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what's up everyone and welcome to acidic gaming today we're gonna be doing something a little special for all of you and have a giveaway so you're all going to have the opportunity to win either in Xbox 360 Xbox one ps3 or ps4 nuclear fusion edition here's the controller in the Xbox 360 format and as you can see it has a very nice finish to it so let's just dive into this giveaway so there's a few things that you're gonna want to do in order to enter first comment below game in style second subscribe to us here on YouTube third LIKE and favorite this video and finally follow us on Twitter and retweet this video post I will link the tweet in the description so you can retweet that but the winner will be announced on February 25th which is around 10 days from now so yeah just make sure to follow those simple directions and you will be entered I will also include all these links in the description of the video so you can take a look at that anyways good luck to everyone and if you want to get your own custom controller today make sure to check out our website acidic gaming comm we have a lot of awesome stuff on there so yeah anyways thanks for watching and we'll talk to you all soon

48 thoughts on “Awesome Acidic Gaming Controller Giveaway!

  1. Honestly you guys make some pretty epic controllers. Ill be ordering one in a few days actually. Anyway you should do another give away! Now I understand that it costs money and you already did one but after you did this giveaway I saw a lot more views coming in which is a lot more advertisement. I am just starting off this channel so obviously it isn't popular… however if it gets popular I want you to know I will be advertising the s*** out of you guys. Keep up the good work.

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