New games out this October include Luigi’s Mansion 3, John Wick Hex and some Disney Classics. Mike joins Ellen on the purple sofa to look at just a few of the many many games out this month. Which ones are you most looking forward to??

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October is upon us which means three things spooky spooks pumpkin spice to everything and all the video games I have Mike here join me I'm loaded up on all three ghosts pumpkin spice and full of video games religious you're supposed to play them okay or something you might want these play this October not anymore you don't pass through the system it's not spooked over without ghosts and the new Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon break point is full of them it's up to you and your fellow ghosts to take out a group of rogue ghosts known as the wolves and their leader Colonel Cole Dee Walker a cage on Bernthal aka The Punisher we're returning a new gadget tree this tactical open-world shooter should have plenty for you to play with it's the wrong kind of ghosts I know but you're making how good it would be if it was propagating hmm that's why we've played a fair bit of descent yeah as it happens I would say bitty three there's a beta recently that came out I think wildlands was one of those games that sort of kind of flew under the radar but fans of wild lands absolutely loved it yeah and I think it's me the same case with break point but it's got a bit more of a narrative this time yeah is more enticing to me I suppose yeah more cutscenes bit more sort of involvement in in the storyline so I'm hopeful I think these games work really well in co-op with a lot of car we've smashed our faces into the ground with parachuting fails fast vehicles helicopters yeah so if that's your kind of chaos then absolutely get but I wouldn't equally expect it to be winning any kind of like narrative Awards expect too much it's made by fallout new vegas developers obsidian entertainment the outer world is a first-person space RPG you have a ship to fast travel to new places and the ability to recruit people you meet as companions taking up to two of them with you off the ship with dialogue options and a branching narrative all explore the healthy and system as you fight the corporation's fight the power take down the man face I'm going right now to do it um these leave this yeah I played this I'm looking noticed there's a lot of RPGs to be out next year yes we've got Final Fantasy 7 remake yeah I've got your cyberpunk yeah I've got your vampire the masquerade bloodlines yeah but actually RPG wise we'd have a lot of it in time for Christmas so this is the one I'm pin my hopes on I'm hoping this can be really good it's got very Fallout New Vegas kind of vibe it's made by a group of developers who worked on those games or that game specifically some great writing there's some really funny stuff my only the only thing that gives me a bit of pause is that when we were playing it the actual missions were a bit fetch questi right so I'm hoping that it's the writing it kind of involves itself in the quests a bit more yes the game goes on yeah but we'll see we'll see I'll definitely play and crucially sound the switch there aren't a lot of lighting since sort of Skyrim and Dark Souls remastered maybe I've been a lot of those kind of big 3d this one could be really fun yes also just saying Fallout New Vegas is in my opinion the best 3d Fallout game a lot of people say that very optimistic man this one your brother Luigi is back at it again with the ghost hunting this time he's exploring a haunted hotel is he who was up ghosties with a new Poltergust goo getting help from pole to pop and goo EG the most important thing is we need to know properly if there is definitely a button the may say Mario we've got to show that III so that's the first thing we check you know is it red it's a treat to find out when the game ends from now yeah happening not that far Halloween perfect time for a spooky thing ever who I'm as Luigi not learn his lesson bird Luigi well to be fair to him in this one they all go so they are all to get it's not just Luigi showing up being like yeah what every house maybe it was peer pressure maybe we do no I don't want to go again come on Luigi Sonny loser what do you like Mario's less good brother it all kicks up again and then he ends up with a sort of fury doppelganger yeah which you can use to get through spikes and go around do puzzles so there's not so there's slightly more varied puzzles from the previous games the poltergeist was a little bit different in that when you catched on the airplane slab thing around and see his unbridled rage but also there's a multiplayer option in the different tower that you go through and I think that should be quite fun with a whole bunch of Luigi cel-shaded strategy game John wick heck's CD playing as the Keanu Reeves faced protagonist guiding him across a hexagonal grid you build up a timeline of actions to take down John's enemies which plays back a full speed once you've taken everyone down in a level creating some badass scenes is a game with Keanu Reeves is facing it like later we are being spoiled scholar Keanu Reeves game sort of his face it's kind of a very angular stylized version of his face it's just a mere aperitif yeah the main course of cyber planet later on but this is a really good fun little you go it's coming out PC at the moment I'm hoping you'll make it to sort of consoles and switch in particular but yeah I've played a bit of it it's um sort of like ex-con but a bit more streamlined if that makes sense you're just controlling him yeah and he's gonna do the moves they're quite sort of straightforward but between them you can kind of use the space around you and and how he flows from one move to another to kind of wrap all through the bad guys really really quickly and do it really stylish Lee and obviously it's very stop start when you're making decisions but after you finish an area like you say you get a sort of action replay where he moves at full speed and rolls around and she's like any other super cop like oh I was not that cool in the game we fit fans rejoice Nintendo aback habit with their new fitness game ring fit adventure but this time there's a whole adventure to go on with a story mode this game sees you attaching your joy conce to your leg and the brand new rink on using exercises to fight off your enemies so this is one of Nintendo's V active in games type thing but there's like a proper like campaign to it where you're like fighting off some big swole diamond like the goal will be to pursue per head Chen buffalo yes I'm young where do I sign up so this winged controller thing you can enjoy corny like hold there and you like that like and then you hold it against you to like do you swats and things and like you pull it like a bow like very clever things in the joy con there's also like some little kind of like jumping and go type game so like if there's a whole bunch of you and you just want to all try this one thing then you can go and do little mini games and stuff but yeah like the adventure is like a few like fair few hours like as in like at least 60 hours oh god I want me super henge but you say it'll take you about like 60 to 90 days to complete or ever if you do a little bit every other day they like yeah it's like a big huge like adventure to encourage you to do good stretches and you have form and then there's like a little picture next to it when it's showing you like you need to do this so that you make sure you have forms on point yeah stuff and a good time for it as you prepare for the onslaught of Christmas food that is just around the corner exactly exactly get ahead of the the January rush to the gym moving like cheers love the Cavalry's here much-loved shooter overwatch is making its way to the Nintendo switch bringing all the gang with it plus some additional features such as motion controls can't wait to not use motion controls I do play as competitive online shooter with motion controls it's like a terrible idea well it's more like in tune yeah we were you're like kind of adding layers adding to their you just a couple controls I mean the point is that overwatch is a really good game when you play properly yeah and having it portably I mean that's kind of brilliant we've got with that we've now got fortnight and overwatch two of the biggest competitive games on the planet both contained in your tiny switch yeah essential even your even tinier switch like get one jump ahead of the breadline because it's time to be prepared for the re-release of Disney classic games Aladdin and the Lion King yes these nineties classics are getting a shiny makeover for the new century and new accessibility options for these tricky titles so this is a little bit like the ducktales re-release they did couple years ago but wait so these games are way back yeah nineties platformers and the cheat all the old silly 2d scrolling ones could be a little bit tricky at times because sometimes they weren't programmed but the options in here they have the option of like if you like fluff up at some point you can rewind and then also an additional bit which would be I was thinking as a like boring editorial thing I was like oh this would be really good for getting to certain sections in games that we need to record but you can fast-forward sections what you like play automatically because I just want to get to this bit and delay this bit so maybe there's like one bit of a level that you just always hated and you didn't like it and go stick it straight through we too had accessibility options in the 90s they were called cheats yeah the animation was the time and I understand that they really made it all HD and shiny but you do have the option to play in the old graphics in all the different variants and like you can play it like you did on your Gameboy if you played it on the Gameboy so you can have really really different visual filters this visual filters on it so you can have it follow HD color gameboy color or nose color whichever you play it on and then like black and white and I think they said didn't they that the version of Aladdin is based on the superior Genesis vote mmm rather than the in furious Nintendo yeah I say that as a Super Nintendo now I know I know that Aladdin was better on the genesis yeah its facts so those are just seven of the games coming out this month but to be honest it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to just seven so there's so many coming out or come out in October and here oh just even more of them that we felt needed an honorable mention oh so many get your face in there like a horse in a nose bag get all those games don't don't literally not know well yeah it's a bit violent I'm the gay no well thank you Mike for joining on the saber is look at the games which give you the you know testing certain for this map know in the comments down below I'm slightly concerned now I'm home so don't forget to Like subscribe and play video game right

33 thoughts on “7 New Games Out in October 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

  1. I'm going all in on Atelier Ryza. It's the kleptomania and hoarding obsession of a western RPG but with the rewarding feeling of beating a puzzle game.
    Among other reasons.

  2. If you’re at all interested in how games such as Lion King and Aladdin were put together you should sub to Gamehut as that’s the dev of many of them. Super interesting stuff!

  3. I loved Luigi's Mansion. Never played the second game unfortunately. Not going to play the third game either. Just not willing to buy entire game systems to play a single game I want.

  4. I want to know if the BARRY cheat will work for Lion King. I don't think Switch has the right keys for it. In the SNES version of The Lion King, if you typed "BARRY" via the controller buttons while in the menu, you could access a secret menu that allowed for things like level select and invincibility. It's how I beat the game as a kid, making myself invincible to everything except falling in bottomless pits.

  5. How about Felix the Reaper!? You are a dancing death and you play with shadows killing people and hoping to meet your dream girl…who works for life. And it’s coming out on all the platforms! I am so excited.

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