Mr Mark Zuckerberg said that he welcomes Muslims to Facebook, and that he will defend their rights, but he ignored the problematic doctrines in Islam; like hatred toward Jews and Christians. Welcoming Muslims does not mean we should not discuss their religion. This letter is to challenge Mr Zuckerberg to show both sides of the coin.

this is an open letter to mr. Mark Zuckerberg mr. Zuckerberg your message to welcome Muslims and protect the rights is nice but it would have been nicer if you had talked about Islamic terrorism and supported the victims of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino the ones who lost their families and loved ones not the ones who are afraid of an imaginary Islamophobia since you are Jewish I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions why did the Jewish people leave the Muslim world if Islam is a peaceful religion why is the Jewish population targeted in every country by Islamic terrorism I'm Moroccan myself and I know the history of Moroccan Jews they were forced to walk barefoot they were forced to wear marks on their clothes they had faces of monkeys and pigs drawn on their clothes if you read history now the old left Morocco except few hundred that are still there Jews cannot live in the Muslim world because Islam is a hostile religion toward the Jews being a former Muslim I know that it's a fact I was raised to hate Jews and Christians because of the Quran and the hadith I wonder if mr. Zuckerberg ever read what islam teaches about jews let me read some verses and hadith hadees are the sayings of Muhammad to give you a clear picture the first verse o you who believe do not take the jews and the christians for friends they are friends of each other and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend then surely he is one of the surely Allah does not guide unjust people this verse will read it in our prayers and still being preached in mosques everywhere in the world even today it's a holy text it's an order from Allah Himself are you willing to tolerate this intolerance verse 2 did you say I was a Azra is the son of Allah and the Christians say the Messiah is the son of Allah these are the words of their mouths they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before may Allah destroy them how they are turned away muslims recite this verse as well in their prayers the prey may Allah destroy Jews and Christians this is a holy text a true follower of Islam should pray for the destruction of Jews and Christians are we going to allow this in the name of freedom or because we do not want to be called Islamophobes I do not want a Muslim to be my neighbor if he believes that Allah asked him to recite this text and to believe it which may lead him to act upon it the Quran considers Jews as the worst enemies of Muslims it says certainly you will find the most violent of people in enmity for those who believe means Muslims to be the Jews and those who are polities these verses are just a few examples of the doctrines behind the hatred toward Jews in the entire Muslim world mr. Zuckerberg because you are Jewish you are considered a descendant of those whom Allah turned to apes and pigs as mentioned in the Quran it says and certainly you have known those among you or exceeded the limits of the Sabbath so we say to them be Apes despised and hated Jews are despised and hated according to the Koran Allah turned them to apes and pigs because they disagreed the Sabbath this verse includes Mark Zuckerberg as well I'm not sure how you will feel if you are invited to a Muslim congregation and they started reading this verse as a part of their rituals hatred speech is not limited to the Koran it's also in the hadith the sayings of Muhammad Muhammad said to his followers do not greet the Jews and the Christians before they greet you and when you meet any one of them on the roads force him to go to the narrowest part of it does this sound like a friendly text how about this hadith which was one of the last sayings of Muhammad he said let there be curse of Allah upon the Jews and the Christians for they have taken the graves of their apostles as places of worship Jews and Christians are to be cursed according to this hadith I am asking influential people like you to be wise to be truthful and to show both sides of the coin Aslam has a problem in its core belief system we have to address it boldly Muslims are welcome to live and to be part of any society but they have to reject these kinds of beliefs they have to welcome others as they welcome them the burden is not on the international community to welcome Muslims the burden is on Muslims to deal with their own religion and find solutions to these doctrines in it that are producing more terrorists than any other faith nowadays Muslims are not dying because the West rejected them it's the opposite Westerners are dying because they welcome Muslims among them I asked mr. Zuckerberg to be brave enough to tell Muslims that will love you as people but we do not like the hatred component in your religion you have to deal with it welcome in Muslims and ignoring the problems in Islam is not a solution it's just another problem it's called political correctness note that my parents are Muslims and I love them but still I say the truth and the truth hurts

33 thoughts on “An Open Letter from a Former Muslim To Mr Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Thanks you for your message brother i am born Muslim in years 1983 in Sénégal but i find the Christ in years 2012 when i was in your country morrocco for studies brother and i left islam , Jésus Christ is the first And the last

  2. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL. As usual, Bro Rachid, you Never disappoint your subscribers.l even follow you on FB.
    JESUS Shall Always Abide and Prosper your path. That's for Sure.
    May your family and you stay ever Blessed.
    Greetings from lndia.

  3. Zukerberg is a Jew in the racial sense, not the religious. In terms of ideology he is a secular humanist, or so he seems by his behavior and values.

    It appears these folks plan to play the Muslims off against the Christians. Their main enemies in the west are the remaining faithful Christians. It is hard to know how many real Christians there are in the west, and it is a bizarre persecution that we have, because we are told we are the preferred class, but if you try to live the life Christ taught, you find it hard to find companions and even sometimes good jobs, since much work revolves around dishonesty once you begin to learn how the system works.

    Your open letters are of interest to me in terms of your perception of western civilization, but I think you can rest assured that the likes of Obama and Zuckerberg know full well that they are lying. They will not engage in any honest dialogue with you or anyone else. Their trick is to simply spew the same message out over and over on their centrally controlled mass communication platforms.

    The internet was put in place with an eye towards more closely spying on folks. At least, that is my current suspicion.

  4. My message to everyone don't believe this man he is lie because he wants make u hate islam because islam is true way to God
    So u should think why does that I mean why he just talk about Islam he can talk about Jew and another religion but he want makes u hate islam

  5. Rachid was obviously raised with a Very biased and Ignorant view of Islam… so many generalizations taken out of context.. don't even know where to begin 🙁

  6. Bullshit brother…in morocco they left because israel came to existence….you are seriously ignorant!! you have a hidden agenda…yes jews where persecuted…but not like you say in morocco!!! they fled to morocco because of the holocaust!!..but i guess the history you learned must be a zionistic book!

  7. Mr.sucker bag,nye nye nyee,you're just a hypocrite,we don't need to remind you that it was in Europe,that the Jews,people, were slaughtered…. all you you've supplied is load of ignorant simplistic crap.

  8. Oh Brother Rachid are you that desperate for fame! since you keep repeating he is a jew he is jew… why don't you remind him of holocaust killed most of jews more than anyone else!

    I am from morocco as well, my mom used to turn on and turn off the stove on saturday for a jew family down the street … they came to us as refugees, they were integrated in the society …they run away from Europeans who torture them and hated them so much…. of course I am not gonna say it's due of christianity because I don't need fame or money through insulting a religion or its people.

    I see in all your videos hatred promotions rather than awareness and education …you don't create love and compassion that way!

  9. Hey dumb guy you answer this.
    Who welcome Jews back when they were being killed and tortured by the hand of Hitler and many Christian? If you do not know it is the Muslim of Palestine gave them shelter.

    Last year at this time Israeli Zionist killed over 10000 innocent women, men and children in Israel. What is the justification?

    Please be just and speak the truth if you are truthful and that is only fair.
    Both nonemuslim and Muslim lives are equally valuable. Peace

  10. Unfortunately, meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg has become the servant of Angela Merkel, a kind of Kapo. He is now policing Face Book as follows: Any even mild criticism of islamists will be deleted, yet the most vile incitements to hatred of Jews remain, even despite multiple reportings. Shame Mr. Zuckerberg, if you think that betraying your own people by siding with the new "Mother Terrorista" and close accomplice to Adolf Erdogan will safe you from the crocodile, you are mistaken, you will just buy a little time with your 30 pieces of silver, but eaten you will be – even if as the last meal of the beast.

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