We are playing Superhero Tycoon in Roblox!
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We are playing Superhero Tycoon in Roblox. In this game we build factories and earn money. With this money we upgrade our factory and become cool superheros like the Hulk, Spiderman, & Iron Man.

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hey what's up dudes it's pat and welcome back into another rOBLOX video hi its crater I don't know what to say yet we haven't really practiced an intro guys that also there's a giant guy with a giant salt and pad watch alright very good thing alright I mean what a minute alright because they come spider-man okay I'm spider-man now I've been dreaming about this moment and playing with Craner now oh thank you man I'm nice to meet a fan such a big fan so he does all of this Patrol bucks is what for robots you see they want me to spend money already what did you what did you do oh are you trying to build the factory it's asking for money we need to build a factory right yeah we do I just oh I thought oh my goodness wait there's like holes down here it was down here oh you're gonna turn into I hope so and catalyst thank you real live dude wait I thought my gonna look like all right you are a spider-man right it's this spider-man I hit him like get out of this hole just use the ladder try to use the ladder so how do we start the factory I don't know I already used white okay so y'all do we work together on the spider-man wanna do you have like a whole one it looks like there's different you have to press this oh okay I don't even see it see I'm the professional man I'm the professional roadblock so you've been gone for too long man I know exactly how to do this so now you just got it make it we got to become spider-man and kill people okay we didn't get money I've got mine coming in over here we're working with these other people over here I don't like those people dude I don't trust them this guy is a cat tail traitor died like 50 times when he joined the server no maybe like 40 times dude already got a thousand cash you can't even talk about me all right that that I got the basic drop weight did you buy robux what's that why no I didn't I've just been going ever since you fell down in the hole and it's been making me money look I'm making buddy real fast man so you might be cheating a little bit already aren't you I have it's bad daddy a little bit stuck go away can't be person I don't know what it is about men with tails but I don't trust him okay these are supposed to be our friends they're supposed to help us yeah I know but yes a tail dude you kind of try making a lot of money I'm seriously making a lot of money no get out team wait you're better than everybody on the team yeah except for Captain America where's Captain America there's like 50 things that cost robots in the game hey no wait the respect biped come here let me tell you something okay did we uh do you want to spend some money maybe we should wait a little bit okay good steady kind of awkwardly close to each other how's it going I'm actually further than you right now I can't believe it you might cut my foot like that one right next to like the road he just this guy Marvel cool we don't even have anything to fight with what do we do help me okay maybe he can't hurt us in here yes he can he is definitely hurt how do we get weapons off not me please okay okay I think I think we need to make a wall I'm painting the pet is not going to good weapon room look I'm putting down walls and everything going to me do we won't be able to enter a secret castle now okay okay he's trying to jump over but he can't do it he can't do anything all right this is genius this is we just y'all no problem other people on the team thanks for the help against the evil ice guy probably just jump over maybe like right here yeah yeah oh gosh okay we definitely need more money we definitely but how much money do I have 4,000 so major actually got ahead of me oh you did oh no okay this has gotten personal now pet okay so it's getting personal it looks like we can't up oh right over here many basic trappers like 3,000 so I'm gonna get even more money now okay good job I'm in a creepy Piratas nevermind he got killed all right we damn we need to get weapons job just very confused by this whole thing because every time I try to do something it's like a crazy person looking at me why do people hate me in this game everybody remembers you it's because it's cuz you stop playing yeah they're like you left us now they're coming what happens did I just buy I got weapons pet oh wait yeah give me can we go kill people what is the spider sword but hey look at this I'm going out to kill people pant or I got it let's go okay oh wow it makes like web oh wait that's cool oh man I've always wanted to be spider-man spider-man never had a sword but he should have you're a liar wait so these people over here like way way way more upgraded than we are they have like but I'll kill this random person hi Gavin oh hi hey come get oh oh you just disappeared hey this weapon is oh yeah oh yeah we're not ready we're not ready it really scared me to be honest with you we are definitely not ready pet okay look I put I put look put this on the on the on the door like I did oh you have that upgrade oh how did you do that that's like a button right here we got to make sure nobody comes in here dude I don't want to get blasted again like that okay so okay good pick up I think we need to focus on just making money huh yeah because the more money we make that it's gonna be easier to get in the upgrades for the weapons and stuff I'm not I'm not buying anything from roll bucks what do you what are you talking about just like buy everything there's like I'm not I'm not doing anything stop playing – times up greater and up greater rubies rapper and an extra troffer I did the extra drop of one but I don't see what that did I think I think I got scammed games where they literally will just like take your row box and then you get nothing maybe they just forget to edit in lieu euro so it doesn't do anything oh yeah they just forget they just play my thirty of them and all me like one of them works dude I can't believe they scam spider-man wait what is this you got like a crazy sword a laser knife oh my goodness whoa okay that's a little bit of a no can I kill you no come back thank you come here come here okay we can't kill each other no we can't no yep no now oh baby we can use their weapons to grapple hook oh yeah so we can pretty much grab anything that's in the base of it Wow okay how do they go to grapple with me I'm sorry to the wall oh man I can't help you otherwise by tomato there we go no I can't go ahead here I just have to switch my weapons man that's all I had to do Oh grab the gravity coil we can actually I think jump into people's bases oh hey I got thick it's literally just like one of those called like a spring like a spring yeah huh how's this actually working wait that guy is killing us he wants to kill us oh wait sooner me all these really strong I'm gonna kill them I got it oh you actually did I did something what how did you do that it's this weapon it's pretty good Hey oh girl here all the ups she blew you off she blew you up man I saw it happen not kill her okay she's flying ah I killed him ready huh yeah there we go you know what we needs to stop making buddies that we can upgrade this place Pat because people are just gonna get mad at us now wait if you look at the top of this tree to create drops in 50 seconds we'd be trying to get crates yes um okay I'll get the crapple hook wait we get this rocket boobs check this out oh we got rocket boot wait mistress is good that's probably better than the one I have yeah I think so but you can't like wear it and also have your weapon out so I can put I can probably kick people really hot oh yeah that's probably gonna be a problem Pat lb from the crazy woman please I gotta oh come on killer wait come here wait she won't even tell you ok she's really old P we need our whole team wait the green rod it's kind of making me upset right now do we spend robot stick to catch up ahem to time just cash what do we do I'm gonna I'm gonna to take cash I'm purchasing it right now that way we like it you're up okay I got two times cast did it actually work I did they scam spider-man again oh I think it worked it's going pretty fast oh okay the child laser thing is back cool we'll just die at this Harbor I couldn't do anything what is this game it's hard why is it so difficult or I'm getting more rappers beaurocracy to upgrade these I don't really know if the two-time cast worked do you see it working is it working for you I mean I wasn't looking at that carefully to see how quick I was skating before but I did just upgrade my third dropper why are they so strong oh there's so many attacking me do we just hide in the holes I wanted to jump into the hole man I'm gonna kill this guy I almost got if I'm getting the laser I'm getting the laser gun to help out he's I think it'll work all the laser is really good pet okay you're a good baby kill those people we need to get walls I got him I got him you know what we need to get the walls up high enough so they can't even jump in at all I'm protecting you Pat okay never mind okay I got him operator walls if any crazy girl tries to break into our room again I'll shoot him okay that's good good okay kiss you and I'll get them close range this thing is overpowered man I love it all right I'm gonna grab that too I think that's our friend Pat stop hitting him all right just what I see anyone nervous yeah this is really nerve-racking isn't it somebody's flying over here oh okay I'm getting the gun okay I got it so I can be ready a little a little nervous okay kill somebody giant Lancer st. Carlo hello do we jump in the hole when that happens I don't even know I survived somehow I'm legitimately just walking around trying to protect you for me I'm attacking the girl yeah we got the crazy gold back princess whatever princess slam oh my god I think she's like on the ground I really I'm doing nothing I'm I think she's spotted me okay so I have a three thousand cash and let me look inside they're robots hmm I'm gonna walk the floor no unlimited cash it's way too old P yeah the games like over if you get that yeah you can basically just win it I think once we get like the second floor on then they can't get inside because we're gonna have a roof and we won't die over and over again so how do we get that going so I have the second floor option for 8,500 do you have that option maybe maybe I was too busy killing the the crazy girl okay I'm coming in together she's like up here and one of our people is helping she's really annoying oh she that just keep operating the dropper so until he got the option oh did you upgrade the walls what did you do it was the walls it was the boss okay wall small shells second floor I got it I killed the girl bad at the second floor okay okay yeah alright she's going I got my flan and you I got like a whole roof wait the wait what am I missing okay second floor 8,500 alright there we go okay we both have the roof now why are there so many skeletons how come their abilities are so much better than every ability we have they probably bought everything for roll bucks man oh wait another weapon room up here we can buy them for five thousand for a new weapon to get walls up here – yeah this is good – oh I died again – the skeletons oh why is this game so stressful bad I'm literally fighting skeletons and not even people right now this is insane this is absolutely not I got 9,000 cash I can't even get that much right now we need more if the drop is going I think we make a lot of money all right yeah I agree and then over here we start the next weapon thing these are probably way better weapons the spotted ones they're using against us a good way to act right ahead like the weapons up here yeah we need to get those because I think those are gonna be like the really powerful ones okay I got one what is it uh no legit just get a bottle what does that even have to do is fight a man oh are you kidding me he just blew us up right that could have been our weapon to fight him with I'm gonna grab the bottle up and hit him with the bottle no okay so I drink it oh that one is a drink yeah but I don't see anything happen when I drink it man I wanted like a giant bomb weapon oh it won't shrink okay that's pretty cool all right yeah so if we take damage we get yourself drink this we have enough money for the standard upgrade or now for okay good good we'll make a lot moment XE is that worth it because if it's not then I'm not gonna do it myself it's got to be worth that you would think I would hope did you do it yeah I did it how's my buddy a lot of money I'm looking at mine compared to yours Oh little tiny bit quicker than yours are you kidding me man they want us to spend roll bucks I see how it is I see Oh days I know the good ones are probably did you say you've got the extra dropper one hey I got a web slinger what sorry you you have the extra dropper one I didn't get that what I'm gonna get that one too oh yeah get it get it get it I think there's somebody above us we did scare me it did it's coming in right now you they got a web pistol I'm spider-man now oh wait oh okay that's awesome this is really cool these skeletons are literally following me everywhere go get the gun pad or if I'm coming up to help you the gun is really good okay I'm going back down when you think this guy up here is just camping like he's the one summoning all the skeletons what of our people left our team they of course man we're getting known all right I've got 15,000 at least I think I can get the next weapon now okay okay good job good job man okay you know what let me get this we go yes the skeletons all over our entire base I know it's freaking insane all right I bought a weapon mine is hopefully better than a bottle it's a bottle oh yeah why did we get the bottle again I'm tired of dying okay Pat I I didn't buy anything in this shop I just bought the things that are available on the conveyor belt and look at how much money I'm getting I'm over here 200k it's I'm about to go ham follow me brother but way up here what are you doing then okay not too much so I figured out why we thought we got scammed you have to walk over it as soon as you buy it so turns greener that's when you get it so we need to walk over it when it's green we're just too dumb sorry developers off the game you didn't scam us we love you oh my god I just finally got the two x cash loan because I never walked over there you go bad all right now we're gonna work on absolutely you know what Pat I want to spend an hour just camping them over there on the other side I just I died and they're still going oh all right okay I'm coming upstairs all right okay are you okay what's wrong there are so many skeleton top it what we need to get all the upgrades maybe get the weapons upstairs the crazy princess girl is back oh now be dead I'm stalking some thing that froze me she used an ability down in the hole and it killed us all the way up here all right we need to get better weapons right now we need she needs to get banned from roblox oh I got the next weapon okay good good job man okay let's spend a crapload of money because I got at almost a million dollars bro well have 32,000 I didn't get every single off grade look at you won't be busted all that legit Oh understand get this one double sword punch if you like spam it makes you run forward as you attack whoa holy crap that's terrifying so if I look at this like I got a Cape of invisibility whoa hat oh that could be good Pat do you see me Pat oh I see surname play whoa that is actually sick ah gone miserable yeah well I thought I thought an enemy was here never mind it was one of ours okay I'm upgrading everything Pat I'm upgrading everything all right okay get a new one new droppers and stuff over here we need to get new walls – holy crap uh-oh should we try to get the crates it says fire are falling from the sky oh okay but we need to be fast yeah we can use the capes okay the cape sound phat yeah there they are faster nevermind where are you I'm invisible yeah it's really hard to find you when you okay you over here I see your name wait so where are these crates that are falling down look up in the sky I see anything um yeah I don't think the Sun is it avi I don't think so either maybe we can probably sneak over and visible and kill people okay let's do it so who are the people who are gonna attack this is it these people over here yeah look at how big their bases ours is almost bigger now I know I think we're gonna be able to take them out soon kill this innocent guy okay you will feel my wrath oh okay I'm coming you need to die okay this guy's seriously not dying he's got like a invincibility bubble on I'm shooting him oh I've had enough I got a derogate there it is there it is man I need that giant laser thing whatever it is that's what I want yeah I don't know what hero that is that's like it insane ability that is look at all it's like ghosts have crossed the whole map how come we don't get anything like that we need that I wonder if they slice at a finger need to buy I don't know it might just be one of the superheroes abilities if it is that's like the most overpowered one to have I wonder what's what superhero is that I don't remember ever watching a movie well that's a thing you have no idea be too crazy for a movie that he would just win the whole thing immediately I'm going upstairs again man I'm adding more to adding mulch everything okay we got new weapons okay I'm gonna get more droppers over here I'm gonna get the walls up too oh you a third floor dude check this out look at how rich I am wait I need you I need to get that floor now – wait what is this I got another bottle wait Pat follow me coming okay I gotta show you something did you get something amazing take that bottle and drink it please camping juice just drink it all right what what is that it is yells at you kilt foul yeah sorry that was not by my Elston tails it wasn't the camp Jews trust me all the camp Jews does is dope you shine maybe it makes you stronger maybe if you were to hit someone with the camp juice odd maybe you would kill them in like one hand is it just me at us camp Jews kind of sound gross I think yeah it sounds like like someone's pee or something yeah it does you know bad I mean if we have to drink that to win then we have to drink that to win it I'll drink pee to win yes I will oh gosh leycester guys out here again all right I'm upgrading just so I can get up to the next floor oh god those leaves I really do get all peek-a-ball I'm scared I hate princess slam I hate her okay don't worry just get your healing potion so whatever you hit by that you can just drink the potion the camp juice know that the actual healing potion oh okay it actually worked the healing potion I'll get that and I'll get my invisibility cloak because princess lamb want to be a jerk but that is like the most overpowered person here there's only one person we really have to worry about princess lamb wait a second how big does this building get I don't know but we're gonna keep going man wait I got the spider suit ringing I'm coming take me out bro wait very missable that was kind of bad timing sorry yeah so high up now you can also try to just fight a man oh we both can look at us oh we look sick now homemade wings Oakley fly why whoa recommend head I'm not sure to use these it's working how are you doing this you left-click I am nothing hey don't jump off you just got it you got you gotta fly Pat I will I literally came just jumping around I guess so selected I am it's on me and impressed press space fast sorry wasn't that fingers but else my bad I'm a bad spider-man I'm new to it yeah yeah that's totally different than what you said yeah sorry for making you break your legs right there man you know I mean I jumped off a three-story building because I trusted you but somehow you okay and that's all that matters pet that's all that matters this is the weirdest thumb flying ever it's impossible to control very well McKenna is isn't it oh I think I got it now okay it's kind of like the Electra and minecraft once you start like gliding you could just keep going oh that is what it is also I think I reached the top of this building pack because there's only a roof left alright I need to stop flying which I'm struggling with here I'm dog maybe don't use the wings pet all right I've got your weapons new weapons I have a stone golem hammer and I have a super stop boots oh wait let me check out these boots whoa what that's weird wait so am I think if someone goes near us we could like stomp on the ground and kill them can we like aim it I think we have to be next to them look at how slow it is they'll kill us before we reach the ground man Rick jr. this one maybe this here on Gollum hammer oh this could be good this probably strong whoa yeah do like this one pet that you like this one how the crap did they get two giant lasers I'm upgrading all this it's probably just because oh I'm frozen all the way up it's probably that evil girls back I'm she's right next to me she's killing me pad I'll come save you with my stone hammer bro and see she just jumped out the window after she killed me yes he's kind of a jerk isn't she alright you don't worry my money somehow should you like upgrade everything or do you have enough money you know what I'm doing it right now I'm getting the rest of off grades that I didn't buy before I'm getting everything bro box one good good we need we need to own these people you know what by the end of this video I want to kill that girl alright that's the main goal is to kill her yeah and we need to be so strong that we could just like killer over and over and over again what if we get there and then she just logs off right at that plan it'll ruin everything that would actually make me so mad oh great oh how did you get those insane weapons cuz we didn't get any insane weapons you know maybe it's because our super heroes are cooler we got like the coolest section of super heroes they have the less cool ones so they get the cool but do you mean to have giant bombs and lasers I know but the actual hero themselves not as cool you know hold also gonna have to compensate it so what you're saying yeah they're compensating for how awful their heroes aren't clearly where the better heroes I like your reasoning pet I do and I think I think that makes me feel better you know I've always you know whenever you're not you're losing it's something you should always have an excuse ready okay so the reason why they are better than us is because they're heroes suck yeah and and the guys who made the game feel bad for them yeah I know that's the that's the whole point like they feel bad so oh you know what it also could be what the the game developers know how good we are so they don't want to make us too strong oh because they knew that we were gonna choose these ones yeah yeah yeah yeah oh god is back I'm gonna kill her alright kill her please come on be a pet help me kill her before you on Oh she killed me she killed me I'm dead okay I'm gonna grab your red laser sight okay okay okay that's the whole cameras really good though alright I am getting up to the next floor okay I'm gonna grab the the whole camera too so that I have like both these weapon okay good okay we just operate all these I feel like my money's coming in really quick now – good good that's good um I really want a better weapon but I only have this one okay wait my uh weapon room for I can unlock that now okay let's see what you get okay so let's get a little more all right this is what I've been waiting for the entire time I can finally pick up the whole oh oh look at this dude you look sweet all right okay I'd look so mad but I am boom I'm mad I'm mad at the princess lamb girl all right so let's check out these weapons here hopefully these ones are really sick and they have to be you're the Hulk I know an arrow that sort of thing huh what bad what are you supposed to do with it at all oh it's a crossbow I mean that's still this could be good though huh it could be but they have giant bombs and lasers pet but wait he's back he's back you bet he's back all right get him I'm gonna try to shoot it with my crossbow oh I took princess girl behind me and killed me how did they get that strong it can't be a weapon they found in the base they had to have done something secret wait there's this look it may be secrets do not we goodbye if you go to the shopping cart there's something called a strength pack I don't know what it does but do you probably makes us stronger I'm just gonna buy it anyways okay try all right I don't know oh wait it gave me like um like a special potion whoa okay I'm gonna buy it to strength pet about it I'm afraid if I die I'm not gonna have the potion anymore do I strike you now whoa I try to just Super Saiyan wait oh oh god I'm impressed a number two button okay I'm stalking I can barely walk up the stairs like this holy hat soup oh this is sick pet yeah I turned it to Chuck Norris when I drank the pol but I still die immediately against these guys what do they have this is good though because whenever we die we keep the potion so at least we have this extra buffs we need it that's right that's right we need to make ourselves the strongest we got to figure out what they did they'll pet because they are really strong all right I'm getting the rest of my upgrades over here I'm trying to get everything I can I need to be the Hulk or I just don't feel right okay okay Super Saiyan Hulk it's kinda what I'm shooting for that's gotta be the most LP but Ray look at my hair is the whole I don't know are you up top floor yeah I'm at the top floor I've read the Super Saiyan hair but I'm the Hulk now oh my goodness you look sweet dude all right I'm ready you know this work blade it doesn't look that good but it has to be like a one-hit kill weapon I'm thinking look at me I'm Chuck Norris but for some reason he's like in the ground when he runs yeah see that's what happened to me I got stuff going up the stairs when I was Chuck Norris what is this at least you like soap Oh what is happening wait I can fly oh wait you can fly sort of all right here you all right Oh pad pad yeah I just learned something awesome wait what can you do on the button that made you super saiyan you now have a Kamehameha and you get shot up how oh oh so hold it in and then let it go and it's the biggest it could be holy crap Pat look at mine oh my god all right all right I can see you look at this I'm gonna throw it man right through it ah at the floor yeah probably should have thrown it to use your knife you really like the red oh wait I can fly down yeah I can't fly for some reason anymore but it weren't follow bed no it's I think it's the Super Saiyan that can fly well why can't I fly oh yeah I can oh let's head over to some let's fly over to someone's Bay and we're gonna come kamehameha them and my character is really weird but I'm trying okay I'm making it ready bad week we do this Woolworth why we here princess slam where are you but wake up so ready right now but I can't see anything like this oh-ho its gon kill pet she's dead oh my goodness wait actually pet she's right up here pet pet I see you forgot I decide I'm hat I see her I have to just most beak the thing ready for right now come on to come over here do you got to see this I'm coming we got a bolo one on her from the heavens if she kills us I'm gonna be so sad ChaCha dog Pat cha-cha or Georgia Russia these days he's afk this is the perfect opportunity Oh Lucy here right there at the top on the floor yap three two one no yes oh my god it works that was the best thing I've ever done okay so we don't even have to move we can literally just stand still in the air and charged these off and kill the people you have no idea how much anger I have right now towards all these people over here they tortured us they did like an hour of torture guess what though we're Super Saiyans now bro okay so we need to get here so these people alright see that I died we did oh yeah if you fly into their base it chops your head off so don't do that Pat please alright I'm charging up right out oh there's so many people down here oh it's really hard to fly isn't it oh you got it oh I get it you've got to hold it in okay I'm trying to get a little bit closer because it does take like a second for the ability like to actually hit them it does but you can spam it though I think right oh yeah look you can spam like tiny ones but I don't know how much damage they do oh we could try that I don't know if that will do anything but die oh it's good no it's pretty good if you hit them it does a decent amount of damage it's really hard to hit him isn't it you used to get pretty close this is awkward cuz you have to look at him when you kill him alright alright I killed this girl oh wait she's dead good job just go in there face it torture them hello everybody we are now the bullies on this server we got bullied for wall don't worry about it we just have some anger we want to let out yeah we just people it's fine just a couple maybe everybody the whole server right now let's just kill everybody the whole server and everybody else on every other server oh this guy's strong over here pet in the middle all right wait let me fly over I'm ready to nuke em dude oh I got him okay what about is this guy on our team right here yeah yeah mm dude our building is the only one that's like fully upgraded cuz we didn't we didn't spent we didn't cheat we didn't see it at all no we're just the best honestly well I think there's a couple more things I actually need to upgrade anyway so let me see if I can catch up with you cuz I've got like three million cash yeah dude well I have six million right now we are so open now though but they definitely like that giant laser thing is probably the strongest ability yeah I mean there's nothing you could do about it because it like takes over half the map when they use it and maybe we can't get it yeah I don't think we can it's got to be like their special ability or something yeah if we could've gotten it we definitely won't have wait you just completed it yeah finished dude we did it we just now we need to kill that girl again if she's still here she might have locked off no princess no she's still there we have to go like I'm flying pet Oh miss lane I may have fallen on my face but I'll be there in a moment okay no problem man I know you have a hard time flying all right I've got it I'm charging up from ready okay so I can't I can't see her but she's gotta be here because it says that she is but maybe she's like inside the base can we shoot it from there well I missed her but I think I think we can looks like it goes through the wall all you have a guy coming for you please get the girl how is that I got her she said all perfect we did what we had to do man we did it all yeah I think that we have actually done it but all dudes I think we're gonna end the episode here now that we have completed our mission of killing that extremely evil person to kill the seven thousand times that was really evil also pet that's what killing me bro fine fine I'm gonna get you back next time but uh yeah please don't we'll see but uh yeah dudes hope you enjoyed our first video together um if you're new to the channel definitely smash the subscribe button also smash it smash Hulk smash it also smash the like button as well and thank you dude so much for watching and we'll see you next time and remember – spider-man that like button yeah that's that that really works as well as The Hulk does thanks I was trying it like I spy


  1. Hey guys hope you enjoy our first video! It was my first time recording with someone else haha. This is Pat typing this btw. Let me know about the thumbnail art too, had a creator make that.

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