and now clutch can just pushing a 4 B 5 mid double ad carry on their side boy or try to answer back its armored who gets the damage inside there's another connected smoke important and here goes the damage clutch trying to fight it out for me for right now pilot jumping in with the clemency but he's immediately focused down Cody Sun flashes forward takes down his enemy man clutch just take everything double pirates double picks off the back end of the one hook that does land brings wreck site into the back lines way from bulk and he's able to clean that one up and now dragon gonna be the triple ocean off the back end and clutch just demolishing this one third ocean of the game here which basically gives you the same healing as a warm ox armor when you are out of combat very difficult to play around infernos next as well if the game gets that far but right now clutch are looking unstoppable still just it's a great hook again from Bobby yeah and it's exactly what I just talked about right bottom lane will push in top lane will push in all five members rotate to the play they find a hooker now without Orianna wave play is difficult beeps done from Dumont's books traded between the supports here I misspoke was not the reksai but that's just a multi man way up the back end in very nice usage of the stopwatch means that pilot gets punished up the back end Cody this game has been super OnPoint instant reaction and coaching staff super happy with that one but it's a mix back it's a mixed bag killer being slightly better but I'll take a seven thousand gold lead at nineteen minutes we take those Cody Sun five zero three at the moment on this solution has the infinity edge complete alongside that essence reaver and Baron is up in just a few seconds time with triple ocean is actually a lot easier to take bound because you can regenerate yeah while it is damaging you it's only and damaged from enemy champions and it stops that regeneration now hoon is going to match up straight into armored misses the mystic shop does have chase potential of course J is not the most mobile champion does have move speed but against the frozen fist if Tony doesn't land that beginning queue then certainly could eventuate into a good situation even with the CS deficit on the top side you have to think by now the plates the global gold hooni is probably up in gold easily and yeah he's exactly the case 500 up in the isolated 1v1 has been gifted so much this game and postgame with a 4-1 split now just taking more Terra top the map in a strong position overall and you can hear the round of applause from the crowd because this is basically what we've seen the last couple games like it's a muted round of a pause a little bit of cheering but the expectation here for clutches they close this one out pretty easily what they've done the last couple of games 7,000 gold ahead at the 20-minute mark makes it very difficult for royal to find anything out of it and it would need to be multiple plays from a royal you have to be multiple catches you know you're catching at least two or three people to really get these plays working I was trying to fight against who neither who knee wins that one be he does what he does best and takes out the enemy top lane he doesn't even have to base he's got a vamp scepter he's got triple ocean dragon so sitting on 20% HP will just remain on the bottom side of the map and remember it is after 20 minutes but the Baron hasn't been even looked at at this point they're just breaking everything with all of their members stun is gonna land afraid of the Blitzcrank hook but wishing for words meant that Cody was left alone with an infinity-edge could have basically completed seal item after this reset in the essence reaver he is a monstrous solution at the lower the turret makes easy work of it and right now clutch in the ascendancy it's been a really strong couple of months from them of course they're started their summer split with pretty pretty bad we'll talk about that after we watch uni I'll play omelet Starbuck Joe's for this and who needs to say well your flash yeah watching try to flash over some damage I because course can be buffered but that's one of those plays where in real time you don't see all of the intricacies in it and so yeah it's one I'd watch back at you know 25% speed and really see the the exactitude of when the auto attacks come in how much does he get away from but ya can watch over the last couple of months have looked like a team transformed their summer split very very disappointing at the start and then they really started to come into their own of course taking Team Liquid to five games in at the semi-final in na then managing to fight their way all the way through the gauntlet feeding TSM in the reverse sweep and I think this is kind of the culmination of that for the moment making it there in two groups and of course that expectation will be there can take some games and groups but the likelihood of them getting into Group C and going up again SKT urng fnatic is quite high in the way that their groups work out and I think the big thing hold that Vulcan – stopwatch – gonna jump in there look at the damage was a broken that's one down with vessel clutch right here now Muniz joined in with a teleport to five before oh I might want this tipped on I want to find a hook they can still go for the piper look at how low royal are and look at how much regen Lyra is getting already almost back up to full HP and the way it's already pushed in both side lanes royal you'd have to commit all of their members to try and find a pick and even when they do in this situation flash ignite gone from Vulcan they cannot get any control and see your cat still had to be healed the damage from hooni with that blade of the ruined King a single auto attack almost takes down the enemy syndra armet is backing here in the bottom lane should be able to get away and to your point right I think the big thing from clutches that they came into their own though those are your words and 100% agree no qualification for group stage worlds here who need is real top into Jace nothing could nothing could be more clutch than this situation right and that was the success for a roster with a young na mid laner like Demonte being able to play the champions you're good at cannot be understated about na mid here we go and say the man to hang your hat on right now that's Tana turn that's sir that's what you like to see I don't know how the shock wave didn't pull him out of lantern but he made it sometimes the the coding goes in your favor yeah seems to me what happened there but the reactions to flash away and the hook get away from the Catechism just enough – and that's one of those things were right where he flash forwards you see it we desires all the time it's just a reactionary click of the button you don't want to like flash in a direction you're not thinking about it's just I need to watch wherever my mouse currently isn't that time flashing forward towards the Blitzcrank doesn't sound like a good time but gets himself to safety here often rotating over I mentioned the Lance and fresh at the start of this game hasn't been that for the majority but in the right place in the right time and saves his mid laner now breaking the base without the use of Baron Bob so boy Lord giving up a little bit of pressure on their mid lane to have armor pushing box but right now it's really not working out too well for them because honey and Kody son can just chip away at this inhibitor very easily Amida still pushing him for the tier two pots looks like the monta has the TP could join his team here but was really unable to hold on to the in head right now ball pretty soon who need is this one more auto on it of course Ezreal can actually buffer the Blitzcrank hook I like the play here from Balkan is throwing a lantern forward should allow your ad carry to stand on the lantern as soon as there's a response then you just take it to safety you once again I'll say it all with that Baron buff no teamfights whatsoever 25 minutes they've broken the middle in hip of this game and I much only trade but it's a bot lane in a turret and now you get control of the enemy jungle as well Albert actually caught out here who knees gonna jump straight in and doesn't even need levers helps clean this one up blue will take it in the end a bit of a chaos there from the backside it was all huni's doing but no longer Contrave won't be one who he's actually out farmed him this game even after falling behind early on certainly true is easy when you're winning yep I'll say that you get access to more fun armor it's been grouping up with the rest of his team somewhat have been starved of resources but certainly coming back online you can see actually the pings on the mini-map right now right here on top of that ward they know where it is it's been there two games in a row for all youth have found a way to place that without it being denied and no one gaming three times yeah it's not gonna be it Lyra doesn't every sweeper just yet but it's a couple of control wards so it's a monster has to volcán has to the other partners I think volkens is actually sitting deep in the jungle supports are kind of that role supporting junglers where you have the most freedom on the map so it tends to be like okay solo Lane is maybe your ad carry places a pink ward in the pit because you expect it to stick around for a long time and has Vulcan walking at a base placing a pink just a clear award you know that is there and then placing it immediately somewhere else like that's not a foreign concept that's something that happens all the time and professional play so clearing it out during the days when supports just bought wards all we did that was fun to be honest I quite enjoyed that matter yeah it was quite good getting a heart of gold and the filo stone in just 15 wards in your inventory it was fun to win yeah yeah it was not fun if you had oil tools in the energy had an assassin yeah just like a like a heart of gold yeah new new jungle I was just running around 100 gold into getting this one item and if I die I lose it and I'm playing so I died a lot I'll be honest too right now royal trying to find a way back into the game it's there so no thousand got behind I'll punch have total control here close it has got a flank position broken maybe stepping up a little bit too far who needs up towards the topside his clutch just want to look for that second inhibitor hooni actually has the flank potential and has a lot of poke yeah they just didn't have line of sight Vulcan we're standing a little bit too far up around this corner here so they were sitting in fog we're looking for the hook but unfortunately for tolerant wasn't able to find it well maybe we'll just gonna pull the trigger on a fight who knees gonna poke in essence flux doesn't quite connect that was the skin of your teeth there who knee just able to dodge out from the side of it and now watch once again we gain control of the red side jungle it's pretty easy for them to push royal back well no vision on the river no vision on the pits have this one good would just buy the razor beaks which means they do know if watch all back away so the five-man contest has to be the play top wave crashing now being fond of my pilot rotating over to the play does give clutch some time not willing to just start up a baron he just jumps over the wall but they're looking for the fight first but if we're all youth is not gonna give it to him okay so that barons down to 8,000 HP already who knee on the flank to Monty there as well oh it's Vulcan actually who's there as well it doesn't quite hit the hook with the Baron just tipping away going lower and lower the hook doesn't collect control of it either here he goes closer jumping into baman still the target close the idea was to get the kill they do get tolerant in the epic ones who will fall on the bangers that's punch now pilot has to join the fight he gets onto her knee who knee tries to jump away but pilot finds his man finds his mark and now clutch will be on the retreat well shouldn't be able to tasting too much further but clutch get out with three barons alive yes that singular pick on to who knee enough to dissuade the push resets will come through here from clutch gaming bottom wave needs to be caught dragon also up and available Cody Sun may abound tolerant though just face checking it's almost that I've said that a lot of times this game he's struggled sometimes where I struggled early on to find the hooks now struggle to position in a way that doesn't get him poured out and to do some service to it right Britt Blitzcrank when you're ahead I mean you sit on pinks you deny vision opportunities they walk towards you but from behind you have to be the one to facecheck here you have to be the one to place that vision down and super struggle town here everything used on the thrashing aftershock cups the brunt of it yes he falls down off the back end and pilot he's able to find the W he's able to find the one reason why the push didn't come through here from clutch in stores the game out just that little bit longer the thing for clutch here is though Demonte Cody Sun and Emma still have the buff Lyra can be a bodyguard for anyone in the side lane if he wants to sit with hooni as he pushes in it differently into the rest of the team he can do that pretty easily and well that once again just pen back into their own jungle really even not getting many of their own camps because they've been cleared out by clutch five dragons strong now clutch looking for a sixth if they want it we're being infernal and then the elder dragon spawns actually very very close to when it would have spawned before 35 minutes of course is that elder dragon cut off so we're just before that for this infernal we're also talking about an elder dragon when Baron push coming up clutch probably not wanting to extend the game out that far they have double ad carry have a mountain dragon have an infernal structures are no consolation here for royal use as potentially the last push of this day is gonna come through the boat damage is there the lantern play once again from bulk and clutch know exactly what they want to do and the second in here is under fire median have has respawn world five minutes with never strong turn look for this defense soul if you can land a good wave it's only on to Cody sudden really did no damage whatsoever seal not that strong and now the inhibitor is the target who knee caught out with a long-range boy secret lured down towards the bottom side of the fight just acting as a bodyguard for armors and closer and now were will take to the mid lane as much do exactly the same shockwave still a 2/3 of its cooldown away and that's the thing it really cost clutch nothing to get that in hit shock wave huge cool are necessary for a teamfight win if it roll you thin it was just a lanten it was an Israel ulti a culling the highest prize here down me and that much can just go towards top they prepped a wave it's on its way Mooney was there just a couple of minutes ago getting it set up for them and that wave is pushing in Boyle will have to react to a side lane expect Armour to beat down towards that bottom in is the Super's push in you can see how hard it is even for him just to clear out the wave and look yeah just look at how far back seola's Luden's and banshees who's he had to get that banshees to avoid Vulcan who's and of course avoid Demonte with the knock back but just means he has no damage yet on the Jovian are not farmed up enough and you see immediately it's the Lucian W ardent blaze actually takes down the shield so I see if it's not really useful right now second in hit breaking this has to be the stand he's going in that's the cataclysm liver in the mid lane on his way across the closed was already gone the hook landed onto the monster he's fallen as well and now it's a poorly Bork much fighting for this position in groups to a no armored force back to the base has to clear out those super minions Cody's son stepping forward into the backline and that's another cup of oil and they've managed to hold on for the moment but clutch aren't done yet Cody son lever and Vulcan gonna push in who is clearing out the Nexus towers it's our moot Cody sudden Vulcan and liver decide they don't want to hog don't go any further and boy I'll hold on to the game two kills a pic from Blitzcrank clutches on to life here the turkish representative baron timing out means no minions to play with of course two in Hibbs already did the third was not going to be the player you were talking about the dragon potential play here from clutch if they want are gonna be spawning very close to the next baron but I mean the thing is you side three minutes on mid and bot in hips so you could just hard force five top again but you could just say in a 5v5 we win the fight by its super minions are pushing in the side lanes make sure that you have those waves pushed up rather to be well then it becomes quite easy for you here I think let's just go a little bit too far yeah we'll take another look at what actually happens here I was saying it has to be the last stand closer goes in very nice hook from Balkan shepherds in a huge shock wave in is just going to be the one per one surprise lira didn't go for the flash knock upon to multiple people and who need that was the reason burns his he getting to the inhibit cannot buffer the hook goes down super easily taller and taking advantage of Pilate once again diving into the backline secures the kill and that is enough to dissuade any further push Cody stunt still unkilled this game though seven oh and three team are 15 and four 1604 I believe when he goes deathless so very difficult to lose a game when your ad carry is as strong as Cody hell tight right now but not to who need that's the killer instinct juice scatter the weak was knocked onto closer as he was a force away but now pilot might just have to flash the wall Lehrer could catch him out doesn't realize that he's got the long way around I that will manage to get back to his team without having to burn any of those summoners who knew that once again find it doesn't have the killing instinct to can't dive bomb onto that backline I said W doing so much damage and really the only thing keeping them in right now pilot actually monstering on this play infernal spawning hoon he's been sent to solo that one out bot way pushing in as well has to be dealt with as the rest of clutch just walking towards the Baron buff this damage does not matter who needs got the lifesteal he's got the triple ocean dragon bloodthirster and blade of the ruined King giving him well enough life skin secure that Cody son will take the red buff that's a sick dragon of the game two clutch double Inferno triple ocean single Mountain I'll take that every day of the week not proud to be seen it's a sunny day for clutch as they are just one win away from securing their spot in at Worlds groups the Baron the target watch will clear out all of this vision is they have done so many times before this series and dive straight onto it and really will have no way of a sweet look how quickly it goes down huh there's double mountains doing a lot of work here for pots that barons already gone yep and only one inhibitor stands between and victory but way pushing in Midway pushing in had to be answered in six dragons deep ten twelve thousand gold lead here for clutch not being able to contest the dragon the Baron I should say from early youth feels like a rough situation last in hip has to be the play but still Jayce dealing with the sidelines for versus five for at least another ten seconds here tolerance spotted out with the redemption clutch gonna push it in towards this top lane in here this could be it this could be the moment they secure their spot in groups who knee huge shield on him tanks up the void seeker closer chunked out pops the gargoyles he has to run away toll of it lands the hook on Sehun even he's gonna pop the e to get away and now clutch all inhibitors down key go to water mid but has just respawn damn it's gonna be spawn in a second so I spoke a little bit too early clutch doing this one by the numbers 36 minutes in a 12,000 gold lead and they win in their sights sOooo know so far this two is just one more to go made in here their next target then the Nexus Towers you have to feel will be the objective here the clutch they have to find a hook taller and has squash available righteous glory popped doesn't throw the hook towards them last in here gotta go down here third in him is down Oh playing with their food the scatter the weak knocks tournament back in now clutch five members strong will look for the end cat I'll shop it just splashed away from there the first Nexus Tower is the target already is down two more take get take you quite low guitar but it's the first one to fall goes into the GA pilot dives out to the back line but immediately he is focused down the monta kills our Birds clutch kill wire this is the moment that clutch secure their spot in worlds groups in convincing fashion they will make it to the world group stage and the third game almost a victory lap here the clutch Ezreal top double ad carry Cody's son having a massive series here and in commanding fashion as you mentioned super dominant here from clutch gaming a team that went into the group stage of planes had some doubts but well and truly silenced here in a playoff bracket now silence every single critic I don't think many people said that go three and oh three and one was on the edge I don't think anyone thought they would do it in such convincing fashion the same methodology every single game they played impeccably this series and now worlds groups awaits them for the first time ever for the majority of this team of course Rooney has been there before Cody son as well but Vulcan lira and Demonte will be making their first appearance and you have to give shout out to royal you still doing the huddle smiles on their faces at the end of the day tough series but valiant competitor here in the world to play in stage making it all the way to the best-of-five format unfortunately not gonna be their day as clutch high-fiving the fans on their way to group stage I think the world this is a growth opportunity right when you and you've where you've replaced supermassive is the number one team in Turkey and they've had so much legacy in history behind them losing to the number three na seed in knockouts isn't the biggest of disappointments obviously on the day it's gonna sting obviously you're gonna think what could have I could have done better but for Royal youth this is the first in a long set of steps towards hopefully the world's group stage taking down storied players as well and yeah young roster best of five went the whole distance in the TCL 3-2 victory of supermassive so in terms of an end-of-season run absolutely huge here for the Turkish representative we're gonna have another look at how Cody summon Vulcan really dominated this game you can see a lot of it was off playing around that hook from Tolliver the bulk and just being in the right place Flash Flay onto tool and heads forward and I mentioned it in the cast but Cody's son just getting to hold his he at the back end of this one and it was time and time again you can see the highlight on the man right now hex flash behind the minion is the thresh and predicting the hook as he's casting super clutch play for a lack of a better word for that support here and yeah monster series overall i think the bottom line here the clutch it's not something you talk about the team likes to play topside but ending on this kind of victory hugely impactful for their confidence simply give Cody son and broken a lot of comfort is coming into the end of it of course the team as a whole played very well I think you can highlight individual stars from each game I think they'll be great for clutch it wasn't just the honey show it wasn't just playing through table and it wasn't Demonte coming into teamfights and playing well it was all about how they synergized as a five-man roster and coming into groups that's a very good sign and that is the thing right it's not the individuals just winning this game it really was a cohesive back effort depending on the game you watch it to the attack on the jungle it's the attack on the lanes but everything working together here and training on the upwards definitely was of course to miss ovations to boil they'll be back I am sure for MSI's and worlds in the future that's their hope take a lot of confidence going back to the Turkish scene for now though we're going to focus on clutch as we got hooni standing by for an interview thank you very much guys and congratulations Hoonah for reaching group stage so I'm confused before at the beginning of the series you told me we should expect a close fight so was it then underperforming or did you just play better than expected I think for sure we're playing better you know because it's like we were actually not also for us like we were not expecting that rig is going to be like 300 as I mentioned it before the pregame because like they're actually a pretty good team and then oh how to play the game and as a team there's this like helping each other get like good enough to like actually make the team play and there was like most thing that like that's why we we actually play versus them a lot in practice we actually lost a lot so but I think we're like also confident at the same time like kind of like unpredictable I think we improve a lot compared to like last week's you think it was a mistake to let you play Rhambo yeah I mean if I really have to say about to rumble yeah I mean you know my Rumble is like it's gonna be on field only undefeated or less like they're actually playing well around it or they need are like something special strategy like versus mine rumble that's what I feel but first you're like rumbles were at the woman you know it's like one of my most comfortable pick could you explain something about the draft in game three because you had illusion and Ezreal we know you can play we know you can play illusion top lane you decided to go with Israel on the top lane I feel like it's not such a good lane matchup against Jace so can you explain the choice I feel like right now the meta like it doesn't really matter about like is top lane having prior like middle game you know all again probably does not matter because about the really kind of jungle but I think the Israel is kind of like this is like middle game but at the same time like as soon as it like 50 minutes or 60 minutes like that champions like so strong like skills pretty well middle game like one of the strongest player one a champion one of it at the same time if I'm playing like you know I'm just gonna win I wanna talk about the mirror before you will mentioning it we so 78 different champions so far in Peaks or bands we know that the meta often changes through the tournament so what is your take on the mirror right now based on the expectations you had before the tournament this much like I didn't really expect it just gonna be like crazy this much chess is like right now because I even I play table easy draw like don't expect to get even on stage and like they're playing so much stuff not let me carry on the bottom to like there was a time reading area like Phil steak I was crazy that like everything is I think is really unpredictable and I don't think there's gonna be better team no matter what but for sure I think there's a lot possibility we can see with this tournament and like it's gonna be happening like there's a lot big upside who actually like being on the dog that are gonna actually win like even though they're Bell team because there are so many things that is like unpredictable looking forward now for all we know you could end up in Group C so meeting you X team SKT I know you have a revenge to take on them you know actually I made the group stage it's gonna be fun purchasing especially reckless and faker probably there were like he's especially they were like actually my former teammates and also I want to revenge the kind last time I lost but I gotta win again it's gonna be fun like no matter why is gotta be fun you think you could speak Fiona as a poem how we move against him and just don't hang with it I mean depends on champion right like the Fuhrer actually they both like so it's gonna be pretty I was like really happy that I actually buff it because I if you get the good matchup no matter what you're gonna be like actually smurfing like entire the map so I like that happen because the tapas becomes the more like stronger but probably top user is better you know we'll see about that in a few days now can you give some positive words to the ni fan because we know na can sometimes be a joke in group stage so what can we expect from your guys right now actually if through the today you know na actually did better job than the lck which is we get the three oh but that one gay man kept up with three one you know we all like a confirm that na Thursday it is better than Elsa caterer said you might have found really happy thank you very much and to record this day let's turn it over to cool down

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