The funniest and the most hilarious snapchat pictures ever taken!
When Snapchat first came on the scene it was a social media game changer, and it continues to be one of the fast-growing platforms for the younger generation. To send photos and videos to your friends in real time, and have them disappear seconds after, was a genius idea that caught on fast. Another thing users were quick to realize? Although the snaps were lost forever on the app, you could screenshot your friends’ photos and keep them as our own. The problem for those who are not so shy to send photos over Snapchat? Some of the photos turned out to be total fails that made their way around the Internet.

In all fairness, the images on Snapchat are suppose to be only for the eyes you send them to; but people have to realize, some of their friends just suck. Embarrassing incidents like whacky faces, nearly-nudes and yes, even toilet selfies, have made their rounds on the Internet, scanning way more eyes than the sender originally intended. But that’s the reality of the Internet and social media these days, and if you truly don’t want a photo of yourself pooping on the Internet, then some good advice would be not to take it in the first place.

And then there are the truly hilarious Snapchat fails that surface from questionable events people catch on their phones. You know, like a ‘Get Well’ balloon attached to a dead deer on the side of the road, or a man that has no clue that the dog he’s walking has fell into the river. Take a look at 10 WTF Snapchat fails. Don’t feel bad if you laugh, we sure did!

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Meatloaf Selfie
Bae Caught Me Sleeping
Dude… Where’s my dog?
Adolf Hipster
Two’s a Party
Sorry Dad
World Cup
Get Well Soon Deer
Weiner Dad
What happened to your face?

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oh snap chat it seems it is the most popular way to connect with your friends these days send a photo and seconds later it disappears forever or doesn't thanks to screenshots not so much these 10 people probably should have thought of that before sending these incredibly awkward photos today we're taking a look at 10 WTF snapchat fails Meat Loaf's LC apparently this girl thought it was a good idea to take a snapshot of herself sitting on the toilet in a bathroom stall which according to her smell like meatloaf because of what she did in there okay TMI we only have two words to describe this photo effin gross and if you think this girl went too far with this daring snapchat wait until the end of the video where we show you many other Daredevils of the toilet Department they caught me sleeping there are so many confusing things going on in this snapchat was he trying to fool his friends and pretend he was sleeping and if so did he not look at the photo before sending it also how are his feet doing that sorry man she just brought foreveralone to a whole new level dude where's my dog this snap may be hilarious to some and disturbing to others you have to feel bad for the dog did the poor old man really not feel his pup tugging along in the water there must have been some unusual resistance going on the real question remains did they tell him Adolphe hipster kids it's never a good idea to transform yourself into Hitler even as a joke on social media because it will make rounds on the internet and you will forever be known as Adolf hipster the kid who had no respect to is a party so here's what's happening this guy is taking a bath with his kittens who looks super unimpressed he's also wearing a toque in the bathtub why did he just jump in and grab his cat so he could spend a weird snapchat photo and make it look like an awkward daily occurrence we will never know sorry dad why this guy thought this was a good idea to send to anyone over snapchat is beyond us but as we've seen here people send questionable things all the time we almost feel bad for the guy it is nearly naked body has been seen by Internet rollers everywhere but we mostly feel bad for his dad world cup is this a joke or not no seriously we really can't tell if it is been good on her what a clever little prank if not she seriously got a lot to learn and probably a lot of teasing coming her way get well soon dear I guess someone thought it would be funny to attach a get-well balloon on a dead deer but it's actually disturbing and not funny someone literally tied that balloon onto the lifeless deer on the side of the road I hope it was a coincidence that they had the balloon on them and they didn't go purchase one for the photo after they saw the dead deer Wiener dad poor dad just sitting there minding his own business watching TV little did he know his child was taking a snap of him drawing a fake you-know-what sticking out of his pants and into his mouth I wonder if the dad has seen this if he has I'm sure the child has been grounded for life what happened to your face out of all social media platforms people have the greatest tendency is to make weird faces on snapchat these images are proof truly gorgeous people turn totally wacky for the entertainment of their friends what's not to love as a bonus for sticking with us till the end here are some more amazingly awkward look at me sitting on the bowl snapchats enjoy thank you for watching this video don't forget to subscribe to our Channel

43 thoughts on “10 Most WTF Snapchat Photo Fails

  1. The only awkward, unfunny and disturbing thing is the inability of the one making the video to get jokes. The narration is the lamest ever and the deer 🦌 picture is not funny, IT’S HILARIOUS! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. "I'm sure that he got grounded for life.." Are these people 6? And if not, then this channel doesn't know how jokes work. The world cup one was obviously a joke to get people to laugh on social media. Adolf hipster is a joke too, and the reason for it is to BECOME known on the internet.

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