Clutch Gaming vs Royal Youth Game 1 – World Championship 2019: Play In Knockouts – CG vs RYL G1
Picks & Bans: 7:35 Game Start: 14:17
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welcome back to worlds 2019 where we just saw down one make it to the group stage and now clutch gaming and a royal one of them will get to join I'd like to welcome back spawn say hello to Frost goon who's joining us for the second half of the day we are getting ready for the first game in the best-of-five and I want to dive straight into the nitty gritty by talking about the top lane matchup between armored and Kuni we talked about it in countdown and frost what's your expectation I mean the expectation is I feel like everyone is going to back honey here now that said we do know that he has a high variance player he can either you know take you all the way in that world final or maybe it's a bit more hit and miss now our move on the other side he's coming off of a fantastic performance over Flamengo's Robo he pulled out the fee or the first one that we see in the playing stage and have shown that he can be a carry Orion to top laner so the question is do you try to fight fire with fire Cooney or are you just about neutralizing and controlling him in the top lane I think you gotta go for it we've seen so many times at this delay stall test exceeding pressure it's just like it's trash on the current patch like to be completely Frank I think that they're going to look for the counter pick I expect red site to be much more important in this series because does rely on that not the Flex picks to win Lane I do think that the one caveat or asterisks for that is the gangplank pick which can win a couple of matchups and I agree with you I think he's the only pick where you can just try to cruise through Lane phase to have a bigger impact later on now talking about somebody who has a big impact both positively and negatively is Lyra this is a guy who got a little bit exposed on day one of planes groups definitely improved over the next day and then especially in that tiebreaker game versus you are well but lyric could be one of the players that we need to be afraid of especially wasting down the barrel of closer I think you actually need to go a bit more aggressive with your language and say if you are going to attack clutch anywhere it is in the jungle position Lyra had a very hit and miss early start of the tournament but like on route he did pick it up on the back half of it yeah he certainly did I think that Lyra is in a strange position where throughout the NA LCS we saw him take a lot of the tank junglers like this Ghana kind of talking in the pre-show about how this patch doesn't seem to suit that all that much these Leeson did look good but I think it requires a lot more early game coordination to play around him if that is the kind of thing they want to go to to cut shutdown closer and I think it's kind of about different responsibilities between these two junglers like spawn is alluding to closers there to repeatedly gank the lanes to play that aggressive oriented dueling jungler Leeson has been his pocket pick that he's gone to on this international stage whereas lira is much more the control skirmish oriented jungler he's there that when they rock up to the 10-minute ref Gerald that he has the teamfight tools like the skarner and pail like the key on and like even maybe a Gragas those are the picks I expect him to reach for yeah I'm absolutely looking forward to his particular performance and Charlotte whoever saw that redditor aid call back to when Lyra carried the corpses of NV yeah to LCS there's a promotion tournament that's the lira that LCS and clutch fans will want to be watching let's talk about one more player on the Royal side before we move over to the draft and it's gonna be seal it looked pretty good on that Twisted Fate Apple II was in the tiebreaker game if memory serves correctly but definitely another player to keep an eye on going up against Amon says yeah the reason I want to talk about the twist of failures because Demonte does play a lot of these assassins like the keanu and TF used to get destroyed by these picks however now with the new build that does have a phage in it does allow you to get defensive boots it's quite good into a lot of these picks also gives a lot more global control to Royal youth and I think that they can utilize that pressure on the map incredibly well through seal so I think that's one of the champions to watch from the mid laner oh boy interesting yeah I agree I also think white spawn again is alluding to it's this idea that Twisted Fate I say pick is kind of a band-aid when you are a weaker team because he allows you to cover weak side very quickly with his ultimate now we did talk about this matchup a lot in countdown and we are nearly ready for picks and bans I heard spawns prediction 3-1 in favor of clutch gaming frost as you have just joined us who will win the series and why I made my prediction earlier on Twitter it is also a 3-1 now that said if we see a royal takeaway here and on the other side of this it's royal that is going to the group stage I think it has to start with closer in that jungle and I think it's about playing that top side and up whatever answer it is that they find to who any whether that's camping him and you see who any feet or if it's getting a pick to neutralize to make more impact in the the teamfights and the skirmishes I cannot wait to see a what happens just before we hit the roof let's see it what honey had to say about the magic thanks guys love Here I am joining me right now is honey how are you feeling today first of all I think it's gonna be really excited because since is the last got maybe five from plane and to go to make a great group stage to meet automatic to meet SKT to meet RNG I gotta make it many expectations so what did you think about the draw when you realize that you will have to play against the Turkish team honestly I was like really not happy because like we actually practice versus damn and was like they were actually pretty good team and at the same time I guess we were also playing kind of like not optimal as much as like we can but it's still like they were playing I they know how to play like they were like side liners are pretty strong like what Lane looks pretty decent like that's why I think and also they have they also have a Korean tear and it looks pretty strong so real pretty-like not fully confident but as long as we play well I think we're gonna get it are you excited nonetheless I mean what kind of series do you expect to be honestly I don't think it's gonna be like easy like for sure it's not like duo or like do you want cleanly like I'll say is gonna be like up and down a lot and we just need to take a calm you know whose need to take a chill and just play for ourselves SUIM okay some teams said that you were maybe too cocky last week do you think that's true honestly really not I don't think we were like just playing that well like I think we just need a time more to get too used to and more getting like experience I think I'll say also like we're like I guess we could be like cocky like that's the part that was like part of the we could've tried harder we could have just like fixed way or way earlier and just trusting that we could play better but instead like we kind of didn't like probably did optimally I think we could have done better job for that but I think still we improve a lot from there and I rather lose actually at the group and you know just we need to knock out how it goes for you today then now tell me about the matchup on top lane you're gonna be facing our moot what do you think about him as a player um actually he's like sometimes I actually brush like how he play like he's like pretty smart player at same time he's also pretty he has like pretty strong laning phases too like he's back annex is actually pretty good boy unfortunately he's processing who you know he can think if he won't be able to win like this thank you very much honey and good luck on the game today now back to you guys thank you very much law wise words they're from hooni we just have to win he says I think that's the strategy that could be employed by most teams here well yeah it just makes it sound so easy you know unfortunately he's gonna be going up against honey I like the confidence that comes out of him and exciting a player to watch it's gonna be very very interesting to watch that top lane hooniverse is armored but let's introduce ourselves first I'm medic this is Egypt with that book clutch gaming versus royal youth of course both these scenes had a pretty similar pathway into the play in knockout uh yeah interestingly right like a lot of fans disappointed with the first day from clutch and they were struggling and then definitely did bounce back and it cannot be understated on the other side of the rift royal youth actually started the group stage in a 0/3 scenario that ended up going to one in the head-to-head versus Flamengo to get themselves here into this matchup and where champ select already that we are watch gaming decided they wanted the blue side to start off this best-of-five they bound away the lee sin keyonna once again a blue Saipan hit a clutch and Pantheon and syndra are the red side bands from oil Youth and yeah as the tournament has progressed syndra gone up and up and priority pantheon just kind of cementing himself with us as a red side band shorty the last series people opting into blue side just so you have some flexibility in what happens are the first three bands at the start of this one to set yourself up for that success it's always a little bit surprising to see clutch band things like the keanu and the irelia especially hoon is really the only Evelio we've seen so far this tournament he absolutely popped off Gannet against the unicorns of love the Keano is a Demonte special and now lever is getting his at least that he's won two games on so far this tour yeah and we're looking at the jungle matchup right Lyra picks himself up Feelies but the Kiana ban is going towards close I believe the man on your screen had a super super beat key on a performance in the group stage it was like five and two three down just one hitting LeBlanc's in the side lane so clutch certainly where people are saying maybe they're coming in to the playoffs a little bit cocky paying their respects to their opponent in the first game of this best-of-five they definitely are the Olaf will be locked in here for world youth we'll see what they decide to round out their composition like that first set of picks with of course Olaf can be jungle can be top layer as Alexa ball ich ich ich but I like it as a walk-in for closer he's a guy that likes to play super aggressive in the early game frost was kind of saying in the analyst desk the analyst standing point the end of the hallway with o with a big bunch of screens behind him that he likes to get down and dirty in the early game you know life into an Elise once you have that ragnarok you could just go for words they hovered the Renekton for just a little second there if they get a melee matchup then kind of the bass pros just diving into the backline is a successful strategy we've seen them from fought from them it's so far much deciding in the ADK position they prefer the Kaiser over the zyre we have seen Cody son play Kaiser once so far in planes he won on that game team it up with the north of us that's a very strong bottom line but Boyle you have a bit of aggression on their side as well Traven and Lucien the hovers for this ad carry hook Oh cheeky little look at an ash varus I think is a little bit more unlikely but they're sticking around for it I would say if they do decide to lock it in it's not something we've seen too often but it does give you a lot of Lane person up here a lot of person said in the end little of Blanc will be locked in for seal in the mid lane he's played that once so far went six four and five so not going to lock themselves in an ad carry you would expect maybe the likes of that Lucien Draven is a little bit of an extreme but not to get banned away here from clutch the mismatches in terms of the mid back shop locked in from the side of royal youth and lissandra the band that will come through is something that I was a little bit contentious in terms of where that champion is at meta Reed all over the place but has been a longtime answer to lb and seal definitely gonna pay his respects in this one here camille being banda as well by clutch so they think that Olaf is definitely going into the jungle to match up versus the Elise's you say the lissandra II commonly chosen counter pick into the LeBlanc and we'll see where Boyle decide to go with their final ban and surprised to see clutch not actually talking ad carry that's exactly what I was going to say Camille's gonna hit the deck and yeah there was the Draven hover the Lucian hover there are a bunch of options and even the majors like this injure is banned of course but you have them maybe the Casio if you wanted to go full extreme down on the bottom side to deal with something like the Kaiser for clutch Cody really is that like late-game insurance policy they like to play topside once heap gets through like a safe mid game gets towards his three item spike then really does come online so Kaiser is a bit of it like a nothing peak won't do much for a very long time but it's just stable there the response is really gonna be here on the hands of royal scales really well is safe when you get that ultimate as well the big shield helping you out quite a lot Draven is the final ban firm clutch and now we'll start to see where Boyle youth want to target in a pic ban face and it has to be an ad carry if you're gonna blind your top plane they just get counter picked by hoody on the other side and then let the deal with Elise it are certainly could be troublesome but jinx gonna get locked in yeah this isn't something the pilots played at all in summer so I was a little bit surprised by it my gasmer's aspiration but this Lucien as well that could be mid Lucien could be Mick I said Rumple probably going up towards the top layer that banned against clutch a lot of times already this tournament and already it was a super quick lock in this was an expected play coming through the Lucian the rumble instr locked by their respective players here at all youth ten seconds left them the decision to be made what are they gonna throw up towards the top side yeah the question is do you think you're dealing with a rumble Ellucian really because if you think you're dealing with Ellucian making something that can be harassed down could be very dangerous it's quite a poor argument it is the bit time he's played that in summer one of his most played so he's very comfortable on it but we'll Demonte be picking the Lucian in middle will rooney take it up towards the top side that's the big question here yeah interesting they've got until twenty seconds before that does get locked in what would you be thinking right now what would your decision be I think Rumble on the topside Mayfair a little bit better in terms of like the mid matchup as well right like leblanc with an olaf just running into you on the rumble could a very difficult time and we'll see where they want to throw that one but I like that role you've kind of stood their ground they just locked in the composition they've got a late-game insurance policy in that jinx being picked up from pilot and top side of the map they've got all of the buttons they need to look before these fights and it's gonna be a very scrappy start to this series definitely is Demonte Aleutian mid running ignite as well not really taking any prisoners in the first game of this best-of-five it's the first time he's played it the only other matey caring he's played in the midlane is the Tristana once alongside Corky if you count Corky once but watch gaming coming out swinging early on here we'll see if oil are able to match them yeah the one thing that I really do like about Lucian into he'll be is he has a bunch of options Lucian more of a spell fling 80 caravan most he doesn't just right-click all the time but if you go for the pork with all the the lb distorts in if you know you want to get the fight it's the active coming down the dashboard the commit for the full extended trade of course this is like one two items deep before he gets to that point but yes certainly creative stuff coming out in the first game of this best-of-five here from lunch here we go on to summoners rift the LCS taking on the TCL North America against the might of Turkey these teams have only met three times in the past it's a 2-1 to na so far and I'm sure oil will want to upset that they're never met in knockouts either these teams have ever been eliminated by the other but we'll see if clutch gaming and Royal youth can make their way to Worlds groups today and already Lyra on the Elise gonna go for the classic jungle place awarding Doc Bush go back buy himself a sweeper so he has some access to clearing up that vision the opponents will place down of course at least known to be an early game ganker if you get those off then snowballing out of control when you have lanes like the rumble like the lucian with ignite this could take over the game but you have to say it could be matched this is a very very interesting start to this one and closer the man in your screen right now it's just been a big proponent for this royal youth why not he really has and that battle between the jungle is as a story we'll see play out throughout the best at five because lemon really struggled on anything that wasn't Elise in the group stage of Clancy's he went to say 10 to and 12 on the Elise on and everything else he was just dying all of the time but closer actually performed from day 1 against Dan 1 in their first game he was the guy finding assassinations on the Kiana so we'll see if he's able to match liver in the early jungle in this game yeah has been kind of interesting to track of course Lear has been shying away from his post play championing the scanner it's been a long time since we've seen that one and as you mention it we'll have to kind of keep an eye on the matchup as it does play out let's close I want to go for the fancy clear you can agro the grump on the side do your blue buff you get incredibly low maybe not willing to risk something like that against of course one of the players that many only works on Olaf because the lower you go the more attack speed you have and then you can like steal up through the vicious strikes it makes it pretty easy for a bokken not gonna hit the cue they're Demonte trading here on to see oleg what's a potion that's a passive gone down as well Donavan stand up just the tablet Cody son is being harassed by the Royal at bottom Lane yeah and this kind of game is almost a junglers dream and a nightmare at the same time you speak to professional jungles they go on to like the world stage a performance with so much gravitas behind it and then everybody doesn't go for the hard trains inlay but you can see already mid lane bottom Lane everybody opting in early and ability to come in and clean up of course we're only like two and a half minutes into this game but yeah certainly looks like one where there will be tons of option I love it when people say I love it when people tell me there's gonna be a lot of action early on it's a play by plays dream top lane is the lane that the analyst has focused on just a tad because of course Hoonie has so consistently been the carry for clutch throughout the regular season the player that his team plays around an armlet after having a disappointing start to world has actually really stepped up as well so we'll see if he in closer closer can combine because that Rumble is relatively easy to gank early on yeah because it's kind of twofold for armored I really like the confidence in interviews behind the scenes like speaking of lore and he's a player that at least to the english-speaking audience right like coming out is like yeah you know what I mean like down one that's a super tough situation but against their opponents like yes maybe we do lose to Flamengo earlier then we will read back towards the rest of the close up does actually get some eyes on the hooni here passing down the river against a ward FLIR is on the other side of the map as well this could be somewhat interesting Ernie it's gonna get spotted out by this crying plant and the question here is who can react quicker to this cuz honey is getting pushed away close it doesn't have smite can see you'll come across you see Armour coming down from the top lane hooni maybe caught out just a little bit lever on his way to Monta going in for the fight you're getting chased away as well that's to the Monty has fallen believer and Julio on the chase armored takes a harpoon to the back and is he gonna be able to get away no question left a great chance we'll get him to safety for now and all over the spirt the first spawn of the skull of crab at the top side you see closer he was tracking who knee down the river everybody opting in for that play but two for one at the end of the day Lyra cleans up the crab off the back end and yeah clutch certainly feeling good about the start to this one yeah I got about 700 gold lead just off of that getting a kill on to de montagne easy can harrass heal a lot easier in that mid lane summoner's burnt across the board no flashes left on the top side of the map means that those future ganks become a lot easier as well for both jungles and it's interesting with how this play progresses rumble is one of those champions that almost guarantees you pry on the top side of the map that's why Cooney has so much time to just wander down the river he stands there hits s whilst just flame-throwing the olefin this is kind of the detriment of the Oh like you have to commit you have no get out of jail free cards at the back end and Elise being second for the play feels very very nice with the cocoon topside though okay Oh seal going in for this smoke and what more order might be just about survives meanwhile in top lane armor is being focused down by Lyra and booney there's no other green out here e maps the chest has already been used there's one harpoon they can go for the dive is pretty easy spiderling coming in never looking for sinking the fast one portrayed in the top lane by the skin of their teeth almost everybody walking away the clutch half to trade on the top side on up side of the map the royal youth closing in on this infernal dragon zero contest oh that's real good time after what was I fail the bot dive you get all the summoner's route but Nautilus just with a sliver of HP walks away from the play it's not fruitless walking away with an eternal dragon is a super good time a benefit for clutch in the mid lane is that Demonte had some time to farm up by himself he's about 15 to 16 CS ahead in that lane now and co not getting anything out of his rooms is gonna cost him as the game does progress as we will take another look at how this started on the top side notice the pink wood gets placed so beer endows he is in a profitable alright now walks out of the bushes slight mistakes of the cocoon knows I'm a nose rather where the cocoon is coming from but just a hard cap in remount hot just zero HP and that does mean that the Elise at the end of the day has to trade her life for the kill Hoboken's gonna face check straight into closest long-range snap is gonna connect a bo committee has nowhere to go telepods coming in here from clutch they're gonna try and turn it around Balkan balls first here comes early but look at oil they just get the head out of it yeah TP comes through but who need uhz n't have his are available the equalizer not to be seen in this play closer cancelling his recall he knows the dive could be here Lyra showed on the wall does honey have oh no no equalizer Demonte is on his way down has the culling but are they really gonna look for this that's so dangerous if that hook landed that could have been a kill on to Cody's on one of those situations where yes you are being the aggressor you have members behind them but they can just run forwards onto you then the play gets completely flipped on its head and look we're seven minutes in there's been skirmishes the heights all over the place I love it six kills in seven minutes since is the sort of League of Legends I want to watch double infernal spawn as well in three and a half minutes the compositions like the ones these two teams have opted into here the game one it's kind of a the dream scenario it's exactly what what damage galore all over the place and everybody fighting for everything and I do want to bring our attention back to some of the key points we looked at early on in this matchup we said top lane was gonna be a key impacting factor on people getting ahead and arm it is so important for royal oh he comes in with the novice scull charge that's what it's called I think you were trying to say he was going into Narnia that is exactly what I was trying to say but you can see I moved here in winds if he gets ahead his team is much more likely to win but when he falls behind early on royal tend to just lose out bit by bit by bit in these games so him having two kills early on him not being too far behind who nians yes is a very good cyber world yeah and you can see the forward percentage as well there was a positive one so spends a little bit of time your opponent side of the map of course does get played around by role youth who knee I spent so much time just being proactive on the top side of the map the flag down the river is now looking to pick this is all five members rotating to midline everyone is in the mid lane right now I'm not gonna meet up with hoody who has to equalize that at the moment he's overheated liver on his way across cosa still only level 5 doesn't have the rack and rock if he gets caught out with a cocoon red buff started up here by clutch and the monsters coming across should be an easy enough secure an alpha clutch they force royal out of their bedside jungle yeah one of those unfortunate situations you see how much time closest pit just kiting around his red buff wanting to find access wanting to find a way in but mid lane pushing here for the Monty now goes back and gets himself the Cutlass so this LeBlanc matchup now that they really hasn't been jungle intervention in the isolated 1v1 there's been skirmishes around they both left lanes and rotated all over the place but this is just such a forgiving build and with the ability to just isolate he's been pushing up and walking everywhere so there's a really interesting decision being made here by clutch if you look at the mini-map you can see they brought their bot lane up into topside and they've allowed the bot lane of oil to push in but this actually means that royal can control that total bot side river with the inferno coming up and down in a minute and a half time what clutch get out of this is ripped held control which is always one but my question to you is would you take it in this situation yeah I think it is a hard one right because when you're thinking about we've seen the Loki series they go for the lane swap Rumble was like the old champion of I will just eat away if you try and play on the bottom side of the map and yes I am just a one guy chillin underneath the turret and you guys are looking for it equalize it can be so impactful royal swapping into it yes the question is in the end but it was an interesting thought experiment there for a second eager and it is something that teams have done to clutch this tournament already like it where say the 10-minute clutch ripped Harold na teams are saying it all of the emerging regions come in and their opponents they know this is the expected play and matching on the top side of the rift means that royal are looking to match here no one no one steps in the bush there's control Ward in it now they spot it out so royal as you say our matching arm which of course has an easier way to get in the fight as his charge is coming off cooldown pretty soon of oil might look for this one is DeMuth tout has been started up by clutch yeah pilot left alone catching a wave on the topside though much will start this one off but for the jinx there will be a long way walking around to the rest of his team and it looks like you can see they've just given it up they've accepted that clutch have control over the rift oh they'll push out mid instead fight is starting here tonight hooked in Armour on the front line there's a Latin there for him to grab the equalizer comes down charge away from Armour jinx not there with the team yet best held already secured by Lera so clutch get what they want but now Roy I'll have to prep their path down towards this infernal dragon do clutch actually want to go for the contest they can drop the herald mid force them to react to the plate you see jeeps being split off once again pilot just defending it will be the second infernal dragon so not an easy decision to make but books on Oneonta Balkan riff toad is gonna charge him mid to Monta see all has to flash away from him and that should be a mid lanes how I here for clutch you see the sequence of events you see the decision-making between these two teams do we fight for the rift out if not we go for infernal but then we might lose our mid lane Tower they have been able to hold on from it to it for the moment but clutch have because of those tote plates got quite a substantial lead a thousand five hundred gold ahead at the 11 minimum yeah substantial it's kind of contentious here I think right like you look at the compositions that have been locked in you have the Elise you have the rumble they've made a lot of things happen early but majority of them have been a even ish trade and giving you're only 12 minutes into the game double infernal picked up 1.5 K gold lead yes like at 10 minutes that's significant but for a jinx if she gets between like this 10 to 20 25 minute mark yeah fertile is just straight up in the bank like that's damage just chilling there waiting for you to hit those item spikes is that trading decision making we talked about playing side of the map that the enemy isn't on to try and get these small advance yes you give up a rift how to get an infernal maybe lose some plates on your mid lane tower but it's the sacrifice how much gold is too infernal as worth and it's what are those things that you'd like to see games illegal engines really suck when one man is like oh Cody flashes away pilots on the chase here this app does connect looking for some more damage on to Boca but isn't gonna be able to put too much more down flash before lash in at the mid lane Cody Sun is Lok very nice lands on to Vulcan the play coming out lures off towards the side of this with a mega super mega death rocket isn't quite gonna connect liver it's up towards the bottom of the fiber closest on his way in as well he's a flame Eliza this is not good for royal they are caught the jump in from closest he takes down one the flash away from pilot teleport coming in here as our mood is going to join the fight but really in the end we'll get a kill and they get out yeah clutch just cannot continue to play no CC between everyone rumble ulti already coming down the turret is incredibly low but see you're wandering down and still holding on okay take that royal it can be out to back away infinity-edge on its way full pilot he has a BF sword and a pickaxe arm it takes a calling to the band lantern dark passage to salvation that there as armor was very much gonna die if he didn't get that help for his support and okay a couple of things first of all to Monta Lucian skin top notch great job congratulations you've done the you've done the right thing heading into this one but as always kind of saying like the trading back and forth League of Legends hurts to watch when one team is just like being proactive they're forcing fights the other is in that situation where they want to respond but just can't and somebody walks away with everything that's how you get very one-sided games like one team just steamrolls over the other but in a game like this where everybody's opting into early game proactivity skirmishes all over the place and you have the gold for infernal trade can get super sketchy seal really doesn't idea when he doesn't have flash but volcans on his way up there's this first distortion news now here comes honey with the harpoons Vulcan coming in from the side so y'all trying to flash away but there's nowhere for him to go this LeBlanc is not for the Red Pony burns him down much get their fourth pillar of the game and that's exactly what makes only a good player like those creative uses of vision just waiting biding his time looking for the pick tolerant can he get in flash range play range I should say looking for the hook the Cody some of the great cleansing to dodge it to Muncie going in intolerant is already done beaucoup coming in from the side as well and not even needed but hoody will take the kill in the end and come alive mid lane fight gets cleaned up by clutch turret they invested in early up now gonna get taken down gold advantage their way again and this is where we see clutch upping that tempo from the early gold lead getting those first completed items before royal we're able to react and because of that they're now able to stick towers get more kills you can see just how strong clutch all right now yeah did you see the gold lead in the mid lane that's approaching the 2k mark Demonte is absolutely massive this is the threshers worst nightmare you're going for the hook very nicely played from Cody son gets himself to safety tolerant with no flash just dies immediately off the end of the play and every time Claud Shug been proactive it has been a five-member resource commit they're all rotating to the play who knee comes down the flanks from both sides and get the picks get the objectives and get themselves out of there and at the 15-minute mark much have a 3,000 goalie to Montague just salute he's shredding feet on their ZnO wait for the dredge to go to Monty 3-1 an O on this Lucien really showing up here in the first game of this best so far and that's exactly what I was saying gets the Cutlass by no junglers interacting the fact that Lyra was forcing plays and closer was kind of reacting in the early game means that he was just left alone with a leblanc and as this lead gets bigger and bigger he's going to become a problem to deal with you see royal you sending the LeBlanc to the top side being thrown to who neat is the next dragon smalls and mounted dragon here for clutch really nothing royal can do about this they had some control over the drake pit early on in the game but now everything is in watch's grasp royal have been stalling over the last few minutes of clutch the ones to continue to make those proactive plays and i think that's what we expect to see over the next five minutes or so as well we clutch trying to find the picks has to montane many duis match in goes omits the monthly trying to trade in but look at the damage armor just absolutely shreds to him come on to able to get away and I'm at unable to chase see all here to equalize connect needed the hook or something first from Balkan to hold him in place yeah you hate to see it unfortunately gonna go a little bit wide their bottom Lane wasn't respectful decision there from armor doesn't go for the flash trade knowing that – from Lucien was coming up in a few seconds he had a flash of his own so does get a chunk out of the very fed member right now and pick on the topside was not to be wasn't quite able to work through it and clutch just continue to rattle off these items mana moon a finished for Cody Sonny's building up towards akin sues the blade of the ruined King and a bf sword for Demonte liandry's complete on who knee he's getting himself up towards that zhonya's to be very hard to deal with them for the next few minutes but parts of that composition do fall off as the game develops rumble always one of those champions that we talk about having a very strong mid game but not too strong as the game goes on if you look at the side of Royal I always like a jinx when you get a game teamfight we have seen in this tournament already just a late-game insurance policy coming up clutch for lack of a better word could come up oil for this one um but yeah it is kind of interesting the one big thing is we are kind of heading towards that 20-minute mark in the composition of clutch it's hard to close the game if the other team doesn't want to fight you right like starting up a baron with an Elise Nautilus isn't gonna get tanky they don't have anyone that can just freely like look for the objective it really is like can they find the fights they need to blow open this game and and then force the end before something like double infernal jinx comes online I will say that's a long way away we're in 18 minutes big purple worm hasn't even spawned yet but these are gonna be the things in the back of their minds they're doing a great job at cementing this gold lead and ever so slowly creeping this one up and up but but that's also the point at which clutch have to start thinking about vision control as well they did it so well in their regional gauntlet vs. TSM they found good flanks for Demonte in fights they found good areas where they could get behind the enemy team without them spotting them and you can see who needs done it a couple of times this game already what I'd like see it's a few more control wards in those inventories clearing out some of this royal vision especially around the Baron because you can do it relatively fast although you won't will fall quite low and then really set up to make royal come to you have to facecheck you so you can start these fights yeah you do have to respect it but the way they've been fighting fights already means as an LCS fan you look at this game and you do think positive thoughts about the trajectory they've been able to force things already they don't have really anything to play over right now you can see the deploy is top side of the map hooni gets flipped does have TP that is matched by armor on the other side so the fight breaks out towards the top side of the map both of them can join but this last remaining outer turret being pressured everybody rotating up I mean does know he can buy full items from the shop right because the moment I am at hexdrinker a ruby kindle gem and a no magic man so you can combine some of those into full items yeah he's just working on it on his way I guess but he's had a relatively good performance as of yet and now clutch almost 5000 gold in the lead you said they're playing up towards the top side it's a strong area for them when you have both your ad carries on the top side of the map both of the moments at two items you're really can't defend by himself both on this Ola I don't even to get anywhere near the fight and once that just keeps him away it's a very difficult defense they have a blanc struggles to defend turrets because she has to play in the wave to be able to wave clear right like yes you have a Luden's you've got a cue bounce but really distorting on the backline is what you have and if clutch you're putting all their resources up there you expect them to be able to break that one so now the entire outer ring has been broken free baron all of the boxes are being checked for a composition like this you see the two items spikes now being kid for lucian clients are just waiting of a transform their liandry's completed and he's just kind of done at this point like he's got the magic pen or build yep TP into a teamfight is exactly what he's looking for and i mentioned it could be difficult to take down the baron if they set up isn't crisp so that's I've been looking pretty crisp so far I just want to get some vision control in at that chunk of oil on the other hand continue just to try and stall out the game yes they just want to get this one towards three items on that jinx two and a half three little Blanc as well and then get almost in a good position to flank for a teamfight oh he's gonna face check straight into Leo here just chunked out a tad not the tank iasts of jungle tanks one of those situations where you have to hit the oh crap button and that's kind of the decision or not like do you pop ulti and run away or are you just buying to chill and then walk away that was your team running second dragon of the game for clutches they take down at the ocean pretty handily armor has been playing weak side of the map for a long time you can see clutch I've had a lot of good control just around this area really making it difficult for oil to do anything with it and while actually looking for their first hour of the game up to top will get themselves just that little bit more gold in their back pockets but it is as you said it's heartening to see if you're an LCS fan clutch to this early game as well as they have done I think there were questions as to the strength of oil coming out of their group because when you've got damn one Flamengo and royal in a group it's debatable how powerful that group is who's good how good are they exactly and so many opponents to compare to I think a lot of people came into the series expecting clutch to be the favorites but thinking that royal really could put up a champ and I think the big thing from this game so far in the hands of clutch is I think it's been a very respectable performance we've seen in this tournament alone super over aggression from the lights of hooni super underwhelming performances from the likes of Lehrer we've seen but very proactive and then very non proactive play stars like when they played versus mammoth and it's like where do they land in a best-of-five interviews with Demonte is like yeah we've been experimenting with stuff but eventually they do have like the fallback pattern to go with what we've been seeing and up against their opponents this fire I feel like they've really tempered themselves and this is a very good style of legal legends that this team is playing right now and they're not fumbling it really any point I think the next step is the one that I really want to see them be effective on because this is where you can see royal fighting very hard to maintain control of their own jungle clutch not being able to get in there yet and as we've said they really need royal to go for the fight they really need oil to facecheck into them if they're gonna be able to get one of these big fights later on because they don't have too many engage tools really you're looking for a flank maybe on armoured in the bottom lane you're looking for and equalize on the back of it you invite to chunk people out and now clutch are trying to set up but Armit being very very respectful very safe as he backs away in the lair and I'll bring it back to what I said earlier at this Baron is the big window for clutch to reasonably be able to exploit this game open and simultaneously is the most difficult point of the game to play here from royal you they have to just stall out as long as possible and the one thing that you could see going wrong here if the clutch is the fact that her knee really is their catalyst for action he mates things happen like Vulcan looks very good on the likes of like a record in his second to the play who he goes in on the back end of like Anna Kali dives into multiple members and there's the follow-up for the rest of the team and in this sort of situation you've seen what clutch just do set up the Baron get their vision for all their resources to hoody then just walk him back to the Baron pit so for a team like this trying to execute around the Baron buff right now they're they're just trying to bring her knee to the play and you can see why that's so important for them who knee it has the most damage of the most damaged share of his entire team at 33% to Mantes last at 18% so you have to be playing around who need really to get your team ahead of your clutch and he's such a key catalyst for the team which is why we bring it up so often first have the game over to Royal they are 5000 gold behind as the game takes on piece by piece and coach gaming will be wanting to look for a catalyst for their play they want to look for a trigger that they can pull because right now royal are very happy just waiting out the game in this lull state yeah and a couple of big buys did just come through hoody gets himself avoid stuff I actually didn't see how he purchased that but I think that may have just been a straight-up completed item that ones don't you see a bf sword in the hands of Lucian Kaiser hits the transform as well so everything coming online of the map state is good who knew already getting the push rotating over the typical use you have wards like this just sitting at the top of the pit and it makes it very difficult for clutch to start anything without Boyle realizing it's going on so Monta might face check into two people in the top side so y'all could jump in while deciding they don't want a piece of that action right now I'm backing away and now clutch are getting that deep vision we keep talking about oh do they go for the pick on to the two up here Volk and easy and can he get the LeBlanc ah gets the wall I always thought that was the worst target we didn't want that one I mean yes Osho doesn't give a funny joke but I got nothing got nothing I'll admit pilot caught out just a little bit here Holland doesn't have the Manson brings up just in time the hook doesn't connect with hooni Bayern sees flash burns to equalizer gets both summoners add a pilot armored on the wrong side of this one is he's gonna have to back away does still have the charge if he needs it but who knees shouldn't be able to chase him down too easily and we are able to hold off the culture advances for the moment yes for the moment that is the key thing no kill Oh lots of damage on both sides now but a bunch of vision control on the top side of the map clutch just laying claim to that quadrant of their jungle in next Dragon will be spawning in just about 30 seconds we've been talking a lot about Baron but nobody's found themselves a fight found themselves in ability to start that went up and a couple of ocean dragons just have been the prize here for clutch I think they're gonna get their second which is always a bonus you know double ocean can give you a lot we keep early on we talked about the double infernos for royal that's only gonna get better as the game goes on so it's that balancing act of what you trade for what you take much trying to set up around the ocean here but it looks like for the moment actually royal will have control vermin but no equalizer no flash on Hoonah Coons gonna land on closer doesn't pop the Ragnarok and clutch will try in green game just that little bit of vision now they can pop up towards the balance that could have been a big opportunity but Tony lacking the cooldown on the equalize you can see pings almost immediately the wards we pointed out earlier have died so complete vision supremacy here around the Baron pit royal very tentatively contesting this one closer does have the flash kangaroo Aqaba mega this rocket doesn't connect poking on the chase the cocoon heads and that is the thresh down tournament boards armor court out get shots gonna let us see all across the walker look to jumping it armor dismounts closer lands and undertow Cody jumps onto the backline assassinates armor – now look people chase on the seal he flashes forward CL has to flash away clutch buying – and turn their eyes back towards the big purple worm find exactly the fight they're looking for top in support gonna die off the back end of this one pink what's still in the pit very difficult to be able to get into this one and Ola without a flashes even if it was in the area not gonna be anything to play with right now so clutch now with baron full of dragons a huge gold weed cementing themselves in the first game is best afire and this is what you wanted to see from clutch patient methodical play waited for the Miss play from Royal they waited till they could force the Baron and then they caught their man and baron that's exactly what you want for this composition they force them into the chokes the equalizer the hooks so easy to land on multiple members and even with Kaiser Cody song just flies into the back lines but closer and seal just have to run away there's no contest here no way they can turn around a dish back any sort of damage and that's it just good stuff okay okay that's what clutch will want to do methodical you can see really loyal weren't involved in that fight all they were doing was running away they were split across two portions of the map and the big thing I want to highlight with these damaged shots I think about clad Olaf LeBlanc three champions that if they're going forwards do lots of damage when they're going backwards running away to negative damage so sitting at a 250 mark is not where you want to be oh great cocoon still Lancers CEO tries to disengage she's gonna jump away even though the lantern was there it's a support nightmare doc says it's had a ton of time therefore I must awaken celebrators I mean pretty town a time this game two monsters had an exceptional performance on the Lucien now has his infinity edge complete and clutch pushing in two lanes with that 2:1 splits and Vulcan and they were just roaming through the jungle finding catches where they can still be the outer are the Tier two turrets in mid and bottom falling this is exactly what you want to see dragon is up but not really a priority at this point culling will force the cled to run into Narnia topside that's gonna be an equalizer though just to force them off the turret find the Forester wait the Monse in the mid lane chipping away that towers well bottom Lane in hit wolf or inhibit a legitimate flashes forward when he goes golden Tolliver popping stuff which is when he comes the charge from the side Last Chance Saloon you have to feel the Royal can the jinx stay alive seal on the backline here for oil he's chased out by Cody son I'm not running for the wins as well watch have destroyed royal in this first game dismantled and demolished them it looked perfect from watch they have just absolutely dominated the map and they will go 1o up in this series they're playing with their food just a tad that's armored boss back to the mountain but Tanner time is well and truly here in your Goes Down and clutch go ATO up do it immediately rip back into the exes Honi cold killer right there on his signature rumbles been banned away so many times throughout this tournament already and for a team coming in with doubts best of five former that was a very very clean performance interesting pics you see the Lucian come out as an answer to the LeBlanc flexing things all over the place in the draft but that is a very good start to clutch as day it was just everything they wanted to do and more right piece-by-piece they took apart what were I wanted to do against them they played around vision properly they played to their wing conditions as well and they were never too hasty yes master bang that's the big thing like they didn't look unreliable with a gold lead this is a matchup where these two teams like to play the same style so winning top side of the map with hooni rotating down winning those skirmishes in the early game they mean so much and they really just did run away with it giving nothing back towards their opponents and it's respectable cuz it's like a glidecam position they can just hard force they just hit our come charging into you and can force a teamfight if they want to but I never really saw that never found it and I think there'll be a little bit disappointed in that because I mean I can remember one aggressive charge from the Claddagh towards the mid lane and apart from that it was usually defensive yeah and they were never really able to find the connections they wanted offensive he's a word you could use to describe it a couple of only definitely yes you know it's a little bit unfortunate the clock was certainly ticking jinx double infernal dragon was getting to that point but just for clutch the ability to close it out they really were playing in that window wouldn't we were mentioning it right like the window was kind of closing but as soon as they find the five right like just run away with a lead close that game out quick smart for was barren no shenanigans not getting stolen by a Kaiser W coming flying in from screen right yeah they just played incredibly well to give us a breakdown of game one they were gonna send it over to the analyst desk thank you very much medic it mr. Baggins slow and steady wins the race in the end so I just I really like that little like look at the end of the night slow said he's a little bit of a joke it was a 29 and a half minute win from clutch I think the intensity of the early game was not mirrored by the mellowness of the mid game but look let's go back to draft Rumble for hooni no huge surprises in the comps at least from my perspective what's your take for us I actually want to focus in a little bit on the Bands because I think that's where the winning strategy was especially when you had immediately a first priority pick of Elise it was clear what the game plan was for I almost called them damn wanna clutch gaming right here which is to shut down closers options they forced him onto the olof olof still quite aggressive in the jungle can move through it very quickly can look for those drilling opportunities but he never got it and so I feel like this is expertly done from clutch to herd closer on to a jungle pick that they could control and they had two waves two lanes where they could get priority and what I mean by that is if the rumble Lane as well as the Lucian Lane should push early into their opponent and when you have that opportunity you have to find the game and spot the Olaf because all our farms quicker than the Elise and if you're able to get Olaf under control force him to fight early he is one of those champions that is surprisingly squishy for a frontliner and I feel like who needs did a really good job of using that early game to try and find exactly where closer wasn't generate those fights yeah exactly I was watching huni's perspective basically the entire game just kind of tracking him and every single time even when he was playing weak side so didn't have a Hayes jungler on his side of the map he would push that wave up with the priority that spawn is talking about and then walk into river or walk into jungle to try to find closer and the first time it was around the scuttle crab why was who knee there he was checking if the jungler was doing it he was just trying to spot out and gain information and then royal opted into the fight where he's like okay mate like I was just checking it out whatever you want to fight let's go I absolutely love it I actually think a gym said it on the cost that individual members of clutch we've seen hoody play extremely disrespectfully at times this was not one of those examples super crip we've seen lehre been pretty underwhelming at times this was not one of those examples now I do have a good replay that'll kind of summarize the early game which I'd like to bring up it's a tower dive top that clutch start well simultaneous you look at the mini-map there is pressure in the bot lane as well yeah this is one of the strange plays that Lyra goes forth dismount Eclair is the slowest champion in the game he throws a skill shot when he's not in fog of war and then instead of just walking in class like you can because he's not on scar he decides to rappel towards him that means that armor will get the opportunity here to Train on the opposite side of the map while they are looking for this you can see a dive come through for royal now they would have loved to have picked this up because they actually burn and ignite and that looks like it should have registered a kill however it does lead into an early infernal dragon we spoke about the scaling options that were there for royal I think a lot of that did have to do with the early Dragons they were able to gather however didn't really mean all that much in the endgame and I want to kind of quickly tap on lera before we move to the Drake discussion because I obviously don't want to just like trash Leo right now I think he had a fine game but I think the advantage is where Lyra looked good were actually set up first and foremost by Cooney and his laners again it was Lyra who wasn't just playing a 1v1 in the jungle it was a very clear game plan from clutch to constantly be looking for information to help Lyra in this setup and to be fair if you're playing a Lee sin to Olaf the last place you want to be fighting is in the jungle a lot of the time unless you have lanes pushing in and helping you because Olaf will just eat you in a straight-up 1v1 so you need to be able to lay a cc have good burst damage all the things that we actually saw executed multiple times in this game from this angle are we feeling pretty happy about the overall game here in terms of drauf game plan execution like if you had said to me before the game that hooni played weak side top really well and he fall for go you know confrontation of challenges to just find information I probably would have said you're Malaya I probably would not have expected that and happy hooni behind us is pretty stoked about it so you know when we sit back look holistically what's your take I think this is a three oh that's my take I think the clutch have finally revealed their true colors that they're gonna play their game plan it was very crisp Eagle legends from them and I don't think where I'll really have a chance here can we just show the lost replay that we do have prepared it was the Baron I we specifically want to look at the viewpoint from the clutch perspective and then the Royal line yeah I mean I've just seen this so much look completely ceding control of the map not being able to approach Baron through mid lane just so many things going wrong here for royal and it's because they weren't fighting for priority in that mid game and that just allows pledge to get the free is team five and clutch had quietly amassed something close to like a 5k Gold beat at this point yes the mid game felt super slow agent talked about the pocket that they were trying to play in but clutch did so well eating all of the resources that when they did finally turn to force this baron they knew was already won and this is from blue side this is with things like blind picks where they didn't know exactly what matchup they were going to have and the thing is is that you have to be able to generate push somewhere on the map so what that means if you go into a 131 you go like we can't get push anywhere top lane can't get pushed then you need to bring an additional person to the mid lane it's generally a jungle at the start can we get push mid lane if answer is no bring another side laner it's generally your mid lane can we get pushed mid lane if the answer is still no just bring five people mid lane and find them because otherwise if you sit in the 131 you lose your jungle you're getting like four minions to six minions every single time the creep waves being pushed in you're getting poked out your turrets taking chip damage you've got to do something at some point because otherwise you just loosely called 131 in a 131 comp you have to do something else and the thing is is that you had good opportunity through this game like charge and I think that if you just control an area of the map the game becomes so much easier I'm gonna keep talking about this today I do think we need to move on because I don't we do go to that but just before we do though one thing that you have said time and time again all day long be proactive yeah do something if you were the losing team you have to find a way to stop loser even for mentality I would rather lose quickly then lose like that lose quickly by doing something than just getting run over master guard is on a mission to bring all the Galicians fans together through the power of one-of-a-kind priceless fan experiences today's fans on the day are David from Spain dunk pal larysa from Brazil and Anders and Oscar from Denmark who received scoffs and to stay warm in cold Berlin it is freezing there must be able to enjoy some exciting games so far and hopefully they're enjoying some LCS victories yeah we'll still on the other side of the break where clutch will take on Royal what done yeah

6 thoughts on “CG vs RYL Game 1 – Worlds 2019 Play In Knockouts – Clutch Gaming vs Royal Youth G1

  1. That was dumb decision making over objectives by clutch. They outplayed Royals, simple as that. Any decent team wouldn't have flopped over after double infernal. It's one thing being forced to choose between 2nd infernal and Rift. But to have priority AND choosing rift over dragon is….questionable at best. Especially when they were probably strong enough to get the rift after infernal.

  2. I hope you don't upload every game during Bo5 because it spoils who won that series. For example, if the series of bo5 only has 3 games, in game 1 it'll already tell who won the whole series just by knowing who won the first game.

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